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Credit Repair Companies FAQs

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Credit Repair Solutions logo

Credit Repair Solutions

8109 2nd St Ste 203, Downey, CA 90241
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Credit Repair Solutions has been helping residents in Anaheim and the surrounding areas achieve healthier credit profiles since 2007. Its credit specialists identify any incorrect items that affect clients' credit scores. They draft customized dispute plans that include challenging inaccurate items with the major credit bureaus, original creditors, and collection companies. Credit Repair Solutions provides comprehensive credit repair through education, communication, and relationship building. The credit counseling service also has an online client status that allows customers to check their credit repair progress, including deleted items and accounts currently in dispute. Founder Rolando Castro has over 15 years of experience in fixing individuals' credit reports and providing financial counseling.

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119 S Olive St, Anaheim, CA 92805
Visit Website is an Anaheim company that helps individuals improve their credit scores. The company can challenge credit report accuracy, dispute erroneous credit items, and credit record monitoring. Its services are based on its proprietary app that enables clients to fetch and review their credit info and receive credit solutions for their credit statuses. The business is also affiliated with Lexington Law for enhanced credit repair services. has offices in West Valley City and Phoenix.

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High Rise Credit logo

High Rise Credit

2400 E Katella Ave Ste 800, Anaheim, CA 92806
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High Rise Credit is a credit repair company in Anaheim. This firm handles credit repair through a four-step process of enrollment, consulting, disputing of erroneous or obsolete details, and education on credit repair. It obtains and evaluates credit reports from all three major credit bureaus, examining each credit report to ensure that all credit checks were legally authorized. All unverifiable or illegitimate information is disputed, and responses to each challenge are forwarded to the customer to facilitate maximum communication. Customers learn how they can improve their credit in the future. High Rise Credit also offers plans for online, individual, and couple consultation.

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Optimal Debt Solutions logo

Optimal Debt Solutions

222 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805
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  • Debt Consolidation

Optimal Debt Solutions provides credit repair services to Anaheim residents. Its specialists utilize both debt settlement and debt consolidation methods to assist clients who are experiencing various credit issues. They also provide assistance in negotiating with credit bureaus regarding negative items in their clients’ credit reports, such as unsecured loans, medical bills, and repossessions. Optimal Debt Solutions is a company with over 265 credit specialists and places importance on providing personalized solutions that match clients’ unique credit situations.

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Pacific West Credit LLC logo

Pacific West Credit LLC

3024 E Chapman Ave # 161, Orange, CA 92869
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Pacific West Credit LLC is a credit repair agency near Anaheim. Its experts work with loan officers, realtors, and car dealers to help clients improve their credit scores through repairs. They examine reports from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Credit repair specialists develop a plan to fix errors, and customers can access the progress 24/7 at the customer service website. The professionals then directly challenge negative items with the credit bureaus, and the process repeats for each negative issue in the credit report. The company gives credit reporting agencies approximately 30 days to respond. Pacific West Credit also offers credit education.

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Ray Reynolds logo

Ray Reynolds

1815 E Heim Ave Ste 204, Orange, CA 92865
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Ray Reynolds is a full-scale credit repair company that provides credit repair services near Anaheim. It helps clients to overcome negative credit scores by taking care of credit report mistakes with items such as liens and bankruptcies. The professionals work on resolution filings and credit disputes with the three major credit reporting agencies. They set up case files, review the credit reports, and obtain the current credit scores from the three bureaus. The credit repair specialists dispute negative items with the creditors on behalf of clients, and they provide status updates every month. The company also offers classes and workshops.

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Top Credit Care logo

Top Credit Care

2081 Business Center Dr Ste 268, Irvine, CA 92612
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Top Credit Care is a credit repair company founded in 2015 to help clients improve their credit standing. The company helps remove negative information regarding financial mistakes made by a business or credit bureau from clients' credit reports. Its specialists handle credit disputes by scrutinizing questionable items on credit reports, challenging them, and correcting them to raise clients' credit scores. They advise individuals to keep track of their spending and consider establishing a direct debit payment plan to pay off balances regularly. Top Credit Care has an app called TrackMySPEND, a platform for clients to check their credit card statements and manage their expenses.

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Zorro Credit logo

Zorro Credit

18652 Florida St, Huntington Beach, CA 92648
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Zorro Credit is a credit repair company that's been serving individuals in Anaheim and the surrounding areas since 2004. The professionals help clients to improve their credit scores by contesting negative items, such as bankruptcies, foreclosures, charge-offs, collections, and late payments. The credit repair process involves evaluating the client's credit score by checking the reports from the three major credit bureaus and planning how to repair the profile. The specialists challenge each inaccurate negative item with the creditors. The credit bureaus fix the errors, remove the negative marks, and send the corrected credit records back to clients. Zorro Credit offers to repair clients' credit scores within 60 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you repair credit after identity theft?

A: Repairing credit following identity theft can be complex. Here are some important steps to follow in addition to hiring professional help.

  • Notify creditors and banks as soon as possible. Many may provide protections that limit a person's liability, but the coverage works best when issues are reported right away.
  • Report the issue to the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Make a report to the local police to get an official report document.
  • Request a credit freeze so the fraudsters can't get credit in the person's name in the future.
  • Check credit reports and look for inaccurate information related to the fraud.
  • Work with a credit repair company to dispute that information.

Q: Is credit repair legal?

A: Yes, credit repair is legal. In fact, under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, people have a right to an accurate credit report. Companies that legitimately help achieve this are simply supporting those rights with experience and professional guidance. That being said, there are companies that run credit repair scams. Companies that ask for large payments up front or guarantee a clean credit report or improved credit score may not be legitimate. It's illegal for a credit repair company to make a guarantee.

Q: Can a credit repair company remove late payments?

A: Inaccurate reports about late payments are, in many cases, one of the easier things to get removed. An individual can send a letter to the credit bureau in question with a copy of a statement or canceled check showing that they made the payment on time. That may be enough for the item to be removed. If the payment was made on time but wasn't appropriately recorded by the creditor, you may need professional help from a credit repair expert to address the issue.

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