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MorganFranklin is a business consulting firm and professional advisor that focuses on strategy and execution. The firm provides strategic thinking and hands-on support to help clients manage growth and maximize performance. MorganFranklin's main office is in the Washington, D.C. metro area, and the company assists customers in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Services include accounting and transaction, strategy, finance and operations, risk and compliance, and information management and technology. Consultants work to provide solutions that consider the critical connections between finance and accounting, operations, technology, and risk. Clients give MorganFranklin high marks in responsiveness, flexible style, and fast access to proven professionals. The company is the recipient of many honors that include Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America, Washington Business Journal CFO of the Year Award, and Alliance for Workplace Excellence Seal of Approval.

Evoke Research and Consulting, LLC

Evoke Research and Consulting, LLC is a federal management consulting company serving Washington, D.C. since 2005. The firm is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business. Consultants offer expertise in project management, budget and financial controls, contract and acquisition support, Lean Six Sigma, and overall portfolio management. They focus on insight to cost, schedule and performance of all initiatives, driving cost efficiencies, and process improvement. Evoke strives to provide a robust combination of enterprise analysis and industry best practices to develop a strategic path customized for the individual needs of every client, and they maximize the goals, programs, and investments for their customers. The firm also offers a variety of educational services from Evoke University, and courses include Scrum Master Certification program, PMP boot camp, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. Evoke is strongly committed to the communities they serve, and the consultants participate in a variety of volunteer programs and charitable organizations.

Arlington, VA 22203


The McCormick Group

The McCormick Group is an executive search firm in Washington, D.C. that has over 35 years of experience delivering top talent to prospective employers. The McCormick Group promotes ethics and integrity in relationships with both employers and candidates. The firm is committed to excellent client service, and the business generated more than $140 million in fee revenues while placing over 8,000 recruits. Executive search and consulting expertise include design and construction/property management, government affairs, life sciences and healthcare, and technology. The firm uses an extensive network of contacts to engage in a comprehensive approach to locating top candidates in a timely fashion. The McCormick Group is firmly committed to hiring and promoting minorities, women, and LGBT, and they do not discriminate in the screening or submission process.

Arlington, VA 22209


Lynch Consultants, LLC

Lynch Consultants, LLC is a premier management consulting firm serving Washington D.C. since 2011. They provide comprehensive market analysis and planning for companies seeking to enter the federal marketplace. Services include strategic planning and management, program management, financial management, market analysis and strategies, risk management, business process improvement, and audit readiness and preparation. Lynch Consultants work with Federal Departments that include Defense, Navy, Army, and Homeland Security. The firm operates on the foundation of expertise, reliability, and results. CEO and Managing Partner Patrick Lynch has over 20 years of Federal and consulting experience. He along with his consultants aims to foster deep relationships with both Federal and industry partners and to attract, cultivate and retain exceptional team members. Lynch Consultants, LLC is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business.

Arlington, VA 22209


Wachs Strategies

Wachs Strategies is a full-service business consulting firm that has been serving Washington D.C. and nearby areas since 2016. The company assists corporations, government entities, non-profit organizations, and philanthropists in making societal impacts and driving business growth. Its consultants specialize in strategy development, advocacy campaigns, fundraising, network building, and leadership coaching. They also guide leaders in launching a campaign, from planning and design to coaching and implementation. Some of the notable companies they have served include the National Basketball Association and the National Women's Law Center.

1875 Connecticut Avenue 8th Floor, Washington, DC 20009


Bmi Consulting Group

Bmi Consulting Group is a Washington, D.C. information technology management consulting firm that strives to provide expert service both domestically and internationally. The company's mission is to assist large and small enterprises with their IT network and business solutions projects. The team of well-trained program managers and technicians provide services in program and project management, enterprise resource planning and management, IT management consulting, facility management series, training and education series, and structured cabling. Bmi Consulting Group has a robust client roster that includes SeaPort, FDIC ITAS, US Marine Corp CEOss, and the US Army PEO EIS IV&V Program. The firm has an outstanding reputation for client satisfaction. Bmi Consulting Group is a certified HUBZone Company, and the Small Business Administration recognizes the firm as a Woman-Owned Small Business and a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business.

Washington, DC 20036



ANALYTICA is a Washington, D.C. consulting and information technology firm and the fourth fastest-growing IT services company in the nation. The team is made up of dedicated and expert analysts, statisticians, developers, engineers, and professionals who work with public sector civilian, health care, intelligence, and financial services clients. ANALYTICA strives to work collaboratively with its customers to deliver consulting, and IT solutions that go beyond customer expectation. They provide services in information management, data analytics and GIS solutions, software and systems engineering, information security, IT operations and maintenance, program and financial management support. They are a value-added reseller and integrator of COTS software. Analytica is an HUBZone, 8a CMMI, and ISO certified small business, and the firm is ISO 9001, PMI and ITIL certified.

Washington, DC 20036


The Clearing

The Clearing is a management consulting firm in Washington, D.C. that helps leaders identify underlying causes of organizational obstacles. Experienced consultants bring a robust blend of analytic and creative abilities from an assortment of fields that include change management, finance, engineering, communications, education, policy, design, and corporate leadership. Services include strategic planning, leadership development and coaching, organizational development and culture, process improvement as well as workplace strategy, stakeholder engagement, and strategic communications. The Clearing serves industries that include aerospace and defense, energy, finance, healthcare, real estate, and technology. The team works to provides each client with a breadth of industry knowledge, to connect with customers, establish peak performance, and generate proven results. The Clearing is the winner of many awards that include The Washington Business Journal's Best Places to Work and the OD Network's Organizational Excellence in Organizational Development Award.

Washington, DC 20036


The Success Partner

The Success Partner is the business name for Daya Naef, a qualified business consultant with over a decade of professional experience in business law, including litigation. Ms. Naef is a trained mediator and 2019 graduate of Accomplishment Coaching's training program. Hired by individuals and companies, she takes a holistic approach to training and strengthening key players, specializing in developing attorneys, accountants, and medical professionals. Ms. Naef is also available for speaking engagements.

1101 Connecticut Ave NW Ste 450, Washington, DC 20036



Censeo is a strategy and operations consulting firm in Washington, D.C. that helps mission-driven organizations improve their management capabilities to achieve commonwealth. Censeo believes that businesses are more than a bottom line and that communities come first. They integrate strategy and execution, providing clients with data-driven recommendations. The firm provides services in IT enterprise agreements, procurement and operations, organization and human capital, strategic IT, and strategy. Clients include government agencies, defense and national security, higher education, and non-profit. The team at Censeo comes from diverse backgrounds, and they are critical thinkers who work to use their people skills and collaboration to bring meaningful change. Censeo is the recipient of numerous awards that include Washington Post's Top Workplaces, Vault's Top 25 Consulting Firms, and Consulting Magazine's Excellence in Social and Community Investment.

Washington, DC 20006


Expert Answers To Common Questions:

  1. What is a business consultant?
  2. What types of business consultants are there?
  3. What does a business consultant do?
  4. Why hire a business consultant?
  5. Do I need a business consultant?
  6. How much does it cost to hire a business consultant?
  7. What is a typical background for a business consultant?
  8. Questions to ask when hiring a business consultant:
What is a business consultant?
A business consultant is a specialist in a specific area or sector who is employed to assist with the performance, progress, or implementation of a new function or service of a business. Most consultants are independent of the companies they're contracted to work with and are generally hired for a specific project.
What types of business consultants are there?

Business consultants are experts in numerous fields, including:

  • IT: May help with new software deployment, infrastructure, company system overhauls, etc.

  • HR: Can help provide assistance with a new company policy implementation, payroll systems, staffing concerns, etc.

  • Marketing: May implement social media marketing, develop an online ad campaign, build/update/refresh public appearance, develop new company collateral, assist with brand identity, etc.

  • Management: Can assist with company IPO, develop new product or service initiatives, provide leadership training, etc.

  • Accounting: May perform mock tax audits, manage company financials, perform forensic account services, etc.

  • Operations: Can help with new production systems, such as Six Sigma, Lean, Agile; may help with core operation functions, such as manufacturing, production, etc.

What does a business consultant do?
Business consultants identify areas of improvement or are hired to implement or facilitate specific company initiatives. For example, a business may hire a consultant to help find weaknesses in its sales processes or develop a strategy for improving customer engagement with its products or services. The consultant may develop and implement a new sales process or execute a customer satisfaction feedback system, such as Net Promoter Score.
Why hire a business consultant?
A company might hire a business consultant when it needs a particular set of expertise or experience that's not readily available within the company but may not warrant bringing on a permanent staff position. For example, the company wants to enter into an international market but lacks experience in launching in foreign markets.
Do I need a business consultant?

A company may wish to hire a business consultant if:

  • It wants to overhaul their payroll system with an off-site, cloud-based solution but lacks the proper expertise in its current IT department to handle it.

  • The company's sales are faltering and the need for positive change could determine the company's fate, yet current measures aren't producing results.

  • Operating procedures are leading to production line hang-ups, and it's interested in specialized workflows. 

How much does it cost to hire a business consultant?
Consultants charge different rates. Some charge an hourly or daily rate, while other consultants charge by the total project. They may charge on a value-based structure in which their compensation is directly tied to your company's performance after their change(s) or consultation has been delivered. For hourly rates, the rates can vary from $150 to $1,000 per hour and beyond.
What is a typical background for a business consultant?
While backgrounds can vary greatly, most business consultants have obtained an MBA and some relevant business experience, such as project management or business development. Most consultants also possess soft skills, such as working well on a team, the ability to publicly present information, such as at a meeting or conference, and problem-solving skills.
Questions to ask when hiring a business consultant:
  • How much do you charge?
    Having the right expectations with regards to the company's budget will ultimately determine if a certain consultant is the right fit. 

  • Do you have a structured approach to your strategy, or do you make it up as you go?
    There's no one-size-fits-all solution to businesses, but determining the type of approach a consultant takes toward a business could gauge what's in store.

  • How many years of experience do you have in X industry?
    Even if not directly related, their skillset should be able to translate. For example, a marketing consultant for an outdoor company may do well in other retail environments.

  • What sort of analysis or assessment do you typically perform?
    Some assessments may require little to no interference with daily operations, but others may require multiple team members to be available.

  • Do you have references or client testimonials?
    They say, "The proof is in the pudding." Past performance is often a good indicator of how a consultant performs on a job. Check references, reviews, and previous clients to find out how the consultant helped improve their business.