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11 Best Columbus Truck Accident Lawyers

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Agee, Clymer, Mitchell, & Portman is a law firm in Columbus serving clients by acting as a representative in truck and car accident litigation. The firm assists with each aspect of making a claim; managing evidence, communicating on behalf of clients, and conducting negotiations in pursuit of settlement. It addresses issues as they arise and provides clients with a realistic view of what to expect in the event that they file litigation, including the likelihood of victory.

Biller & Kimble LLC is a law firm in Columbus assisting clients throughout the metro area with truck accident claims. The firm helps clients to understand the options they have for restitution against those, typically truck drivers and trucking companies, whose negligence has caused them significant harm. In many cases the firm's legal team attempts settlement with other parties, presenting evidence to bolster claims. If amicable resolutions cannot be achieved, it may pursue trial.

Brian G. Miller Co. LPA is a law firm in Worthington serving clients all over the Columbus metro area. It assists with truck accident claims, devising litigation on behalf of clients that often demands compensation for the costs of recovery, property replacement or repair, and living or funeral expenses. The firm parleys with insurers and opposing parties to recover the highest payout possible, resorting to trial proceedings if it is unsuccessful. Other practice areas include construction accident and animal attack claims.

Bridges, Jillisky, Streng, Weller, & Gullifer LLC is a law firm active within the Columbus metro area that handles truck accident claims. The firm provides the assistance of a legal team which helps clients to understand their rights, conducts formal communication on their behalf, and outlines potential options for legal recourse. In common cases it initiates a lawsuit against parties considered negligent and negotiates with insurers and opposing legal council, to recover the highest possible settlement.

Colombo Law is a Columbus-based practice representing clients in disputes concerning truck and car accidents. As truck accidents are particularly dangerous, the firm is experienced in seeking compensation through litigation to cover the costs of often extensive medical costs, property replacement or repair costs, and losses associated with the inability to work. It also helps clients recover compensation for their physical and emotional suffering and psychological trauma. Colombo Law also handles general personal injury claims including work-related accidents and birth injuries.

Hayes Law Offices is located in Columbus and helps clients throughout the metro area with truck and car accident litigation. The firm's legal team manages every aspect of each case, collecting evidence, communicating with relevant parties and structuring litigation seeking financial restitution for damages caused due to negligence. It communicates with insurers and opposing council, working toward a settlement that can satisfy financial losses and compensate for the suffering of its clients. Hayes Law Offices also handles motorcycle and pedestrian accidents.

James E. Arnold & Associates LPA is a law firm in Columbus working on behalf of companies involved in truck accident litigation. It defends trucking companies targeted in lawsuits due to incidents involving their drivers, equipment, or operations which have resulted in serious or catastrophic injuries, death, or financial losses. Its legal team collects evidence as the firm negotiates with opposing council to settle disputes as amicably as possible, defending clients in court when other options are exhausted.

Lane Alton is a Columbus-based law firm representing clients in lawsuits concerning truck accidents. The firm structures litigation against negligent parties and handles negotiations with insurers, who may try to offer clients significantly less than the firm believes they should be entitled to. In most cases, it uses evidence to support claims seeking compensation for medical costs, living expenses, and intangible suffering. If negotiations end contentiously, the firm may pursue a resolution via trial.

Robert W. Kerpsack Co. LPA is a law firm in Dublin assisting clients throughout the Columbus metro area with truck accident claims. The firm's legal team helps clients to gather evidence and subsequently explore their options for restitution, usually through filing lawsuits against negligent parties. In many cases it conducts discussions with insurers in an attempt to achieve a higher payout than what is initially offered to clients. When necessary, the firm will represent clients in trial proceedings.

Walton & Brown LLP is a law firm in Columbus assisting clients throughout the metro area with truck and car accident claims. It helps clients to understand their rights after enduring significant injuries or financial losses due to the negligence of a truck driver or trucking company, and offers litigious avenues of restitution. The firm usually files lawsuits concerning damages such as medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering. Other practice areas include motorcycle and mass transit claims.

Wolske & Associates is a Columbus-based law firm representing clients in truck accident lawsuits. The firm manages the discovery process following serious accidents and analyzes the circumstances of each incident to provide clients with a realistic assessment of what they might expect from the results of litigation. Usually it takes on the role of liaison, communicating on behalf of clients as not to jeopardize the case and negotiating with negligent parties in pursuit of financial settlement.

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