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Ball Janik LLP serves the Portland, Oregon, metro area, providing attorneys that assist clients with legal matters related to bankruptcy. This practice offers consultation and representation for a full range of insolvency-related issues, working for creditors and debtors alike to handle asset reorganization, debt-related litigation, and financial lending matters. It frequently works for community and regional banks to assist with problem loans and acts as a liaison between financial institutions and borrowers. Ball Janik LLP also mediates for borrowers outside of court.

Christopher J. Kane PC in Portland, Oregon, is a law firm assisting individuals, families, and small businesses throughout the metro area with bankruptcy-related issues. Focusing on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies, this firm educates clients on their legal rights and helps them to explore options that may involve alternative dispute resolution, asset reorganization, or payment arrangements with creditors. Its services often involve representation in court proceedings which result in a variety of mandated outcomes.

Clarke Balcom Law Bankruptcy Attorneys serves the Portland, Oregon, metro area, providing services related to consumer and business debt, taxes, and foreclosure. Its attorneys guide clients through the filing process for chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy and represent them in court if necessary. The firm also consults on complex issues concerning bankruptcy such as foreclosure proceedings and divorce or separation processes affected by the filing. Clients can also receive assistance legal recourse for collection harassment and other creditor violations.

Eblen Freed LLP is a Portland, Oregon-based law firm serving clients within the metro area. This firm offers representation in chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy filings, helping clients to protect their rights and achieve the best possible outcome via mediation or court proceedings. It also consults on creditor and debtor's law, helping clients of either nature to pursue legal recourse and fight for restitution when the other side has violated legal mandates.

Foster Garvey PC is a Portland, Oregon-based law firm representing clients in bankruptcy claims. Its attorneys inform clients of their rights and help them to make decisions regarding assets and claimed debts as they participate in bankruptcy proceedings and litigation. This firm has partners that represent both businesses and creditors, working both to secure assets obligated to the client and to help businesses resolve legal matters as they reorganize resources and make legal decisions related to insolvency.

Hackett Law Firm, LLC is a law firm assisting clients throughout the Portland, Oregon, metro area with bankruptcy cases. Its primary clients are debtors involved in consumer bankruptcy cases and it focuses on chapter 7 and chapter 13 filings. By helping clients to understand their rights, restructure assets, and pursue resolution through the court system, the firm offers assistance with most methods of pursuing debt relief.

Jensen & Leiberan Attorneys at Law is a Portland, Oregon-based law firm serving clients throughout the metro area by representing them in bankruptcy proceedings. This firm's services generally revolve around family law, thus its bankruptcy-related services typically center on separation of property, divorce proceedings, and other financial concerns related to legal disputes between spouses or partners. Some of its attorneys are particularly experienced with helping clients protect their personal assets when a partner has filed bankruptcy.

Jordan Ramis PC is a law firm serving clients throughout the Portland, Oregon, metro area. Several of its partners assist clients with bankruptcy cases and they are experienced with litigation processes, insolvency issues, and matters related to asset reorganization. Some are particularly experienced with creditor's rights, and work for small and large corporations and financial institutions to explore options for legal recourse such as collection and resolution by trial. Chapter 11 filings are a particular focus area of this firm.

Lane Powell in Portland, Oregon, is a law firm assisting clients throughout the metro area with bankruptcy proceedings. Its attorneys provide a full range of legal services concerning financial issues, restructuring processes, and litigation concerning bankruptcy and general insolvency. The firm represents both creditors and borrowers, as well as committees, trustees, and receivers in all manner of legal issues. Lane Powell is also experience with real estate law, divorce proceedings, and other peripheral issues affected by bankruptcy.

Michael D. O'Brien & Associates PC is a Portland, Oregon-based law firm serving clients throughout the metro area. The firm assists with bankruptcy cases, helping debtor clients to file chapter 7, chapter 11, and chapter 13 bankruptcies. Its services involve guiding clients toward debt relief and protecting them from illegal or unethical behavior by collection agencies. The firm represents clients against creditors both in and out of court and provides alternative solutions when filing bankruptcy is not the client's most advantageous option.

Michael Fuller is a Portland, Oregon-based law firm representing clients throughout the metro area in bankruptcy proceedings. This practice's representation services center on debtor's rights and it frequently helps clients to pursue legal recourse against creditors that use illegal or otherwise abusive means to pursue collection. Sometimes it assists clients who have experienced harassment post-discharge or tenants who's landlords have violated automatic stay clauses. Many of its cases are filed against large financial institutions and banks concerning loan practices.

Peterson, Peterson, Walchli, & Roberson LLP is a law firm serving the Portland, Oregon, metro area, assisting clients with consumer bankruptcy matters. Often, this firm represents clients who are filing chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy and provides consultation and representation in proceedings as they pursue a court-mandated outcomes. Its attorneys also assist with recourse in situations of violations on the part of creditors, which can involve illegal or unethical means of collection pre or post-discharge.

Schwabe, Williamson, & Wyatt PC is a law firm providing representation in bankruptcy cases to clients throughout the Portland, Oregon, metro area. This firm regularly works with corporate clients, assisting with processes and litigation concerning insolvency issues. These clients include commercial lenders, vendors, asset-based lenders, or court-appointed receivers. Representation is also offered to corporate borrowers who need representation with their own insolvency issues. Additionally, mediation and alternative dispute resolution services are available to clients desiring to avoid court proceedings if possible.

Stoll Berne is a law firm in Portland, Oregon, assisting clients with disputes related to bankruptcy and financial obligations involving litigation. While this firm does not commonly handle bankruptcy cases directly, it does represent clients involved in ownership disputes that extend into bankruptcy proceedings, and several of its partners have extensive experience with bankruptcy cases both as attorneys and paralegals. Its business litigation work often involves the pursuit of damages from clients in the process of legally disputing obligations due to financial insolvency.

Sussman Shank LLP is a Portland, Oregon-based law firm assisting clients throughout the metro area with bankruptcy cases. Its cases commonly involve businesses that are restructuring due to insolvency or court-mandated reasons. Representation is available to both creditors and debtors and services include representation in bankruptcy court, bankruptcy claim resolution, and consultation for chapter 7, 11, 12, or 13 filings. Sussman Shank LLP also offers a wide variety of niche services including divorce-related bankruptcy issues and agricultural liens.

Tonkon Torp is a Portland, Oregon-based law firm representing clients throughout the metro area in bankruptcy proceedings. The firm provides a variety of services to borrowers and creditors, which may include corporate reorganization and debt restructuring, real estate foreclosure, or commercial and collection litigation at the state or federal level. Outside of representation in bankruptcy proceedings, the firm can also assist with the sale of troubled assets as well as provide general guidance with chapter 11 reorganization or chapter 7 liquidation filings.

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