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9 Best San Jose Credit Repair Companies

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Better Credit Service USA is a credit counseling service provider that helps residents in the San Jose area to repair, rebuild, and raise their credit scores. The credit consultants offer line-by-line credit report evaluations and establish a credit repair plan to remove incorrect items per FCRA, HIPAA, FCBA, and other consumer laws. They communicate with creditors in cases of harassment and assist with collections, public records, foreclosures, and late payments. The firm also handles tax liens, bankruptcies, inquiries, short sales, and student and auto loans. Better Credit Service USA employs electronic credit repair processing for faster service.

Continental Credit Repair is a national credit repair company in San Jose. Its certified credit professionals work with clients to devise action plans to improve their credit profiles. They assist with removing inaccurate negative items from credit reports following line-by-line credit reviews, and they communicate directly with the three credit reporting agencies. The credit counselors provide credit education and financial advice at each stage of the restoration process to help with better credit management. Continental Credit Repair has a state-of-the-art web-based software system that allows consumers to keep track of their file progress 24/7.

Credit Advisors Council is a credit repair company that helps residents in San Jose improve their credit and make reparations to existing credit reports. It corrects inaccurate, outdated, or unverified items that appear on credit reports. The firm helps individuals learn the causes of bad credit and how to challenge credit problems. It handles late payments, collections, and hounding by creditors. The agency also assists victims of identity theft. Other services include loan consolidation and forgiveness as well as credit building. Clients also benefit from personalized money and debt management plans to improve their financial standing.

Founded in 2010, Credit Repair Bay Area offers custom-tailored credit repair services to meet the financial needs of families and individuals in San Jose and nearby areas. The firm adds good credit and repairs poor credit to increase clients' chances of securing a student, car, home, or personal loan in the future. It assists with identifying erroneous negative information on credit reports and launches the credit restoration process through its credit repair program. The credit specialists handle late payments, collections, tax liens, foreclosures, and judgments. Credit Repair Bay Area also offers credit counseling and personal financial builder program services.

The Financial Relief Center is a credit repair agency in San Jose. As part of its resolution program, the company's advisors help clients remove negative items from their credit report. In this program, alongside its debt settlement service, Financial Relief Center's experts provide an in-depth credit examination and consultation and use this information to devise a comprehensive financial plan that can help clients budget for debt relief and ultimately increase their credit score. In addition to credit repair and debt relief, the company also assists clients with refinancing and bankruptcy.

Pinnacle Credit Management offers credit repair services for clients in San Jose. It analyzes credit reports and customizes a blueprint for credit repair, including a specialized electronic dispute process. The company works with credit bureaus to remove negative and inaccurate information on credit reports while adhering to the FCRA and CROA federal laws. It works to correct inaccuracies involving evictions, foreclosures, short sales, bankruptcy, charge-offs, and collections. The staff provides solutions for tax liens, negative public records, late payments, delinquent medical bills, repossessions, and defaulted student loans. Pinnacle Credit Management's credit mentor also provides credit education and counseling services.

Roundleaf is a credit repair company in San Jose that has been helping individuals achieve their financial goals since 2006. The company's credit professionals analyze credit and debt portfolios and develop debt management and consolidation plans to restore good credit. The staff also creates personal budgeting plans to expedite the credit score improvement process. Through the agency's credit education and guidance programs, clients can access information on maintaining good credit health. The agency offers wealth and resource planning services that assist with capital preservation and the creation of financial strategies to ensure wealth restoration.

Tak Credit Financial offers credit repair services in San Jose for individuals and businesses who need to improve their credit profiles. This credit repair company provides a free consultation to go over a client's credit reports and create an effective action plan. In a timely manner, its advisors contact the credit bureaus to have inaccurate items, including late payments, charge-offs, and collections, removed or corrected. Tak Credit Financial also negotiates with lenders and creditors to get extra charges and interest on a client's debt reduced to a manageable monthly payment.

TheCreditDocs is a credit repair company dedicated to helping people reestablish their credit and gain financial security in San Jose. Using proven credit repair strategies, its expert advisers help improve and increase a client's FICO credit score until it is in good standing. Following all the laws and regulations, the company sends out dispute letters to the credit bureaus and creditors to legally remove inaccurate, outdated, or unverifiable items listed on a client's credit report. TheCreditDocs can also help clients gain better credit by implementing a program called Tradelines that adds positive accounts to their credit report.

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