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Aaron Barr is a voice actor in Seattle with a Bachelor’s degree in Theater from Wesleyan University. His other certifications include advanced voice development and coaching on auditioning for the camera. He also attended a Theater Winter Study Program at the University of Rochester in London. His experience includes voice-overs, print, film, television, and theater. His voice-over work includes clients such as the Air National Guard, Chaplin’s Volkswagen, and the Seattle Public School System. His vast experience in theater consists of over 18 college productions, of which he has contributed as an actor, director, stage director, and lighting and sound designer. Aaron's other skills include character voice impersonations and conversational Spanish.

Cathy Faulkner is a voice actress in Seattle and is a member of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, the Screen Actors Guild, and the National Academy of Recording Arts Sciences. Her past projects include commercials, E-Learning, demos, and in-store marketing. Since 1990, she has worked with clients such as McDonald's, Goodwill, and Pizza Hut on commercial, multimedia, non-broadcast, character, and syndicated projects. Her resume also includes experience as a music and program director for radio, as well as a radio host. She has an in-house recording studio that she uses to record audio in nearly any file format and provides a quick turnaround with easy e-Delivery. Cathy can also use the Integrated Services Digital Network if she is given prior notice. For added convenience, she can also record and send voice tracks through e-mail.

Dramatic Artists Agency has one of the largest selections of union and non-union talent of all ages and ethnicities in the Seattle area. The agency is franchised by the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. The agency's work includes on-camera projects for film and television. The agency also represents voice actors capable of lending their voices to commercials, animations, books, and interactive works. Other artists represented include keynote speakers, comedians, hosts, and musicians. Specialists such as stunt and make-up artists, choreographers, and stylists are also available through the agency. Models of all ages are available for commercial print projects. The agency has an office in Kirkland and one in Burbank. Demos for voice talent are available on the agency's website.

J. Christopher Dunn (Chris) is a non-union voice actor in Seattle with a versatile vocal range and experience with creating voiceover and narration for commercial, corporate, and technical clients. He's delivered confident and genuinely human sounding voiceovers for more than 15-years by combining his understanding of audio technology and ability to assess and quickly understand scripts. Chris’s resume features work for brands such as Microsoft, Phillips, and MillerCoors. During 2017, Chris added new companies and organizations from around the globe, including the University of Washington Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, the Florida Department of Health, Allianz Worldwide Partners, Denmark-based Shape Robotics, WordRake in Seattle and Mavericks Western Wear of Fort Worth, Texas. Chris provides fast turnaround of auditions and finished projects with his professional personal recording studio. His passion, dedication, and creativity produce results expected from his clients.

Jim Cissell is a professional voice actor in Seattle and the host of the Emmy-winning PBS series The Latest Procedure. His portfolio includes documentaries, web tutorials, medical and surgical procedure tutorials, voice impersonations, on-camera appearances, and award-winning radio and television commercials. His work has been featured on Oprah, The World’s Funniest Videos, Now a Word from our Sponsor, and the Daily Show. All work is guaranteed, and auditions can be delivered within 24 hours. He also owns a fully equipped, professional audio recording studio which ensures a quick turnaround and easy delivery. Clients can also work alongside him by phone, Source Connect, and ISDN (with prior notice) until the desired results are achieved. With more than ten years of experience and work performed for hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, Jim can provide professional voice acting for any atmosphere, occasion, or environment.

Mirror Sound Studio is a fully equipped recording studio in Seattle that opened in 1985. The studio consists of five separate recording studio rooms and can deliver professional and high-quality voice recording. Services include video and sound effects, Foley work, original music for movies and jingles, audiobooks, and various sound editing and enhancement services. The studio provides a fast turn around as well as e-Delivery. The staff is made up of musicians, composers, and producers who can provide a professional atmosphere for audio projects of any size. The studio offers an 8-week audio recording course for people interested in learning audio recording. The course covers the fundamental concepts of sound, how to choose microphones, how to use various pieces of studio equipment, digital effects and MIDI, how to mix audio effectively, and how to set up an optimized recording studio at home. The classes are limited to five students per session, ensuring each student can have the proper hands-on training.

Pure Audio is a voice studio in Seattle that has provided a one stop shop for all stages of audio production for almost two decades. The studio has a responsible and accomplished staff that can take care of casting, sound design, dialog direction, original audio production, and payroll services for the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. The company's recording studios are equipped with up-to-date software and hardware to create professional results. They also feature rooms built specifically for the recording of voice-over projects. Pure Audio's other services include interactive sound design, Foley work, scoring, and soundtrack mastering. The studio offers one of the largest libraries of sound effects and music in the North West, and it employs a senior team of engineers, casting directors, and administrative support to provide professional results for projects of any size. Past clients include Valve, Amazon, and T-mobile. The studio is dog-friendly and provides secure client parking.

Tiffany Talent represents a diverse group of professional and trained voice actors, including child voice actors. The company is a full-service talent agency in Seattle for union and non-union models, actors, voice talent, and performers. The agency represents children, men, and women of all ethnicities as well as members of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. The agency opened in 2003 and has cast talent for films, television shows, voice-overs, and commercials. The agency helps the people they represent to expand their skills for the professional world by providing a safe and encouraging environment. Tiffany Talent was involved in the casting of NBC's Grimm and TNT's Leverage.

Topo Swope Talent is a full-service casting agency in Seattle that opened in 1994. The agency provides talent for films, television, voice-overs, print, and live events. The agency represents male and female artists in age groups ranging from 18 to over 65 years old. Union and non-union talent is available, and the agency offers quick turnaround and is flexible to clients who are out of the state. Clients can send over a script or artist specifications, and the agency will accommodate by sending over video auditions or voice demos. The agency is currently accepting submissions on a selective basis. Talent must be over 18 years of age, must have experience or training, and cannot reside out of the state. All submissions must be sent to their address by mail and must come from artists that can do both on-camera and voice-over work.