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We scored 1,586 Credit Repair Companies in Houston, TX and Picked the Top 19 has been offering credit repair services in Houston and the surrounding areas for more than 15 years. It works with creditors to challenge unfair, inaccurate, and negative items on affected credit reports. The credit specialists on staff assist with timeshare deletions, charge-offs, judgments, collections, bankruptcies, and federal tax liens. They also handle late payments. has a credit repair program that includes daily credit monitoring and notifications as well as financial education.

Ang Credit Solutions is a credit repair company in Houston. It offers services such as guidance on rebuilding good credit, consultation on bill management, and removal of negative or inaccurate information that lower scores on credit reports. Other areas of the reports focus on removing multiple listings from the same account and forcing predatory lending companies to accept favorable payment plans. Ang Credit Solutions provides credit repair services for divorcing couples, businesses, and military personnel.

ASAP Credit Repair was founded in 1998 to provide credit repair services in Houston. The firm evaluates credit reports, corrects errors, and delivers positive results. Credit experts help in handling disputes and removing items such as late payments, collections, foreclosure, repossessions, bankruptcies, credit fraud, and judgments. The firms has credit monitoring services to prevent errors that may impact future credit decisions from appearing on reports. ASAP Credit Repair also offers financial education resources that help individuals maintain good credit.

Beyond Taxes provides financial consulting to clients in the Houston area. Founded in 2014, the company handles credit repair services including dispute with all three credit bureaus of inaccurate negative and incorrect items. It offers an increased credit score in 90 days and monthly one-on-one consultations. The company's experienced team guides clients during the credit repair process and teaches them how to manage positive lines of credit. It also offers money management services.

BH Credit Financial, a credit repair company in Houston, provides education and financial management resources to help clients restore their credit reputations. It works with credit bureaus and creditors to remove misleading and inaccurate negative information from consumer credit reports. Its employees have training in recent laws and credit reporting practices, enabling them to provide line-by-line credit report evaluation, launch disputes, and monitor credit profiles. BH Credit Financial also prepares taxes and offers tools and education for dealing with low credit scores.

Credit Geeks is a credit repair agency in Houston. With no upfront fees and easy payment options, the firm provides full credit audits, restoration services, and credit education opportunities. When inaccuracies affect credit reports and scores, the agency files the appropriate paperwork to clear up derogatory marks, such as outdated or misleading information. In addition to credit repair, the firm works to educate clients on financial literacy principles and strategies for maintaining stable credit for future financial goals.

Credit Glory is a credit repair firm that serves the Houston area. The company helps clients repair their credit by identifying and challenging credit report inaccuracies related to charge-offs, late payments, and incorrect balances. In addition to its single-dispute services, the company offers tiered credit repair packages that provide assistance with multiple disputed charges. Credit Glory's streamlined sign-up helps clients quickly get the credit repair process underway, and the company handles all related paperwork and communications with creditors and bureaus.

Credit Keys LLC is a credit repair company that provides credit restoration services to clients in and around Houston. The firm's credit analysts employ a practical approach in performing in-depth analysis and challenging negative items in credit reports. They assist with credit updates, hard inquiry challenges, and personalized recommendations on how to lower credit card utilization. Credit Keys also provides credit education and a 24/7 access platform to keep clients informed during the entire credit dispute process.

Credit Merit Consultants offer credit repair services to clients across the Houston area. After analyzing clients' credit reports and debt-to-income ratios, the counselors offer suggestions on minimizing and rectifying fraudulent credit records. The company then composes dispute letters and sends them to relevant creditors on the clients' behalf to remove items such as late payments, collections, and charge-offs. Additionally, Credit Merit coaches clients on maintaining good financial habits and continuously monitors their credit scores to ensure accuracy.

Credittude Financial Inc. is a credit repair company in Houston that has helped clients boost their credit scores since 2008. Its credit specialists review a client's credit reports and create an appropriate repair strategy. The company sends out dispute letters to the credit bureaus to ask them to have any negative or inaccurate items removed. If necessary, Credittude Financial Inc. can make sure that creditors honor the deletions by enforcing federal laws with general affidavits.

Crofton Financial Group is a credit repair agency in Houston that has helped individuals improve their credit reports since 2013. The company offers credit analysis, debt verification, dispute letter writing, monthly credit updates, and credit education. Clients can also benefit from student loan negotiation and Chexsystems verification and disputes. Crofton Financial Group is a certified Women's Business Enterprise, Minority Business Enterprise, and a member of the Statewide Historically Underutilized Business Program.

Expect More Restoration Services provides credit repair services to clients in Houston. With extensive knowledge of consumer rights and laws, the agency works with clients to determine discrepancies, such as bankruptcy, collection, and charge-off errors, on credit reports. The agency then uses conventional dispute methods to clear the derogatory marks by directly contacting the appropriate creditors and credit bureaus. Additionally, Expect More Restoration Services works with clients dealing with identity theft, fraud, and negative settlement issues.

Guaranteed Credit Services LLC is a full-service credit repair agency serving clients in the Houston metro area. The agency offers affordable payment plans for credit restoration. When negative items, such as collections, late payments, or judgements, adversely affect credit scores, Guaranteed Credit Services contacts creditors, debt collectors, and credit bureaus to remove derogatory accounts. With a mission to assist clients with their financial goals, the agency works to boost credit and buying power for future purchases.

Help My Scores offers professional credit repair services in Houston to consumers needing assistance with improving their credit scores. Its expert team reviews credit reports searching for any inaccuracies that may be affecting a client's overall credit rating. On a client's behalf, the company sends out dispute letters to creditors to have negative items removed and achieve the desired credit score. Help My Scores also helps clients get approved for home, auto, and other financial loans.

Founded in 2004, Impeccable Credit Services is a credit repair agency in Houston that focuses on improving credit scores and the financial health of individuals and businesses. The credit specialists on staff dispute negative and unverifiable items they find on clients' credit reports. Additionally, they help businesses establish new positive trade lines and handle tax liens, judgments, collection accounts, and foreclosures. Besides assisting with charge offs, student loans, repossessions, late payments, and bankruptcies, Impeccable Credit Services also offers credit education.


Reflection Credit Solution is a credit repair company in Houston that's been helping clients improve their credit scores since 2012. The firm offers personalized credit consultations and evaluations and recommends solutions based on each case. Its board-certified credit consultants assist with removing unverifiable items from the credit profiles and also send cease and desist letters to collection agencies and debt validation reports to creditors. Additionally, founder Crystal LeGrand provides credit counseling and homeownership services.

Texas Best Credit Repair is a credit repair company that serves the greater Houston area. The company specifically focuses on the real estate industry, helping clients get approved for home loans. Its credit repair process involves conducting a multi-part audit of existing credit reports and collections, directly contacting creditors and collectors, disputing any inaccurate information, and providing an online portal for customers to track the progress of credit repair procedures.

Opened in 2012, The Credit Agents is a credit repair company in Houston. With a pay-per-deletion pricing structure, the company aggressively challenges any credit report inaccuracies, including outdated and unverifiable information, by contacting the appropriate creditors and credit bureaus to resolve the issues. The Credit Agents offers customizable action plans that assess clients' financial goals and provide ongoing credit mentoring to clients. Additionally, The Credit Agents assist businesses with acquiring lines of credit.

XPert Credit Repair is a full-service credit repair agency in Houston. With a pay-after-deletion pricing structure, the agency completes a full credit review and audit to create customized plans that meet the needs of clients. The agency then contacts creditors, debt collectors, and credit bureaus to remove inaccuracies, such as late payments, collections, judgements, or charge-off errors. If legal violations or issues arise during the credit restoration process, the agency partners with consumer credit attorneys to resolve issues.

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