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12390 Sunchase Dr., Jacksonville, FL 32246
Jacksonville, FL 32246

Skip Kelly Voiceover is the Jacksonville-based business of voice actor Skip Kelly. Skip specializes in recording voiceovers for both TV and radio commercials of various brands and businesses throughout the state and across the country. Aside from being a voice talent for commercials, Skip also provides narration, character acting, and radio imaging services to his clients. Some of the companies he has represented are global brands, including Starbucks, HBO, Volkswagen, and Disney.

12390 Sunchase Dr., Jacksonville, FL 32246
Jacksonville, FL 32246

InstagramWebsite(904) 509-4885

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I train my voice for voice acting?
A: Training with a voice acting coach can provide many valuable exercises, techniques, and guidelines for voice training. Voice-over classes are also helpful. Practice often by reading out loud and imitating famous actors. Concentrate on diction, articulation, and character. Learn proper breathing techniques for optimal tone, timbre, projection, and control. 
Q: How do I get into acting?
A: Acting is an essential part of voice work. So breaking into the acting field first can be helpful. Acting classes, workshops, and other training can help develop essential experience. Plus, learning how to audition is a critical skill for getting acting work. Online sites are a good way to present your acting profile and find work.
Q: What is a voice-over?
A: This type of voice work usually requires narration. A voice actor records the voice-over piece to be used as an off-screen voice in a film, ad, tutorial, or other content. A VO is informative, educational, or explanatory.

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