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Structured Space LLC is a professional organization and productivity consultancy located in Seattle. This company collaborates with clients to organize their working time. It organizes all their information and shows them where they can save time and how they can maximize efficiency. Established in 2014, Structured Space has helped countless businesses organize all types of spaces, from dens to digital files. Clients ranging from small studios to large law firms have worked with this consultancy to reap the benefits of living a decluttered life.


Adekoya Business Consulting, LLC in Seattle offers its clients assistance with business planning and strategies, operations management, regulatory risk mitigation, knowledge management, technology solutions, workforce planning, and human capital advisory services. Adekoya Business Consulting, LLC develops creative business solutions based on market research, data analysis, and years of consulting experience. Other services the company offers include the design of quality control programs, inventory management, marketing, copywriting, photography, website and graphic design services, and more.

Advanced Leadership Consulting in Seattle helps its clients maximize performance both at an individual and organizational levels. The consulting firm accomplishes this by helping management develop and enhance their leadership skills and by providing strategic counsel and advice for effectively navigating the people side of their business.

Denali Financial Consulting in Seattle offers accounting services, strategic advisory services, chief financial officer services, and project management services. The firm offers financial services, such as mergers and acquisitions consulting, due diligence support, and audit readiness, on a project basis. Denali Financial Consulting can help businesses develop financial models for fundraising, budgeting, evaluating transactions, and more. Accounting services the firm offers include payroll processing, accounts payable and receivable, state and local tax compliance, and more.

Financial Clarity Consulting in Seattle offers small business consulting and part-time chief financial officer services. Financial Clarity Consulting can help businesses through transitions involving growth, mergers, new partnerships, or any other organizational transformations. The firm helps companies with $1 million or more in revenue to either accelerate or continue their growth rate from the idea stage to implementation. Clients can contact the business by emailing [email protected]

Loft9 is a business consulting firm in Kirkland that offers business analysis services, project management, process improvement, and assistance with changes in management. Loft9 supplies businesses with the necessary tools, technology, and resources it takes to interpret and use data and other important information.

Logic20/20 in Seattle uses data-driven strategies to achieve its clients’ goals in an efficient and quantifiable way. The agency’s main goal is to get all of the business’s team members on the same page. Logic20/20 accomplishes this by teaching employees, IT and otherwise, to read data and make intelligent conclusions based on what the data says. The agency also places importance on having a common language between team members, so there is no disconnect between the departments. Other services the firm offers include Microsoft SharePoint consulting, Tableau consulting, and technical recruiting.

Matasia is a company in Seattle that offers business consulting services in the form of project management, assistance in times of organizational change, development of ERP and IT strategies, the implementation of agile business solutions, and more. Matasia offers visual communications services with which it can develop products that will increase brand awareness, clarify brand identity, and more, to members both within and outside of the organization.

Murphy & Associates in Kirkland has nearly four decades of experience in offering business and technology consulting services. The agency offers website and application development, graphic design services, program and project management services, user experience design services, technical writing, marketing management services, and more. Murphy & Associates has experience with programs like SharePoint and Java.

NW Business Consulting of Seattle can help area businesses manage cash, deal with organizational changes, strengthen management processes, and foster growth. The agency grows clients’ businesses by analyzing cash flow and suggesting a five-point plan that will help get the business ahead. Other projects NW Business Consulting can help with include setting up 401(k) and health benefit plans, writing employment policy manuals, and more.

NyeCo Inc. in North Bend is a business consulting agency that uses proven tools and strategies to identify and solve complex problems involving people, processes, and technology. NyeCo Inc. can help businesses create a high-performance culture by fostering leadership, growth, and development throughout the different departments of an individual business. The agency can help businesses through transitions such as changes in management and other organizational changes. NyeCo. Inc. has experience with conflict resolution, time management, breaking up silo mentalities, and business succession planning.

Onit Management Consulting of Seattle is a boutique consulting firm with experience in industries such as wireless communications, healthcare, retail, entertainment, financial services, entertainment, and other fields. The firm has more than five decades of experience in program management on the national and international levels. Onit Management Consulting offers services such as strategy planning, product launch management, event management, development of marketing and communications strategies, monitoring of in-house program management offices, and more.

Plaster Group, a management consulting company, helps its clients achieve the right business outcomes by taking on the most challenging problems. Companies engage Plaster Group when they need deep expertise for their most critical initiatives like business intelligence, agile transformation, supply chain, and project leadership and delivery. Founded in 2008, Plaster Group consultants assess each project from the client’s perspective and become a steward for their success. The end result is a client base that partners with Plaster Group for the long-term.

Prime 8 Consulting is a business consulting firm in Bellevue that has served clients like Microsoft, Amazon, HP, Expedia, and other large companies. The agency helps businesses by using data and market research to gain consumer and business insights and by using industry-leading learning and development tools to turn organizational goals into organizational achievements. Prime 8 Consulting also uses this data to develop new products and marketing services. The agency works to implement new IT programs that will help companies measure performance in a quantitative manner.

RedCloud Consulting in Bellevue offers financial support and in-kind consulting services to organizations that work to further the physical, cognitive, and emotional development of young people. The company’s consulting services include process improvement, strategic planning, project management, IT product management, sales and marketing services, and business intelligence services. RedCloud Consulting can cater to a business’s short-term needs or set up a team to find a solution to a more complex set of problems.

Revel is a digital transformation firm that powers its clients along the digital innovation flywheel. It provides services in strategy, experience design, organizational engagement, transformation and analytics to create human-centered experiences that make the most of ever-evolving technological capabilities and consumer expectations impacting companies of all sizes and across all industries. Some of Revel’s clients are Microsoft, Starbucks, Adobe, PayPal, and F5.

Rivet Consulting in Seattle is a group of creative thinkers capable of anything from advising businesses on small projects to filling long-term roles within a client’s business. Services that Rivet Consulting offers include project management, data analysis, marketing and sales, process improvement, financial advice, program management, and community management and communications. At Rivet Consulting, projects are billed at a flat fee or an hourly rate depending on the level of expertise that is required for the project.

Soundpoint Consulting of Bainbridge Island specializes in business valuation, business consulting services regarding strategy and operations, and financial services for marital dissolutions involving businesses. Soundpoint Consulting serves small, mid-market, high-growth, and transitioning businesses. Ultimately, the firm uses its experience to increase the value of any business with which it works. Soundpoint Consulting also offers exit planning services. Different business consulting services the company offers include preparation of financial budgets and forecasts, efficiency improvement, and more.

Sustainable Business Consulting in Seattle helps its clients integrate sustainable solutions into business practices that will ultimately increase the company’s worth and overall profitability. The agency first analyzes each of the company’s strengths and weaknesses regarding sustainability and figures out how the business compares to other organizations within the industry. Sustainable Business Consulting then helps the company implement new strategies that will ensure long-term sustainability. The agency offers training and other forms of education that will teach employees how to work collectively to achieve organization goals. Businesses can also hire the agency’s consultants for speaking engagements.

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