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Spectrum Printing & Graphics

Spectrum Printing & Graphics is a commercial printing company in Rockville that commits to delivering quality products in a timely and cost-effective manner. A business-to-business client writes, “I manage printing for different business units of my company. I know Spectrum is going to keep things consistent across all of our work and get things done and make my job easier.” The company's services include graphic design, digital and offset printing and finishing, large-format signage production, mailing and shipping, and fulfillment.

Rockville, MD 20850


Classic Embroidery and Screen Printing

Classic Embroidery and Screen Printing is a company in Gaithersburg that serves clients throughout the Maryland, Northern Virginia, and D.C. areas. The firm opened in 2000, and it creates embroidered and screen-printed shirts and hats, as well as promotional banners for trade shows or other special events. Classic also produces customized promotional items, such as calendars and planners, desk cubes and pens, kraft and cloth bags, key tags and fobs, USB car chargers and emergency auto kits, and awards. Customers can call or submit the online request form to get a free estimate.

Gaithersburg, MD 20877


Prestige Screen Printing

Prestige Screen Printing is a company in Derwood that has more than 35 years of experience in delivering quality output to corporations and the general public. The company's products include graphic overlays, labels and decals, name plates, outdoor promotional materials like posters and point-of-purchase signs, silk-screened items, and custom prints. Prestige offers 24/7 service, and some of the industries it serves are aviation and aerospace, defense, manufacturing, retail, telecommunication, and technology.

Derwood, MD 20855



CSI is a full-service graphics and printing firm in Falls Church that serves clients from the United States and Canada. The company opened in 1976, and it has trained staff and a state-of-the-art facility that can meet its customers' printing needs with timeliness and efficiency. CSI takes a green and sustainable philosophy, and it has committed to applying environment-friendly practices and promoting the use of biodegradable and recycled materials. Some of the firm's products are grand-format wall murals and trade show graphics, fabric prints on tubular aluminum displays, digital prints for manuals and handbooks, and variable data prints for direct-mail matter.

Falls Church, VA 22042


Kwik Kopy Printing

Kwik Kopy Printing (KKP) is a printing and graphics company in DC that has been serving clients for more than 25 years. Specializing in ultra-fast turnaround times on top quality projects, KKP designs, prints and produces in-house everything from business cards and booklets to posters and backdrops. A client from Tre Networks writes about KKP's fast delivery, “[We] had another printer decide at the last minute that they couldn't meet our deadline for programs and posters for a national conference, and we needed materials with a very quick turnaround. [KKP] met the deadlines, were great to work with, the finished product looked fabulous, and the price was more than fair.

Washington, DC 20007


Best Printing & Design LLC

Best Printing & Design LLC offers a broad range of print services in the Washington metropolitan area. This includes vehicle wraps, shirts, posters, postcards, business cards, menus, flyers, and door hangers, as well as larger items such as yard signs, flags, vinyl lettering, and window decals. The company offers a quick turnaround on service and prints using top-of-the-line machinery and high qualify materials. Other services provided by Best Printing & Design LLC include web development, graphic design, and email marketing.

3842 Columbia Pike Apt 102, Arlington, VA 22204



BaseCamp is a company in D.C. that offers graphic design and printing services. Some of the shop's products are business cards, letterhead sets, presentation boards, banners, stickers, and invitations. The company also provides related services, such as layout design, lamination, binding, cutting, scanning of files in PDF format, and shipping. BaseCamp prints t-shirts through BaseCamp Tees and the options include screen and direct-to-garment printing. The BaseCamp staff are available from Monday to Saturday to handle inquiries, but customers can fill out the online form to get a free custom quote.

Washington, DC 20009


Select Printing and Copying

Select Printing and Copying is a company in D.C. that has more than 30 years of experience in delivering quality services to commercial establishments, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. The company has multiple offset and digital printing equipment and some of its products are corporate identity kits, company brochures and special publications, pamphlets and other small-format items, and event invitations. The products come in different sizes, shapes, and finishes, depending on the clients' requirements. Customers can fill out the online quote request form to get a free, customized estimate.

Washington, DC 20005


Blueboy Document Imaging

Blueboy Document Imaging is a company in D.C. that provides copying, printing, and scanning services. The studio opened in 1989, and its customer base includes architectural and engineering firms, professional organizations in various industries, and government entities. Some of the products are blueprints, standard items like handouts and brochures, and materials executed in small, large, wide, or 3D formats. Blueboy Document Imaging has an online document management service that allows clients to track their projects anytime, and to facilitate collaboration with their peers or end-users.

Washington, DC 20002


Tyler Business Services

Tyler Business Services is a company in Alexandria that has more than 50 years of experience in delivering quality services to clients from Northern Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. The company offers products like office supplies and posters, and it provides “paper options that contain up to 100% post-consumer recycled content”. Tyler is a green business that uses wind energy to run its facilities, as well as vegetable inks and organic toner for its presses. The website has a feature that allows customers to “create marketing materials for your business in 3 easy steps”.

Alexandria, VA 22314


Expert Answers To Common Questions:

  1. Where can I print my documents?
  2. How does a printer work?
  3. Should I buy a printer or go to a print shop?
  4. What types of services can I find at a print shop?
  5. Can a print shop make copies of my wedding photos?
  6. What are the different printing methods?
  7. What\'s the difference between RGB and CMYK?
  8. Why do printed colors look different from what I saw on my screen?
  9. What should I look for when choosing a print shop?
Where can I print my documents?

There are many places where individuals can print small items, such as a letter or a single document. Larger jobs typically require a trip to a dedicated print shop or service. Some options to consider include:

  • Print shops

  • Office supply stores

  • Libraries

  • Business centers

  • Banks

  • Shipping centers

How does a printer work?
The two primary types of printers are inkjet and laser. Inkjet printers, which are typically smaller than laser printers, use pigment-based inks or dyes that are put directly on the paper as droplets. These printers are often preferred for home use and situations that require high-resolution images, photos, and graphics.

Laser printers, which are widely preferred for use in businesses that require rapid and high-quality printing, use toner to create the printed areas of the document. The toner is attracted to dots that are electrostatically charged on a drum. A specialized heat process sets the toner on the paper to produce crisp text and images.
Should I buy a printer or go to a print shop?

Individuals who have only simple documents to print might be able to use a home printer. For specialized projects and higher-volume printing, as well as anything that needs a professional appearance, working with a print shop is usually the best option. Print shops utilize printers and print supplies that produce higher-quality products than home printers can achieve.

What types of services can I find at a print shop?

Print shops may offer more than just basic document printing. Some of these services include:

  • Graphic design: Creating documents, including the placement of words, logos, and pictures

  • Desktop publishing: Printing basic documents, such as letters, reports, and resumes

  • Copy and scan services: Making copies of documents already printed or scanning them for digital use

  • Offset printing: Specialized printing of business cards, brochures, tags, pamphlets, medical forms, flyers, invitations, letterheads, handbooks, and similar projects

Can a print shop make copies of my wedding photos?

A print shop can make copies of wedding photos if the photos were taken by the person requesting the print job. Individuals who hire a photographer will need a copyright release if they want the print shop to produce copies of the photos. Some photographers won’t provide a release, so be sure to ask about this prior to hiring the photographer if reprints will be necessary.

What are the different printing methods?

The best printing method depends on the type of project. Some of the most common options include:

  • Digital printing: Uses digital controls to produce images on stationery, paper, or photo paper

  • Flexography: Uses flexible plates to produce letters, labels, packaging, and similar items

  • Letterpress: Uses raised letter stencils to transfer ink onto paper, greeting cards, business cards, and posters

  • Screen printing: Uses a silkscreen and squeegee to push paint through stenciled holes onto posters and textiles

  • Lino: Uses a scored template to produce mirror images for fine art printmaking

  • Gravure: Uses etched copper plates to print directly onto the paper to produce ultra-high-quality prints like magazine pages

What\'s the difference between RGB and CMYK?
RGB and CMYK are specialized color codes. RGB is used for digital media, and CMYK is used for printed media. The initials represent the primary colors used to produce other colors. RGB stands for red, green, and blue. CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Digital CMYK renderings produce the closest result to what the project will look like when printed.
Why do printed colors look different from what I saw on my screen?

The variances between monitors and monitor settings can produce a slightly different color on the screen than what the project will look like once it’s printed. The most efficient way to combat this is to order a proof of the project. This is a one-off printed version of the project that enables you to see exactly what it will look like when it’s completed.

What should I look for when choosing a print shop?
One of the primary factors to consider when choosing a print shop is the type of project you need to complete. Some shops only do basic printing jobs, while others offer graphic design services to help clients develop the printed material they need. Some print shops specialize in a certain type of project, such as large-format documents, so this is also a consideration.