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Borenstein Group

Borenstein Group is a Washington DC-based integrated strategic marketing communication agency that provides marketing consultancy services to B2B and B2G businesses in the area. This top-rated marketing consultancy firm has over 25 years of vertical market experience across B2B and public sector industries. It combines its sectoral expertise with extensive research and constant client communication to devise customized marketing strategies for its clients. Borenstein Group counts IBM, Adobe, Lockheed Martin, United States Department of Defense, and the United States Army as its clients.

Gabriel Marketing Group

Gabriel Marketing Group handles marketing consulting out of McLean. The boutique firm focuses on "disruptive" marketing for high-growth tech clients looking to scale quickly. The team offers strategy, opportunity identification, lead nurturing, marketing communications, PPC, web analytics, competitive SEO analysis, SEM, and influencer identification. A full menu of PR services and training is also available. The group is a Google Partner, was named a HubSpot Gold Certified Agency Partner, and is part of the Eurocom Worldwide PR network.

NOVA Advertising

NOVA Advertising offers marketing consultancy services out of Fairfax. The firm is known for top-notch website design and search optimization. It provides responsive website design and development, email hosting, SEO strategy with monthly reporting and conversion tracking, web strategy, online reputation management, and online advertising. Graphic design and branding services are also available for everything from logos to postcards. The team works across all media, and the company offers free SEO and website audits to prospective clients.

Epstein Creative Group

Epstein Creative Group offers marketing consulting in Rockville and across the U.S. The team works with mission-driven organizations that serve women and children and follow the EC Approach of "discover, design, deliver." The group offers strategic brand development, web design and development, visual identity, marketing strategy, publications and report design, and infographics. Educational workshops are also available to further help clients increase visibility, donations, advocates, and volunteers. The firm is WBENC and SBE certified, and the founder often speaks at events.

Rockville, MD 20850


Mothership Strategies

Mothership Strategies is a Washington team of marketing consultants. The group specializes in working on political campaigns, as well as with grassroots movements. It even offers digital grassroots advocacy to grow networks and increase online and email fundraising. Clients have access to web design, social media services, web strategy, lead acquisition, email marketing, and branding. Mothership Strategies prides itself on testing, targeting, and optimizing every campaign. The firm was founded by three leading digital organizers for the Democratic Party who were part of campaigns that resulted in almost 90 Democrats being elected in 2018.

Washington, DC 20009


Fig Leaf Software

Fig Leaf Software is a veteran-owned marketing consulting firm in Washington with more than two decades of experience. It handles consulting for cloud services, inbound marketing, content and creative services, SEO and Google Analytics, UI/UX strategy, and content strategy. Additional services cover responsive web design, custom apps, and CMS implementations via Drupal, WordPress, HubSpot, Episerver, Ektron, and Progress Sitefinity. Certified technical training is also available.

Washington, DC 20036


Blueprint Interactive

Blueprint Interactive offers marketing services in Washington on a consulting basis. The full-service team works with both online and offline strategies and handles strategy and goals, metrics and analysis, planning, website/app design and development, video and animation, SEM, and influencer campaigns. It also handles targeted advertising, including behavioral, retargeting, contextual, and geofencing. All of its media planning and buying are performed in-house. The team prides itself on being agile, transparent, and diverse, and it continuously tests and revises client plans for maximum impact.

Washington, DC 20036



agencyQ is a team of marketing consultants in Washington with over two decades of industry experience. The group works with associations and government agencies, as well as healthcare, tech, and B2B companies. Services include digital marketing, analytics, SEO, social media management, and web design. It works with various digital engagement platforms, including the firm's own Find-it-First®. The company describes itself as "passionate, collaborative, and relentless," and has taken home dozens of awards, including from The Webby Awards, IAC, and The Communicator Awards.

Washington, DC 20006



Openbox9 is a group of marketing consultants in Washington backed by almost two decades of industry experience. The group focuses on offline and online solutions for nonprofit organizations. It offers interactive UX design, marketing, fundraising strategy, online development, including custom Drupal builds, print design, including wearables, and branding. Video production and motion graphics are also available. The group works closely with each client from concept to delivery and prides itself on helping nonprofits "work for good."

Washington, DC 20017


DC Dev Shop

DC Dev Shop is a group of marketing consultants that works with clients throughout Washington. It specializes in WordPress design and caters to the needs of small business owners, nonprofits, and startups. Services include WordPress development, website design, UX, and website hosting and maintenance. Inbound consulting is also available, including consulting focused on brand identity, lead generation, content creation, website optimization, and email marketing. The group works closely with clients to find holistic solutions and also offers WordPress training for a client's staff.

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Expert Answers To Common Questions:

  1. What is a marketing consultant?
  2. What is a marketing agency?
  3. How much is a marketing consultant?
  4. What training is needed for marketing?
  5. What is a digital marketing agency?
  6. What does a full-service marketing agency do?
  7. What is a social media marketing agency?
  8. What is an email marketing consultant?
  9. How do influencer marketing agencies make money?
  10. What is a boutique marketing agency?
  11. Should I hire a marketing agency?
What is a marketing consultant?

A marketing consultant is a specialist in the marketing field who is hired when a company owner or manager wants to outsource marketing efforts. The marketing consultant collaborates with key personnel within the organization to develop marketing strategies and jump-start them into action. Some vital tasks provided by a marketing consultant include:

  • Identifying an objective for marketing efforts
  • Researching the market to identify customer needs and interests
  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of competitors
  • Developing a plan to reach customers and show how a product or service meets their needs
  • Implementing the marketing plan to get the message out to targeted market segments
What is a marketing agency?

A marketing agency is an organization that's made up of marketing professionals who each have unique skills in the marketing field, such as performing research, developing strategy, and writing advertising copy to target a specific demographic.

The team of professionals working in a marketing agency may also have industry-specific skills, such as print media marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and web design. Agency team members may also be videographers, campaign managers, or branding experts.

In addition to employing different types of professionals, a marketing agency may specialize in a specific kind of marketing. Examples include digital marketing agencies, full-service agencies that provide a one-stop service for businesses, and social media marketing agencies that connect influencers with companies.

How much is a marketing consultant?

Marketing consultants fall under the category of advertising, promotions, and marketing managers and, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS, earn an average hourly rate of $64.34 per hour. Wages for consultants and agencies with special skills may command higher salaries, and some agencies may use a cost-plus pricing strategy based on the number of promotions developed plus a markup amount.

What training is needed for marketing?

A bachelor's degree is the typical level of education required for advertising, promotions, or marketing professional. Broad-based business educational programs are common for marketing professionals.

Topics typically studied for this field include marketing, communications, journalism, and sales. Visual arts, consumer behavior, business law, and finance are also subjects commonly covered in a marketing management degree program.

What is a digital marketing agency?
A digital marketing agency specializes in providing marketing services that combine the latest digital technology with marketing techniques. Some offerings that separate digital marketing agencies from other types of marketing agencies include creating email marketing campaigns and helping clients establish an online brand. These agencies may also design and develop websites for clients while optimizing digital content to perform well in search engine queries.
What does a full-service marketing agency do?

A full-service marketing agency manages all aspects of marketing and advertising for an organization. However, some full-service agencies offer an a la carte menu of services, so business owners have the choice of which services to use. Outsourcing marketing functions to a full-service agency lets the business owner or manager focus on the core competencies that make the company special. Some specific services offered by full-service marketing agencies include:

  • Strategic planning based on market analysis
  • Choosing media forms to market products and develop the brand
  • Content creation, including copywriting, videography, and graphic design
  • Website and app development
  • Analytics to track the performance of a marketing campaign
  • Managing all aspects of advertising, both digital and in print
What is a social media marketing agency?
Social media marketing agencies generate marketing messages to create an experience based on content and developing long-term relationships rather than published advertising that interrupts a potential customer's experience. These agencies may hire influencers to prepare content and share it on popular social media channels. They also create sharable content and interact with bloggers to get branded content shared online.
What is an email marketing consultant?

An email marketing consultant helps an organization get results, such as increased sales or a higher click-through rate, from an email marketing campaign. Services provided include researching and developing strategies for the campaign as well as building and managing the email contact list. The consultant prepares and curates written content to include in email messages and handles the technical aspects of sending out messages.

How do influencer marketing agencies make money?
Influencer marketing agencies make money by providing a point of connection between businesses that want to hire influencers and influencers who are open to posting on their social media channels. These agencies usually charge a monthly fee for this service. However, on occasion, they may charge by the number of posts, the complexity of the campaign, or the desired amount of followers the company expects an influencer to have.
What is a boutique marketing agency?
A boutique marketing agency is made up of a small group of marketing creatives who work together to create marketing campaigns for businesses. This type of smaller agency lets business owners work directly with the people creating their marketing content rather than being transferred from department to department, which may happen in larger agencies.
Should I hire a marketing agency?

Hiring a marketing agency can save time and money for small business owners. It puts a team of professional marketers at your service, and it's often cheaper than hiring a marketing professional to work in-house. Some benefits you may gain by hiring a marketing agency include:

  • Time to focus on other aspects of the business rather than marketing efforts
  • Marketing knowledge and experience a business owner may not have
  • A more polished and professional look for the company
  • A cohesive marketing strategy based on market research and insider information
  • Increased revenue through previously untapped prospect sources