Nevada is known as "the Battle Born State” because it became a state during the Civil War. It is officially the driest state in the nation, with some parts receiving less than four inches of rain annually. The state’s financial origins were with the Comstock Lode, the richest known silver deposit in America. Nevada historically became a large mining state, and gold is still a larger driver of the economy. The state also contains a unique tourism industry in the cities of Reno and Las Vegas, which became well known for gambling, divorce, and debauchery. Today, gambling is the state’s biggest source of income. Nevada is a great state for those small businesses looking to get started in the tourism industry.

Industry Stats

Nevada is unique in that its economy is largely tourism-centric. This can help seasonal businesses that intelligently maximize the gains they make during the on-season. Additionally, Nevada has large amounts of cheap land, low taxes, and good benefit programs.

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