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Credit Repair Companies FAQs

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007 Credit Agent logo

007 Credit Agent

112 E. Amerige Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92832
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  • Credit Monitoring

007 Credit Agent provides financial advice to individuals and businesses in the Santa Ana area. It helps clients restore credit scores, handling issues concerning past dues, high-interest accounts, credit card limits, and errors in credit reports. Its team conducts credit report analyses to find inaccurate negative items, disputes the report with credit bureaus and creditors, and posts live updates on improvements online. 007 Credit Agent educates its clients on discipline in managing finances to prevent future credit-related problems.

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AGM Credit Solutions logo

AGM Credit Solutions

1901 E 1st St, Santa Ana, CA 92705
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AGM Credit Solutions provides credit repair services in Santa Ana. Its professionals help clients to achieve good credit, lower debt, and increase their credit scores. They assess credit card reports and work with the reporting agencies to fix issues, including duplicated late payments, inaccurate personal information, double-listed loans, or omission of positive information. The staff provides student loan consolidation solutions to help students manage their finances. They offer tradeline services to legally add positive history to credit reports via the piggybacking method. AGM Credit Solutions delivers financial planning services to help individuals pay their credit card debts and increase credit lines.

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Ascent Network logo

Ascent Network

16892 Bolsa Chica St., Suite 204, Huntington Beach, CA 92649
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  • Debt Consolidation
  • Credit Monitoring

Ascent Network offers credit specialist services in Santa Ana. As a faith-based organization, it emphasizes complete transparency when helping clients overcome financial obstacles and improve creditworthiness. Its credit restoration service includes a profile audit. The professionals at Ascent Network assist by verifying and legally removing all non-verified and inaccurate accounts of clients. They also provide a credit review to track score improvement. This organization also aims to help the underprivileged population through financial education and counseling.

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CountryWide Debt Relief logo

CountryWide Debt Relief

1504 Brookhollow Dr Ste 117, Santa Ana, CA 92705
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CountryWide Debt Relief is a credit repair company in Santa Ana that improves clients' credit profiles via debt management. Its debt consultants evaluate credit reports, analyze clients' debt portfolios, and provide debt consolidation solutions that include debt consolidation programs or loans from financial institutions. Another debt relief option is credit card consolidation via credit card balance transfers and consolidation loans. CountryWide Debt Relief helps clients to file for bankruptcy as a last resort for debt settlement. The debt negotiators deal with banks to resolve every debt. CountryWide Debt Relief has over 30 years of experience in the finance and debt relief industry.

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Credit-Repair logo


1400 East Cooley Drive, Colton, CA 92324
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  • Credit Monitoring

Credit-Repair is a company in the Santa Ana metro that provides assistance to clients who are in credit card debt. It has a team of attorneys who performs careful credit examination to come up with strategies that fit the needs of clients. It then coordinates with credit companies and bureaus to modify the strategies. The company also counsels clients on rebuilding their credit ratings. Credit-Repair has been helping clients achieve financial freedom for 20 years.

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EZ Choice Credit Repair logo

EZ Choice Credit Repair

18430 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708
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EZ Choice Credit Repair caters to Consumers Nationwide and is located in Southern California in the Santa Ana metro and its surrounding areas. It helps Consumers achieve their financial goals by helping fix and rebuild their personal credit. The credit repair process involves educating the Consumers on how their credit works for them and how it can be rebuilt. It's dispute process works on negative & fraudulent information and also items, such as: bankruptcies, foreclosures, repossessions, late payments, liens, collections, charge offs, hard business inquiries, a.k.a. names and outdated mailing addresses. The Company brings 30+ years of experience in the Credit Industry.

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High Rise Credit logo

High Rise Credit

2400 East Katella Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92806
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High Rise Credit provides individuals with an expert to create a customized solution for repairing credit reports. The professional consultant reviews each of the three reporting agency's reports and begins the steps to remove inaccuracies. They challenge obsolete items, duplicates, and unverifiable information. High Rise Credit's personal manager also establishes a customer portal for individuals to have 24/7 access to view progress and communicate with their consultant. Customers receive ongoing support and credit rebuilding tips.

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Making Lives Better Credit Solutions logo

Making Lives Better Credit Solutions

17671 Cowan, Irvine, CA 92614
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  • Credit Audit
  • Credit Dispute

Making Lives Better Credit Solutions handles the concerns of clients throughout Santa Ana and its surrounding communities. Its approach involves consultations and credit analysis, as well as the challenge of negative report items toward credit bureaus for long-term improvement. It helps clients keep track of their status updates and reports on score changes, and educates them through credit training on the details and facets behind the FCRA. Its bilingual staff members can accommodate Spanish-speaking individuals and families throughout the area.

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MetroFund Financial logo

MetroFund Financial

1850 17th Street, Santa Ana, CA 92705
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MetroFund Financial primarily offers credit repair services in Santa Ana. Its credit specialists pull credit reports, explain report items and their effect on clients' credit scores, and identify report items to be disputed. Clients receive work quotes and contracts for approval and assistance for credit bureau investigations. The process aims to eliminate records on closed accounts, charge-offs, inquiries, late payments, foreclosures, and wage garnishments. Its removal services also include incorrect personal information such as addresses, employer, and SSN info.

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NextDay Credit Score Improvement logo

NextDay Credit Score Improvement

4590 MacArthur Blvd Suite 500, Newport Beach, CA 92660
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NextDay Credit Score Improvement is a credit repair company serving the Santa Ana area. The company's credit experts help clients remove charge-offs, collections, late payments, and liens that are dragging down their credit scores, so that they can apply for credit cards, insurance policies, mortgages, and new loans. They also help remove bankruptcies, credit inquiries, foreclosures, judgments, and repossessions from the record and help clients improve their credit scores by challenging the validity of each account.

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Pacific West Credit LLC logo

Pacific West Credit LLC

3024 E Chapman Ave # 161, Orange, CA 92869
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Pacific West Credit LLC is a credit repair agency near Santa Ana. The company's professionals examine credit reports and create customized strategies to challenge unverifiable and inaccurate information. They have experience in the dispute negotiation process and working with the three major credit bureaus. Clients can see results within 25 to 45 days after the submission of dispute letters, and if not, the staff repeats the dispute process. The company delivers constant updates via email alerts, and clients can view their credit repair progress on the customer service website. Pacific West Credit offers credit education, online support, and consultation for clients to maintain healthy credit scores.

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Speedy Credit Repair logo

Speedy Credit Repair

117 Main St Ste 202, Huntington Beach, CA 92648
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Family-operated Speedy Credit Repair offers credit restoration services in and around Santa Ana. Its professionals challenge negative information in credit reports to potentially improve clients credit scores. The staff has experience in tackling past-due payments, collection accounts, foreclosures, charge-offs, and repossessions. The repair process begins with a credit report review, drafting custom dispute letters, and sending the letters to the credit bureaus. The credit restoration program lasts six months, and the company offers a credit evaluation to determine who joins the program. Additionally, clients can view live progress updates through a secure private link. Speedy Credit Repair works towards boosting credit histories via the addition of positive items.

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Top Credit Care logo

Top Credit Care

2081 Business Center Dr Ste 268, Irvine, CA 92612
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Founded in 2015, Top Credit Care credit repair company near Santa Ana assists clients in improving their credit standing. It does this by challenging negative, erroneous details on credit files. The staff reviews credit reports from the major credit reporting agencies to find discrepancies and discover potential room for improvement. The professionals use consumer protection laws to dispute questionable items, such as late payments, hard inquires, foreclosures, collections, bankruptcies, and debts. Additionally, Top Credit Care provides financial management solutions, including maximizing credit card repayments, keeping track of expenditures, and checking credit card statements. The company offers credit education services to reinforce the credit restoration process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you repair credit after identity theft?

A: Repairing credit following identity theft can be complex. Here are some important steps to follow in addition to hiring professional help.

  • Notify creditors and banks as soon as possible. Many may provide protections that limit a person's liability, but the coverage works best when issues are reported right away.
  • Report the issue to the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Make a report to the local police to get an official report document.
  • Request a credit freeze so the fraudsters can't get credit in the person's name in the future.
  • Check credit reports and look for inaccurate information related to the fraud.
  • Work with a credit repair company to dispute that information.

Q: Is credit repair legal?

A: Yes, credit repair is legal. In fact, under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, people have a right to an accurate credit report. Companies that legitimately help achieve this are simply supporting those rights with experience and professional guidance. That being said, there are companies that run credit repair scams. Companies that ask for large payments up front or guarantee a clean credit report or improved credit score may not be legitimate. It's illegal for a credit repair company to make a guarantee.

Q: Can a credit repair company remove late payments?

A: Inaccurate reports about late payments are, in many cases, one of the easier things to get removed. An individual can send a letter to the credit bureau in question with a copy of a statement or canceled check showing that they made the payment on time. That may be enough for the item to be removed. If the payment was made on time but wasn't appropriately recorded by the creditor, you may need professional help from a credit repair expert to address the issue.

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