Best Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Agencies in New York City

30 Best New York City Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Agencies

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Founded in 2013, AdVenture Media is a digital marketing agency providing PPC advertising services to clients in the New York metro area. This agency has experience working with a diverse set of clients ranging from small businesses to multi-billion dollar corporations. It offers the services of team members versed in Google ads and the agency provides in-house graphic design and copywriting services to bolster the content of ads. AdVenture Media also does PPC audits and offers consultation and maintenance for existing PPC efforts.


AcKnowledge Digital Marketing is an advertising agency that provides search engine marketing and PPC advertising services to businesses and organizations. The company helps clients create advertising campaigns designed to elevate a brand's visibility and conversion rates. Its marketing team applies PPC advertising as part of an overall strategy that includes using search engines to attract an audience, SEO optimization, and analytics. AcKnowledge Digital Marketing has served clients in New York City since 2012.

AMMA Marketing is a marketing firm with over a decade of online sales and advertising experience. It offers pay-per-click (PPC) strategies to clients in the New York City metro area, and focuses on customizing and professionally developing, implementing, and managing PPC campaigns to maximize a client's return on investment. Using SEO and PPC together, the company's team attract audiences with keywords relevant to the client's brand. AMMA Marketing is Google AdWords certified.

AVA Digital Marketing Agency provides PPC ad services to clients in the New York metro area. It focuses on creating customized campaigns that increase awareness of its client's brands and maximize ROI. This agency helps clients to take an individualized approach to PPC. It offers creative services to contribute to the content of ads and handles the technical aspects of launching PPC campaigns. AVA Digital Marketing Agency also does audits for Google AdWords and Bing as well as general web analytics.

Better SEO is a digital marketing agency in New York providing PPC ad services. It provides clients with highly-engaged oversight and management services for their PPC campaigns. In-house web designers help clients to create and optimize the content of their ads and Better SEO creates landing pages and full websites to help clients increase conversion rates. It also does general as well as locally-focused SEO campaigns along with an array of web design services.

Bobsled Marketing LLC is a New York-based digital marketing firm assisting clients throughout the metro area with PPC ads. This agency and its team members are highly experienced with Amazon platforms and marketplaces. It helps clients to place and manage PPC ads within Amazon's channels. Bobsled Marketing LLC also manages concurrent marketing efforts like SEO and web design aspects involved with doing business through Amazon. It assists with the launch and management of vendor accounts as well.

Break The Web is a New York-based digital marketing agency providing PPC services to clients throughout the metro area. Active since 2009, this agency has conducted PPC campaigns for small businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies. It helps clients to place ads on several platforms such as Google and Google Maps, in local listings, and in product directories. Break The Web creates campaign-focused landing pages to improve the optimization process. SEO and voice search optimization services are also available.

Digital Drew is a New York-based PPC agency. This agency provides in-depth consultation on social media marketing to businesses of all sizes and provides PPC services that can be tailored to the platform at hand. In particular, Digital Drew provides PPC ad services geared towards Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, and YouTube. It participates in the creation of marketing content and manages the efforts of each PPC campaign while helping clients to target ideal audiences.

ECommerce Partners is a professional digital marketing firm headquartered in New York City with additional offices in the United States, Germany, and Australia. Since 1998, the agency has provided clients with strategic SEO solutions that include keyword research and development, content management, sitemap creation, and responsive web design. It uses market research, site assessments, and competitor analysis to develop tailored strategies that provide improved search engine rankings and greater online visibility. Its clientele list includes Sports Zone and Sargento.

Empire Media is a PPC agency serving the New York metro area. It has experience assisting both individual e-commerce entrepreneurs and large multifaceted business organizations with PPC marketing campaigns. Its PPC ads are informed by intensive keyword research and market data samples. PPC campaigns are adjusted on a continual basis and Empire Media uses alternative bidding strategies to help its clients reach better PPC ad rankings in search results. Other available services include web design and online reputation management.

Founded in 1994, Flightpath is a PPC agency active within the New York metro area. A creative digital marketing agency, it helps clients to conduct search marketing PPC campaigns. The agency assists with creative content of ads and devises strategies for their placement. Flightpath also addresses technical issues, working to optimize the performance of PPC ads and ensure that they are properly linked with landing pages. SEO and email marketing services are available as well.

Griffon Webstudios is a New York-based digital marketing agency providing PPC campaign services. Highly experienced with SEO, this agency helps clients to create PPC campaigns that supplement organic efforts to increase ROI. It performs detailed audits and consults clients to determine the structure of campaigns and decide how they should target key audiences. Griffon Webstudios also manages the budgeting aspects of PPC campaigns and offers re-targeting services to help clients attract previous customers and qualified leads. Web and mobile app development are other available services.

HUNTER Digital is a New York-based digital marketing agency serving clients throughout the metro area. This agency manages PPC campaigns for a diverse client base and has over nineteen years of experience with PPC ads. It works alongside customers to create PPC campaigns that fulfil target goals and help clients to maximize ROI, delivering custom reports on an annual basis to help clients oversee and redirect campaigns as needed. HUNTER Digital also does SEO, e-commerce, and web design.

Active since 2012, Jakt is a PPC agency assisting clients in and around the New York metro area. Offering a range of digital marketing services, this agency helps clients big and small to find solutions to marketing problems by implementing methods like PPC ads to attract target audiences or fill gaps in their existing strategies. Jakt is experienced with using PPC to advertise on major search engines and social networks. It also offers graphic and web design, SEO, and mobile application development services.

Kraus Marketing is a digital advertising organization with an office in New York City that is filled with Google-certified SEO and PPC strategists. Its strategists work to ensure clients' websites appear higher in search engine results to catch a potential customer's attention. The company states that results are instantaneous and adjustable within moments of implementation. Its PPC services include keyword research, strategy development, and ROI optimization. Kraus Marketing aims to serve clients seeking a way to increase their visibility without paying a high price.

Founded in 2002, Levelwing is a full-service digital marketing agency active within the New York metro area. It structures PPC campaigns that incorporate the efforts of in-house creative services which may involve video and digital assets. Levelwing creates campaign-specific landing pages for PPC ads and is experienced with PPC across search engines and social media platforms. It also has experience doing PPC campaigns for start-ups and offers business consultation alongside extensive creative and social media management services.

OAK Digital, located in New York City, is a data-driven performance marketing agency that specializes in utilizing cutting edge PPC media buying strategies to acquire customers through Facebook, Google, and affiliate marketing. The firm begins by conducting a competitive landscape audit and reviewing the client's goals and accounts. Then, its specialists develop customized campaigns and consistently evaluate the results. OAK’s paid search services include Google Ads, Google Shopping Network, Facebook ads, and affiliate marketing management. The agency offers free PPC media audits to new clients. OAK drives growth for publicly traded companies as well as direct to consumer e-commerce companies.

Ondyr LLC is a PPC agency that aims to enhance a client's marketing efforts by utilizing SEO, PPC, and marketing analytics. This New York City firm takes pride in creating and maintaining Google Ads, PPC, and SEM campaigns. All PPC services are designed to produce quick, budget-friendly results that effectively attract the client's target market. The Ondyr team constantly refines and optimizes campaigns to continue to increase the brand's visibility. Some of the agency's previous clients include Microsoft and General Electric.

Path Interactive is a PPC agency with over a decade of experience serving clients throughout the New York metro area. It uses data analysis and strategies focused on maximizing ROI to help clients conduct PPC campaigns that bolster their reputation among target audiences. This agency is most familiar with Google and Bing but also does PPC campaigns across a variety of social media platforms. Path Interactive uses progressive analytics to manage and adjust the ongoing efforts of PPC campaigns and also does SEO.

Riseup Holdings is a New York-based digital marketing agency providing PPC ad services to clients throughout the metro area. This agency has worked with a vast array of clients and has managed hundreds of PPC ad campaigns. It offers clients the choice of various PPC packages suited to diverse needs and goals. Riseup Holdings does both search and display-based PPC and it is experienced with social media-based PPC campaigns. It also does re-targeting campaigns designed to attract qualified leads.

Sanborn is a full-service digital marketing agency based in New York City, employs several experienced digital professionals who help clients with PPC advertising campaigns. The firm proudly remains transparent with clients while walking through the process of building a PPC advertising strategy. Its marketing team simplifies difficult concepts and uses different platforms to solve advertising problems. Sanborn's previous clients have praised the company for its attention to detail, passion for digital marketing, and personalized services.

SEMnexus is a digital marketing firm providing PPC ad services to clients in the New York metro area. This agency has experience serving businesses at a range of sizes from small start-ups to large enterprises. It provides the services of team members versed in Google AdWords as well as social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram, where they strategically place PPC ads to increase traffic and improve lead conversion rates. SEMnexus also does SEO and markets mobile applications.

SEO Authority is a New York City marketing firm that rescues small businesses from the stress of managing a PPC advertising campaign. The company focuses primarily on promoting a client's brand to New York audiences using specific, localized SEO strategies. The firm's teams use Google's search algorithms to deliver an impactful message to potential customers. SEO Authority has almost two decades of search engine experience with platforms such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

SmartNet Solutions is a digital agency that has served New York City clients since 1998. PPC services include running Google AdWords campaigns, increasing a client's ROI, PPC management, and PPC budget management. SmartNet Solutions works to build a client's PPC strategy from scratch by pinpointing appropriate keywords, suggesting further improvements, and writing advertisement copy that will capture a customer's attention. The company utilizes various platforms such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! to boost the client's brand.

Stylophane is a PPC agency serving clients in and around the New York metro area. This agency targets its services to clients in the beauty, fashion, and luxury goods industries, and has over eighteen years of experience marketing in said categories. It assists with standard PPC campaigns but offers assistance with general e-commerce and Google Shopping Ads as well. Stylophane also provides comprehensive social media marketing as well as SEO and software-based analytics services.

Taikun Digital is a New York-based digital marketing firm providing assistance with PPC ads. Considering itself a full-service PPC agency, Taikun Digital conducts PPC audits, manages Google Ads, and works to optimize conversion rates associated with ad placement. Taikun Digital also manages PPC ads placed through Bing and on Facebook platforms. It creates landing pages for clients that are designed to optimize conversions and it provides custom reports to help them track the iterative progress of ongoing PPC campaigns.

The Weird Company is a subscription-based e-commerce-focused marketing agency providing PPC ad services to clients in the New York metro area. It works to help internet entrepreneurs expand their online presence and increase lead conversion by creating and strategically placing PPC ads. The Weird Company is especially familiar with the Google AdWords platform and also uses Google Analytics to provide clients with in-depth annual reports. Other services include SEO and marketplace management for Amazon- and Walmart-based platforms.

Tidal Wave Medical Marketing, LLC is a marketing agency that specializes in increasing the visibility of a client's medical practice using PPC campaigns. The New York City-based firm uses keyword research and customized campaign structures to immediately display PPC advertisements to the ideal audience. As a certified Google Partner, the company's staff is trained and updated on all Google search strategies and changes. Tidal Wave Medical Marketing, LLC is a member of the Alliance Healthcare Group.

Vector Media Group is a marketing firm based in New York City that offers paid search services to businesses and organizations looking to increase online visibility. The company is Google AdWords certified and a Bing adExcellence member with multiple tools and resources on hand that the marketing team uses to create a data-driven PPC strategy. Vector Media Group aims to drive more traffic to its clients' websites while minimizing the overall costs.

ZURV is a digital marketing agency serving clients in the New York metro area. Its PPC campaign services are supported by creative design and technical expertise, allowing the agency to assist clients with graphic design and copywriting needs while working to resolve functional errors involved with ads and landing pages. ZURV is experienced with a range of platforms including Google, Facebook, and YouTube. It also offers SEO, web design, and hosting services and develops applications.

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