Maine has had a long history as part of the United States, as the first naval action of the Revolutionary War happened off the coast of Maine in 1775. Though under Massachusetts rule in the early days of the US, in 1820 Maine officially became the 23rd state in the nation. Maine has several nearly unique exports. It produces 98% of the nation’s low-bush blueberries, is the leading producer of pulp-paper, exports the most flat-tin sardines, and has a staggering lobster and clam market. It is also known as a center of shipbuilding on the East Coast. Maine is a popular vacation site due to its scenic seacoast, beaches, lakes, and forested mountains. Maine is a good place for business owners looking to make a quick start with their company.

Industry Stats

Maine is a good place for small business owners due to its available capital in local banks, supportive communities, and simple regulations. Maine also has a favorable, “buy local” culture for small business that will ensure you can get your feet off the ground.

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