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Bema Creative logo

Bema Creative

5729 Main St # 205, Springfield, OR 97478
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Bema Creative is a full-service creative agency focused on helping local businesses build their online presence. Its team develops custom websites based on clients' brand, customer base, and marketing goals. The tech professionals create seamless UI/UX functionality while delivering niche-specific SEO content and engaging graphics. Bema Creative also incorporates such capabilities as e-commerce, directories, member lists, and administrative requirements. It ensures optimal security through PCI and GDPR compliance. The company also provides website hosting services. Its portfolio offers examples of work completed for Wells Fargo, Tannerite, University of Oregon, and SAIF Corporation.

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Get Found logo

Get Found

2400 River Rd, Eugene, OR 97404
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Get Found has provided website packages that help businesses improve their online visibility since 2007. The company's team works collaboratively to deliver custom websites that offer code and design specially tailored to meet its clients' needs. Get Found combines functionality with aesthetics to create a streamlined user experience as well as a responsive design that translates as effectively on a desktop as it does on a tablet or mobile device. The company also offers e-commerce and payment plugins for a variety of online retail platforms in addition to social media marketing and Google Ads.

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Limelight Department logo

Limelight Department

207 E 5th Ave Ste 210, Eugene, OR 97401
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Limelight Department has provided digital marketing and custom websites for more than 15 years. The company's web development services in Eugene include custom WordPress themes and plugins, application development, and web design. It also delivers e-commerce solutions as well as responsive adaptability between desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Additionally, Limelight Department offers content and data management systems. Its team offers conversion funnel development, capturing a greater share of the potential qualified customer base. The company's portfolio includes work for Haiti Foundation of Hope, Wellsource, Gorilla Capital, and Eugene Dining Guide.

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MightyMerchant logo


1976 Garden Ave, Eugene, OR 97403
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MightyMerchant has helped small business owners create a professional web presence since 1998. The company's web developers in Eugene deliver the custom website presence that meets clients' needs. Its team identifies brand, target audience, and marketing goals in order to tailor a website that's functional and aesthetically engaging. MightyMerchant also incorporates a responsive design framework that enables quality viewing and accessibility across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. The company's portfolio is representative of its diverse skills with work that includes Oregon Naturopathic Clinic, MSV Mauve Sports, DenLors Tools, and Peregrine Private Capital Corporation.

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Nine Planets, LLC logo

Nine Planets, LLC

1430 Willamette St # 590, Eugene, OR 97401
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Nine Planets LLC has provided small businesses with the digital resources to promote themselves online since 2005. The company's team works collaboratively with stakeholders to gather information about brand, customer base, and marketing goals. It designs and develops custom websites to meet its clients' needs. Nine Planets incorporates special features, such as e-commerce and payment platforms, directories, member lists, and real estate leasing and sales inventory information. The company ensures functional navigation as well as engaging graphics. It also delivers responsive designs that convert seamlessly between desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

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Optimize Media Marketing logo

Optimize Media Marketing

1150 W 11th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402
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Optimize Media Marketing has provided internet consulting, design, and development services since 2010. Based in Eugene since 2013, the company works collaboratively with business stakeholders to deliver customized websites tailored to meet their needs. Its WordPress CMS platforms are content-rich with well-researched SEO. The vivid graphics engage customer interest while seamless functionality encourages further interest and a streamlined user experience. Optimize Media provides responsive technology that allows optimized interaction between desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. The company's website design and development portfolio includes work for JnS Alternator & Starter and Trisha West United Real Estate.

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Ruby Porter Marketing & Design logo

Ruby Porter Marketing & Design

58 W 11th Ave Ste C, Eugene, OR 97401
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Ruby Porter Marketing & Design is a web development company in Eugene with offices in Medford. Its team works with clients to determine brand, customer base, and marketing goals. It develops custom websites targeted specifically to help businesses achieve their objectives. The company incorporates required coded information pertaining to the client's business, such as contact forms, e-commerce and payment platforms, and directories. It also integrates well-researched SEO content, graphic design, and social media marketing. Ruby Porter Marketing & Design's portfolio includes work for Cascade Automation, Chapala Mexican Restaurant, and Pacific Integrative Oncology.

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Techurai logo


285 E 5th Ave Ste B, Eugene, OR 97401
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Techurai has delivered a full range of digital services to help businesses grow since 2014. The company's web developers in Eugene utilize WordPress, and more specifically, its X theme customization capabilities to provide the features clients need. Techurai ensures a positive user experience by creating a responsive design that translates across multiple platforms and desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Its team integrates well-researched SEO content with engaging graphics and establishes credibility with timely social media marketing and blog posts. The company optimizes performance through Cloudflare and provides SSL as the standard security technology.

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Twenty Ideas logo

Twenty Ideas

590 Pearl Street Suite, Suite 315, Eugene, OR 97401
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Twenty Ideas is a software services company serving clients in Eugene. The firm develops human-centric web development solutions for a variety of technology frameworks, including Reach Native, Django, Cloud DevOps, Continuous Delivery, AngularJS, and Node.js. Its web developers have expertise in a wide range of programming languages, including Java, Python, and TypeScript. The team also offers business strategy, UX/UI design, app development, and AI and machine learning solutions. The company, which was founded in 2014, encourages remote working among its team members.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I develop a website?

A: There are several options for developing a website. Do-it-yourself publishing tools such as Wix and Squarespace are relatively easy to use but limited in functionality. A content management system such as WordPress offers plug-in features but requires coding knowledge and time investment.An experienced professional web developer can build a website requiring an e-commerce platform, log-in, database features, and other complex integrations. They can also assist with technical questions related to hosting, search engine optimization, and ongoing maintenance and support. There's a financial cost to hiring a professional, but there's a benefit to their expertise, and it saves time that can be used on other marketing efforts.

Q: Is a web developer a software engineer?

A: While web developers and software engineers both work with programming languages, their job responsibilities differ. A web developer builds websites and web apps that help businesses, government, nonprofit organizations, and entrepreneurs deliver information or services to their customers and clients. Software engineers create computer programs and software applications that operate on various devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Q: What do web developers use to build websites?

A: Web developers use a variety of tools and programming languages depending on the requirements of a project. Back-end developers may be proficient in:

  • Python
  • Java
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • C#
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
Front-end developers are often familiar with languages such as:
  • HTML
  • XML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • React
  • AngularJS
  • REST
  • SOAP

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