The Mormons originally settled in Salt Lake City to avoid religious persecution in the East and Midwest. The land of Utah was shortly thereafter acquired by the US with the close of the Mexican War. Mormon difficulties with the federal government continued until they renounced polygamy in 1890. Six years later, Utah became an official state. The area is rich in natural resources, and produces large quantities of copper, lead, gold, and silver. Utah is the only state that produces gilsonite, which is used in black inks and paint due to its extremely dark hue. The state’s agricultural output consists mostly of cattle and dairy products. Utah is also a popular tourist spot due to its unique scenery and beautiful landscapes. Well known areas include Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley, and Zion National Park. Utah’s economic growth in recent years opens up the area for startups and expanding small businesses.

Industry Stats

Utah has a strong environment for small businesses due to its substantial economic growth in recent years. The state has also been developing a burgeoning tech industry, and community support for small businesses has never been higher.

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