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For more than 15 years, Sterling-based iQuasar has provided IT managed services to clients in both the public and private sectors. The company provides a range of IT managed services to its clients, including network management, desktop and user management, email services, hosting and backup services, security, and a help desk providing 24/7 support and management of software and hardware issues. Previous clients include the Federal Reserve Board, Comcast Cable, IBM, Best Buy, NASA, and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

6 Pidgeon Hill Dr Ste 305, Sterling, VA 20165



BEI was founded in 1987 and provides IT managed services to the Washington, D.C., metro area. Its offerings include extensive network monitoring services, including documentation and reporting, patches, and attention from IT experts. With backup and recovery plans, BEI helps clients avoid data loss from issues like power outages and hardware failure. The company's other offerings include on-site and remote support, workflow optimization, security monitoring, threat mitigation, and network setup documentation. IT consulting is available as well.

11130 Sunrise Valley Dr Ste 202, Reston, VA 20191



SolutionWorx IT is an IT outsourcing agency based in Chantilly. It offers responsive technical support through remote access tools and phone support. Experienced technicians provide a 360-degree technology solution to close IT gaps through technology and business alignment on various platforms, and term-free agreements for more predictable IT costs. Its managed cloud services analyze customer needs by evaluating computing, storage, network capabilities, instant provisioning, compliance, identity management features, and auto-scaling plus security.

4506 Daly Dr Ste 500, Chantilly, VA 20151


US Resources, Inc.

US Resources is an IT managed service provider in Washington DC that has been helping businesses since 1990. The company's team of certified network engineers and IT support professionals is capable of effectively managing and protecting the businesses' servers and network devices. US Resources's services also include Autonomous Advanced Endpoint Protection, Behavior-Based Threat Detection, Cloud services, and VoIP services. Most of its clients are business-to-consumer companies and special interest groups.

115 Beulah Road Suite 200C, Tysons, VA 22180



designDATA is an IT Managed Services Provider focused on equipping organizations with scalable solutions that enable teams to do their best work securely. They do this by striving to see the world through their clients’ eyes, aligning IT operations with organizational priorities and ensuring staff have the resources they need to excel. They provide 24/7 tech support, data center and cloud services, robust cybersecurity solutions, exceptional end-user training, and enterprise-level consulting services.

610 Professional Dr Ste 102, Gaithersburg, MD 20879


22nd Century Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 1997, 22nd Century Technologies Inc. is headquartered in McLean. It helps organizations stay ahead of new technologies and provides optimized technical solutions to state, commercial, and federal clients via its 12 regional offices across the country. The technicians are competent in network, project, and mobile device management as well as IT infrastructure planning, design, and management. Companies can also acquire cybersecurity, cloud solutions, server consolidation, telecommunications maintenance, and modernization services.

8251 Greensboro Dr Ste 900, McLean, VA 22102



Located in McLean, Ntiva has provided managed IT services and support for the legal, education, health care, finance, government contract, and nonprofit industries in the Washington, D.C., area since 2004. The company customizes its services to align with its clients' objectives. Its managed cybersecurity services adhere to regulatory compliance measures, including for HIPAA. Ntiva's team provides 24/7 network monitoring and proactive system management. Its business continuity plans encompass data backup and comprehensive disaster recovery.

7900 Westpark Dr Ste A100, McLean, VA 22102


Capital Techies

Capital Techies, based in Falls Church and serving the Washington, D.C. area, is an IT services company that has helped professional services businesses manage their technological systems and networks since 2005. The company offers proactively managed and responsive IT services, on-demand and emergency IT support, and cloud-based IT solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, including law firms, physician practices, and insurance agencies. Clutch named Capital Techies one of Virginia's Top IT Services Firms in 2019.

9493 Silver King Ct, Fairfax, VA 22031


American Technology Services

Located in Fairfax, American Technology Services provides information technology support to small and midsize financial, nonprofit, and government organizations in the greater Alexandria area. The firm assesses clients' existing IT networks and develops strategies for ensuring maximum security and performance. It designs, implements, and optimizes networks and provides upgrades for current infrastructures. Additionally, American Technology Services provides on-site and remote training and support for devices and networks. The company also offers cloud-based hosting services.

2751 Prosperity Ave Fl 6, Fairfax, VA 22031



Located in Silver Spring, DelCor provides IT managed services to associations and nonprofit organizations in the Washington, D.C., area. Its services include on-site and remote support, patch management, and data backups. The company provides remote monitoring and alerts, and it assists with software licensing and acquisition. DelCor also has experience with cloud computing, specifically with the Office 365 platform, the Azure cloud, and SharePoint. The company's multiple hosting facilities provide geographic redundancy, and it helps with migrations and network upgrades.

8380 Colesville Rd Ste 550, Silver Spring, MD 20910


Expert Answers To Common Questions:

  1. What does MSP stand for?
  2. What is a managed service provider?
  3. What is included in IT managed services?
  4. What do IT/MSP companies do?
  5. How many managed service providers are there?
  6. Why use managed services?
  7. What is a cloud service provider?
  8. What is AWS managed service?
  9. Are IT/MSP companies safe?
What does MSP stand for?
Some people might think of Minneapolis Saint Paul International Airport or the Michigan State Police when they hear the acronym MSP,  but in the world of information technology, MSP stands for managed service provider, also known as IT/MSP.
What is a managed service provider?
A managed service provider delivers a range of IT services, such as application, network services, security, and infrastructure, and provides regular and ongoing support and administration of these operations. An organization may use an MSP to manage some or all of its IT services. For example, some companies choose to outsource their network security to an MSP and manage everything else in-house.
What is included in IT managed services?

MSPs can provide their own core offerings or manage third-party solutions on behalf of their clients. These services can help various-sized companies in several ways: 

Small businesses: Small businesses may not have the budget or need for a dedicated IT team. IT/MSP companies provide a range of scalable services and can be tailored to the needs of the business. MSP solutions are often much more cost-effective than hiring permanent staff. 

Medium and large businesses: Larger businesses can take advantage of any number of MSP services. An MSP is often the more cost-effective solution, from performance monitoring and network security to mobile device management and disaster recovery.
What do IT/MSP companies do?

Most MSPs offer a wide range of services under one roof, allowing their customers to take advantage of the convenience and cost savings. Here are just some of the services an MSP can provide:

  • General IT services: Include repairing hardware, installing software, and resolving other IT issues as they arise. 

  • Disaster recovery: Helps a company stay operational during a disaster or network outage. Services include data backups, server redundancy, and data center management. 

  • Managed communications: Management of all communications services, including email, telephone networks, mobile device management, and messaging solutions. 

  • Network infrastructure management: These services include network security and monitoring, infrastructure architecture management, and on-site services, such as cable management. 

How many managed service providers are there?

The global managed service provider market is estimated to grow to more than 200 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. While MSPs can adapt their services to any business in any sector, the industries that benefit the most include health, automotive, manufacturing, and the IT sector itself. 

Why use managed services?

There are many reasons why a company may turn to a managed service provider, which typically depends on a company's size and individual requirements. Factors may include:

  • Top-of-the-line IT solutions that don’t break the bank. 

  • An in-house IT team doesn’t make good financial sense right now, or a company may need its in-house IT staff to focus on internal projects or more critical parts of the business. 

  • Around-the-clock monitoring to improve security and reduce downtime. 

  • Significant IT cost savings. 

  • Specific expertise is required for a particular solution or service. 

What is a cloud service provider?

As the name suggests, a cloud service provider offers managed third-party services through a cloud-based platform and eliminates the need for on-premise hardware. The services on offer from a cloud-service provider vary and include application, infrastructure, and storage services. MSPs are different to cloud service providers because they typically provide a combination of managed on-premise and cloud-based services. 

What is AWS managed service?
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s leading cloud computing platform and offers over 175 services to its customers. Unlike most MSPs that offer a combination of on-premise and cloud services, AWS only provides solutions that operate in the cloud. The benefits of using AWS include increased agility, lower hardware maintenance and software licensing costs, and the ability to scale and innovate faster.
Are IT/MSP companies safe?
One of the biggest concerns that a company may have when considering an IT/MSP company is the security and safety of its network and data. An MSP’s managed network infrastructure and data centers are much more robust than a standard enterprise infrastructure and managed 24/7 online, with government approved procedures. This ensures that business data is secure at all times.