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Corey Law Group is located in Portland and acts as a consultant and representative to clients as they pursue divorce and legal separation. The firm deals with both contested and uncontested divorces and is experienced with high asset divorces. It aids clients in the resolution of spousal support and child custody issues by providing guidance and acting as a representative and liaison as needed. When necessary to ensure safety, the firm helps clients to obtain protection and restraining orders.

Easley Family Law is a firm in Portland helping clients to resolve divorces. In contested divorces, the firm helps clients to file and prepare for the possibility of contentious litigation. It defends their interests in negotiations as well as in court if necessary. However, Easley Family Law also offers collaborative divorce options to clients who wish to attempt amicable solutions to disagreements and it performs mediation throughout this process. In typical cases the firm works to solve complex issues concerning spousal support and child custody.

Elizabeth Christy Law Firm PLLC is a firm in Portland serving clients throughout the metro area as they pursue divorce. The firm helps clients to determine whether divorce is the best option and assists with legal separation when clients do not desire full dissolution. It pursues the equitable dissolution of assets while working to help clients defend their interests. Elizabeth Christy Law Firm PLLC also represents clients in custody issues which may be tied to divorce proceedings.

Gervutz Menashe is a law firm in Portland consulting clients who wish to file divorce. It assists with standard and complex proceedings, negotiating on behalf of clients as they work to separate assets and handle difficult child custody issues. This firm is experienced with military divorces as well as same-sex marriages and the nuanced concerns of these scenarios. It is also versed in high asset divorces and can oversee the division of shared businesses and investment assets.

Goldberg Jones Divorce for Men is a law firm in Portland offering divorce services to assist clients with separation and dissolution. This practice is exclusively focused on the rights of husbands and fathers within divorces and places emphasis on father's rights, child support, and child custody matters. It aims to protect men against losses associated with divorce by pursuing more aggressive approaches to resolution in lieu of fast settlements. This firm is experienced with military, LGBT, and high asset divorces as well.

Harris Law Firm offers a team of 11 attorneys who specialize in family and business law, including custody disputes and divorce cases. The firm prides itself in offering a team approach to legal strategy. The team represents clients in Portland’s metropolitan area from three different offices.

Kehoe Law LLC is a firm in Portland guiding clients through the process of divorce. This practice offers clients both the traditional route of conflict resolution in contested divorces as well as collaborative methods of settlement which do not involve contentious court proceedings. Kehoe Law LLC also provides mediation to clients without the obligations involved in collaborative divorces. In most cases the firm works to finalize issues involving child custody, spousal support, and the separation of property and finances.

Landerholm Family Law serves the Portland metro area and handles divorces. The firm leads clients through the filing process and works to ensure that clients do not jeopardize their case as they conduct negotiations with spouses. It helps clients to resolve issues pertaining to shared resources and outstanding financial and legal obligations through mediation and lawsuits. Landerholm Family Law performs what it calls an aftercare program in which it provides ongoing correspondence and support to clients following the resolution of divorce proceedings.

Founded in 2015, McKean Smith LLC is a family law firm representing the people of Portland and Vancouver. The firm's attorneys are experienced in the fields of divorce and its subsequent areas, such as spousal and child support, custody and visitation rights, and separation of marital assets and debts. They also handle modifications of post-marriage agreements when one party's circumstances change. Additionally, McKean Smith LLC takes cases involving paternity actions, annulment, and adoption.

McKinley Irvin is a law firm in Portland handling divorce cases. An experienced family law practice, this firm is prepared to handle a range of scenarios. It represents clients involved in divorces involving complex assets and debts, couples over fifty years old, one or more spouses enlisted in the military, clients of the same sex, and international relationships. While it can and does perform contentious litigation, McKinley Irvin also offers alternative dispute resolution methods to clients wishing to avoid court.

Patricia A. Newman Family Law is a law firm in Portland providing legal assistance with divorce. It helps clients to resolve divorce or decide upon legal separation and defends their interests as they conduct the separation of assets, handle difficult custody disputes, and reach ongoing financial settlements involving alimony and spousal support. Managing partner Patricia A. Newman also provides services for relocating parents and assists with grandparent and third party visitation and custody matters.

Pierson Family Law LLC is a Portland-based family law firm providing assistance with divorce proceedings to clients in and around the metro area. Its legal team aids clients in avoiding mistakes during the filing process and preventing potentially costly errors. The firm helps clients to consider their goals for divorce and address issues pertaining to the separation of property as well as the potential of spousal support arrangements. Sometimes it represents clients in contentious disagreements regarding sensitive decisions about shared children.

Romano Law PC is a firm offering divorce services to clients in and around the Portland metro area. Founding attorney Michael Romano is a member of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts and holds over a decade of experience. He represents clients throughout the dissolution of marriage while helping them to pursue desirable outcomes involving the separation of property as well as delicate issues involving custody of children. Romano Law also offers a wide range of family law services.

Samuels, Yoelin, Kantor LLP is a law firm active within the Portland metro area that handles divorce cases. It assists clients in the process of dissolution, helping individuals to formally file for divorce from spouses and manage the associated legal obligations as well as conflicts. The firm defends clients in legal disputes related to the separation of assets and business as well as challenging custody issues. Partner Christine Constantino leads the firm's family law division and is also versed in grandparent's rights and prenuptial agreements.

Soriano & Associates practices divorce law in Beaverton. The one-attorney firm deals with all aspects of marriage dissolution, including separation agreements, divorce mediation services, and marital property division measures. It assists clients with alimony and spousal support, as well as child custody, support, and visitation issues. Founding attorney Gregory B. Soriano began exclusively practicing family law in 1982. He holds an AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell and is a fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.

Stahancyk, Kent, & Hook is a law firm active within the Portland metro area. It offers divorce services to help clients petition for dissolution properly and navigate the associated processes. The firm's legal team helps clients to work through the separation of assets as well as debts, negotiate spousal support, and settle delicate issues involving the custody of children. It also helps clients to pursue modifications of existing arrangements. Family law services, including those for LGBT families, are also available.

Stephens & Margolin LLP is a law firm serving the Portland metro area. It educates clients and advocates for them as they file for and complete divorce. The firm works to ensure that clients achieve the best possible outcome by using either litigious or cooperative means to pursue a satisfactory division of assets and resolve often contentious matters involving child custody. It also helps clients to work out arrangements concerning spousal support, retirement benefits, and name changes.

The Law Firm of Peter Bunch is a Portland-based practice managed by founding partner Peter Bunch, who is a fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. The firm assists with the process of divorce and provides comprehensive information as well as representation in both contested and uncontested divorces. It guides clients as they pursue the resolution of complex property divisions including those involving high value assets. Attorney Peter Bunch is also experienced with inheritance issues and interstate family law disputes.

Weisser Family Law is located in Portland and assists clients as they work to file and finalize divorces. Founder Herb Weisser is particularly experienced in collaborative divorce methods and he helps clients to peacefully settle disputes with spouses via cooperation and correspondence with the latter's legal representation. However, Weisser Family Law does offer litigation services in situations of conflict and represents clients in both standard court proceedings as well as proceedings related to the separation of assets, spousal support, and child custody.

Zimmer, Bond, Fay LLC is a family law firm representing clients throughout the Portland metro area in divorce proceedings. It helps clients to officially file for divorce and follow appropriate steps to help complete the process. It also assists with legal separation and annulment when divorce is not the optimal route for clients. In divorce cases the firm often represents clients in related issues which may involve delicate custody disputes as well as the separation of property and questions of spousal support.

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