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9 Best Akron Truck Accident Lawyers

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Baker, Dublikar, Beck, Wiley & Mathews is a law firm located in North Canton serving individuals, landowners, and businesses in the metro area since 1986. The firm's many areas of practice include Personal Injury, where its attorneys have particular experience in representing clients involved in truck accidents. The firm pursues damages for the financial and emotional costs imposed on its clients by negligent and reckless drivers. It seeks compensation for all medical expenses, such as visits to the doctor and therapy sessions, as well as lost wages, property damage, and in select cases, punitive damages.

Amourgis & Associates is a state-wide law firm with offices in seven locations, including Fairlawn, serving clients across its metro area. The firm's trial attorneys have many years of experience in Personal Injury Law, with a specific focus on truck-related accidents. They work with the victims of negligent and reckless drivers, as well as families who have lost loved ones. In pursuit of compensation, the firm has extensive experience taking on insurance companies and other corporations. Its attorney's negotiation and litigation skills are well-honed, formed from years of getting their clients the compensation they deserve.

The goal of Crawford & Lowry LLC, a personal injury law firm located in Canton, is to maximize recovery for the victims of accidents, including those injured by fatigued, careless, and aggressive truck drivers. Advocating for individuals and families in Stark County and throughout Akron's metro area, the firm's attorneys negotiate settlements with the driver's insurance company that truly reflect their client's pain and suffering. If necessary, it litigates on the victim's behalf to ensure their costs, such as medical expenses and lost wages, are fully compensated, including punitive damages in select cases.

Erb Legal is a Medina-based law firm that represents the victims of careless, fatigued, and aggressive truck drivers, as well as advocating for the families of wrongful death victims. The practice serves clients across the Akron metro area and the counties of Medina, Wayne, and Summit. Its attorneys have particular experience in tractor-trailer accidents, which are often more complicated than car accidents due to the various entities involved in the negotiation and litigation processes. Erb legal will pursue the maximum amount of compensation, recovering costs for medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs, including punitive damages.

Mills, Mills, Fiely & Lucas is a full-service law firm serving clients statewide for more than 80 years. Located in Canton, its attorneys represent individuals and families throughout the Akron metro area and beyond in personal injury cases, with specific experience in truck-related accidents. Negotiating with and litigating against large insurers and trucking companies is more complicated than car accidents, therefore the firm's attorneys focus on this area has refined their skills, giving them the edge when pursuing true compensation for their clients that reflects the suffering and lost income they have endured.

Located in Akron, Ohio Attorney represents individuals and families across the counties of Summit, Portage, Medina, Stark, and Wayne. Its legal services include representing people injured in truck-related accidents, as well as the grieving families of those who lost their lives because the trucker was too tired to drive, inattentive, or aggressive. The firm's attorneys are experienced in negotiating just and fair settlements from insurance companies, as well as dealing with the added complications associated with commercial vehicle accidents. If necessary, the firm applies its extensive litigation experience to fighting for its client's compensation and rights in the courtroom.

Located in Canton, The Ferruccio Law Firm has over 35 years of experience representing clients in Stark County and the Akron metro area. Its areas of practice include Personal Injury, where its attorneys also pursue compensation and justice for the victims of truck-related accidents. The firm's lawyers have extensive experience in negotiating settlements for its clients, including litigation if an agreement with the negligent truck driver's representative is unsuccessful. Typical avenues of compensation include covering the victim's medical expenses, as well as any wages they may have lost and property damages, such as physical damage to the victim's vehicle.

Serving the surrounding counties and the Akron metro area from its Canton and Youngstown offices, Whalen Duffrin Attorneys focuses much of its practice on personal injury, including accidents involving trucks. Staffed by lawyers with many years of service behind them, the firm aggressively pursues compensation for the victims of reckless and negligent truck drivers. It seeks to negotiate a settlement as a means of getting justice for its clients but is unafraid to take the driver through the courts to ensure the compensation awarded is a true reflection of their client's pain and suffering.

Since its formation in 1987, Willis & Willis, an Akron-based personal injury law firm, has served clients across Summit County and statewide in a range of accident and negligence-related cases, including those involving trucks. Its attorneys have negotiated settlements and litigated in court to fight for their client's right to compensation from the fatigued, careless, or aggressive truck driver who caused their pain and suffering. As pursuing justice in truck accidents is often more complicated than car accidents because of complications arising from insurance coverage, the firm's attorneys focus on this area has refined their negotiating and litigating skills.

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