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Berlik Law

Berlik Law is a Reston-based law firm focused on trial practice and business resolution throughout the Washington D.C. metro area and Virginia. Clients range from Fortune 500 businesses and single member LLCs. Berlik Law counsels all customers in identifying risks, courses of action, and managing litigation costs. Services include representation in business litigation, defamation, internet law and technology, trade secret litigation, contract disputes, and computer crimes.

Walker, Murphy & Nelson

Walker, Murphy & Nelson is a Rockville-based civil litigation firm representing health care providers throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia. Practice areas also include long-term care defense, professional liability defense, and construction litigation. Attorneys handle complex civil matters for a diverse group of individual and corporate clients. They also host related legal services to help minimize the risk of litigation including risk management seminars, pre-suit investigations, and alternative dispute resolutions.

Rockville, MD 20850


O'Hara Law Firm

O’Hara Law Firm is a Falls Church-based real estate development and litigation law firm servicing the Commonwealth of Virginia, where each lawyer has more than 25 years of experience. Founders Charles O’Hara and Sara O’Hara, skilled litigation attorneys near Washington, focus on representing clients in residential and commercial development, entitlement work, easement, quitclaims, transactions, creation of homeowners’ associations, and other real estate law issues. O’Hara Law Firm is highly rated on the peer reviewed website

Falls Church, VA 22046


JDKatz: Attorneys at Law

JDKatz: Attorneys at Law is a Bethesda-based law firm specializing in tax law, foreign accounts, litigation, business services, and estate and elder law in the Washington D.C. metro area. Founder Jeffrey D. Katz began his career in the tax department of a Big Four accounting firm until 2000 when he combined a team of experienced attorneys with degrees in taxation. JDKatz: Attorneys are highly rated and reviewed on Facebook where customers speak highly of their determination and knowledge.

Bethesda, MD 20814


Law Office of Edward E. Sharkey

Law Office of Edward E. Sharkey is a Bethesda-based law firm specializing in business and civil litigation throughout Maryland and Washington DC. Founder Edward E. Sharkey and team represent clients in all aspects of business formation, operation, acquisition, finance, and sales. Former clients speak highly about their professionalism. Also, the law firm has a ten out of ten rating on Avvo.

Bethesda, MD 20814


Tobin, O’Connor & Ewing

Tobin O’Connor & Ewing is a Washington D.C.-based business law firm specializing in litigation, real estate, and corporate and business matters with over two decades of experience. The team of litigation attorneys in Washington strives to provide large firm results with boutique firm attention. Tobin O’Connor & Ewing is peer reviewed on Martindale and offers free 30 minute consultations.

Washington, DC 20015


Law Offices of Charles H. Camp

Law Offices of Charles H. Camp is a Washington D.C.-based law firm representing clients in need of international dispute resolution including transnational litigation, international arbitration practice, and international debt recovery. Founder Charles H. Camp and the team have collected significant amounts owed to foreign and domestic clients by major companies or wealthy individuals worldwide from debtors based in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Netherlands Antilles, and the United States. They are also Peer Review Rated by Martindale-Hubbell with the highest ethical standards and legal ability.

Washington, DC 20007


Vanessa Carpenter Lourie

Vanessa Carpenter Lourie, P.C. is a Washington, D.C.-based commercial and civil litigation law firm with over three decades of experience. Founder Vanessa Carpenter Lourie, esteemed among civil litigation lawyers in Washington, provides personalized legal representation for her clients alongside three decades of private practice experience. Services include representation in real estate, tax sales, construction litigation, business agreements and more. Clients speak highly of her knowledge, client-centered approach, and professional attitude.

Washington, DC 20007


Press & Dozier, LLC

Press & Dozier, LLC is a Washington D.C.-based full service business law firm specializing in representing businesses of all sizes - government contractors, not-for-profit organizations, and individuals. Services include areas of practice in intellectual property, real estate law, alternative dispute resolution, wills and probates, commercial finance law, and more. Former clients speak highly of their professionalism, hard work, and honesty.

Washington, DC 20009


Marzulla Law

Marzulla Law is a Washington D.C.-based law firm specializing in money damage claims in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims and the Federal Circuit of Court of Appeals. Clients represented are commercial property owners, developers, water districts, Native American tribes, and business owners. Founders Nancie and Roger Marzulla are both listed in Best Lawyers for environmental litigation and also made the Washington Post list of Top Attorneys in Washington D.C. and Baltimore.

Washington, DC 20036


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Expert Answers To Common Questions:

  1. What does a litigation attorney do?
  2. Can an individual or business go to court without a litigation attorney?
  3. What’s the difference between a lawyer and a litigator?
  4. What’s the difference between a lawsuit and litigation?
  5. What’s the difference between arbitration, mediation, and litigation?
  6. What is a civil lawsuit?
  7. What is a civil litigation lawyer?
  8. What is a pre-litigation attorney?
  9. What does a commercial litigator do?
  10. How can I file a lawsuit against a company?
What does a litigation attorney do?
Litigation attorneys offer comprehensive legal representation before, during, and after litigation—aka the lawsuit. They provide initial consultations, investigate legal issues, draft pleadings, and oversee the discovery process. While litigators often are responsible for negotiating settlements and keeping cases out of court, their main job is presenting facts to a judge or jury at trial. Litigation attorneys also handle appeals and post-trial motions.
Can an individual or business go to court without a litigation attorney?
Generally, it’s possible to go to court without hiring a litigation attorney. In fact, lawyers are prohibited from practicing in some small claims courts. However, other cases are nearly impossible to prove without professional assistance. These include medical malpractice claims, wrongful death lawsuits, complex real estate disputes, and employment law cases. When assessing the feasibility of pro se representation, or representing oneself, individuals and businesses should evaluate their ability to develop a strategy, prepare legal documents, and present their case effectively. To prevail, plaintiffs must have a complete understanding of the law, local rules of civil procedure, and the facts of the case.
What’s the difference between a lawyer and a litigator?
Litigators, also called trial lawyers, are attorneys who present cases in the courtroom before a judge or jury. They may represent plaintiffs or defendants, including individuals and companies, in civil matters. Litigators investigate lawsuits, facilitate the discovery process, and prepare legal documents. While they may negotiate settlements, they’re equipped to take each case to court to achieve the best outcome for their clients.
What’s the difference between a lawsuit and litigation?
A lawsuit is a formal legal action that begins when the plaintiff files a complaint with the court. Litigation is a broad term that describes the entire process of resolving a dispute from sending notice of intent to sue, through pretrial preparations and beyond. It also includes settlement negotiations, courtroom proceedings, and appeals.
What’s the difference between arbitration, mediation, and litigation?
Arbitration, mediation, and litigation are three of the most common methods of resolving legal disputes. With arbitration, a case is heard by a panel of individuals called arbitrators who function as judges. In most cases, the parties are bound to the outcome. Mediation is typically a nonbinding process where discussions are facilitated by a single intermediary called a mediator. With litigation, a case is heard in a courtroom before a judge and jury, which is the most costly and time-consuming option, so it’s best suited for disputes that can’t be worked out using alternative methods.
What is a civil lawsuit?
A civil lawsuit is a court-based legal dispute between two parties that seeks court intervention and does not include punishment for a crime. While most civil lawsuits seek monetary compensation, they may also involve the pursuit of court action, such as a cease-and-desist order or an injunction. Since the majority of civil lawsuits are settled out of court, the process of pursuing a lawsuit usually begins with negotiations between the two parties. Any lawsuits that are not resolved through a settlement may go to trial and are decided by a judge or jury.
What is a civil litigation lawyer?
A civil litigation lawyer is a trial lawyer or litigator who specializes in handling all of the procedures involved in filing a civil lawsuit. Litigation is the process of resolving legal disputes between two parties, including before, during, and after a civil trial. A civil litigation lawyer may represent the person filing the lawsuit or the person being sued.
What is a pre-litigation attorney?
Because most civil lawsuits are resolved between the two parties, a pre-litigation attorney is any civil litigation attorney that can facilitate negotiations or a settlement prior to any legal action being taken. Some disputes may be settled through mediation, arbitration, or agreements and don't require any further legal action after a settlement has been reached.
What does a commercial litigator do?
A commercial litigator is a civil litigation attorney who specializes in disputes that involve companies rather than individuals. Commercial litigation is usually much more complicated than legal disputes between individuals and typically filed in the federal rather than the state court system. Commercial litigators also handle employment disputes between companies and individuals who are workers.
How can I file a lawsuit against a company?

Although you could file a lawsuit on your own, it's better to consult with a civil litigation attorney that's experienced in resolving disputes and negotiating settlements. The first step in filing a lawsuit should involve communication with the company in an attempt to reach an agreement. An experienced attorney is in a better position to reach a settlement that's in your best interest. Because lawsuits involve numerous steps, including filing motions, discovery, and other legal proceedings, you are better off working with an experienced professional rather than attempting to navigate the legal system on your own.