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Novel Management is a full-service residential and multifamily property management company. Its property managers in Miami are responsive to their clients' needs and tailor services to maximize investments. The company utilizes current market analyses to competitively price units and advertises across a range of online platforms. It provides clients with a list tenants qualified through a comprehensive background check. Novel Management works to retain reliable tenants with open communication and routine maintenance. It provides owners with detailed monthly statements.


Anthony K. provides clients with a variety of property management solutions. Its rental property management team focuses on residential properties, including single-family homes, apartment buildings, condos, and multiunit complexes. The company also caters to clients who want to keep a second home protected and maintained for their private use. A primary residence watch ensures the home is cared for while clients are away on business or vacation. Anthony K.'s on-demand management provides security for the specific task at hand.

Barnes International Realty tailors its property management services to meet its clients' needs. Its property managers guide their clients through the best alternatives for protecting their properties, including insurance coverage for the right type of use and enlisting the services of a certified public accountant. They also provide recommendations for services depending on whether the property is to be rented or used as a second residence. Barnes International Realty's priority is helping its clients maximize their investments.


BZG International Real Estate is a full-service property management company in Miami. The company's goal to help property owners maximize their returns. Its team offers a wide variety of services designed to effectively manage client assets, and they are customized to meet the client's specific requirements. The company's leasing professionals evaluate a market analysis to obtain the most current competitive market value, advertise, provide flexible showing times, and conduct tenant background checks. They also manage all financials and property maintenance.


Campbell Property Management has provided management services since 1953. The company's professionals manage HOAs, offering comprehensive administrative, financial, and maintenance services. Its team organizes and maintains accurate records pertaining to board and member meetings, governance, architectural modifications, and vendor management. It also provides concise accounting of payments, audits, budgets, and financial reports. Additionally, Campbell Property Management maintains a skilled workforce of janitorial and maintenance personnel as well as vendor contacts and resources.

Cervera Real Estate has provided real estate and property management services for more than 50 years. Its residential and commercial property managers work with clients to customize the services they require. The company offers preparation and advertising services of vacant properties as well as thorough tenant screenings. It ensures the properties' investment values are protected through regular maintenance and routine inspections. Cervera Real Estate collects rents and provides its clients with comprehensive accounting of all transactions.


Doric Property Management Inc. offers full-service residential, commercial, HOA, and vacation management services. The company's leasing professionals work with homeowners and investors to maximize their investments. They provide comprehensive marketing and tenant screening services as well as accurate financial records of all income and expenditures. The company works with their clients to conduct maintenance procedures according to their guidelines. Doris Property Management offers responsive communication with clients, tenants, guests, personnel, and vendors.

Fortune International Realty provides residential property management services. The company's property managers in Miami are detail oriented and support their clients' interests by safeguarding their properties. All services are tailored to meet the property owner's requirements. They may include advertising and tenant screening, routine maintenance, conducting contractor bids and hiring licensed professionals to complete work, cleaning, and rent collection. Fortune International Realty provides its clients with detailed monthly statements as well as an end-of-the year financial report for taxes.


Hartman Property Management provides full-service property management services in Miami. It leasing professionals utilize the company's internal processes to maximize the marketing and advertising budget. They also conduct a thorough tenant screening process that helps ensure rents will be paid in a timely manner and the property respected. The companies property managers request routine maintenance and perform periodic inspections. They also proactively respond to tenant requests and efficiently manage repairs. The company manages all financials and provides detailed monthly reports.

HORA Vacation Rentals provides vacation property management. The company manages other clients' as well as its own luxury apartments and oceanfront resorts. Its services encompass extensive advertising and managing all client communication. HORA Vacation Rentals provides professional cleaning services to care for the properties between bookings and specialized services are customized to accentuate the guests' stay during the visit. Luxury amenities, such as quality linens and toiletries highlight the company's housekeeping services.


JMK Property Investment offers commercial and residential property management services. Its team works with landlords and property owners to manage HOAs, single-family homes, condos, and apartments. The company offers comprehensive marketing and advertising as well as screened tenant selections. It provides periodic property inspections and cost-effective maintenance. JMK Property Investment also manages rent collections and delivers concise record keeping and documentation to its clients. The company's professionals are responsive to owner and tenant questions and concerns.

Kinetic Property Management LLC manages a wide spectrum of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. The company's professional team offers open communication with its clients and tenants. It assesses the property and discusses the client's long-term goals, adjusting its services to accommodate client needs. Kinetic Property Management's services include routine property inspections and maintenance plans in addition to managing any emergencies that arise. It handles all administrative, marketing, and fiscal duties.

La Playa Properties is a full-service company that provides property management services in Miami. It conducts tenant credit screenings and background evaluations and sees to lease renewals to ensure that properties are always let. The firm carries out walkthrough inspections in coordination with tenants on move-in and departure. It also handles all property maintenance needs for landlords and homeowners alike, as well as receiving and depositing all rent payments, renewing insurance policies, and annual property tax payments.

Management Miami LLC provides residential and commercial property management services. The company manages shopping centers, office buildings, warehouses, and parking lots in addition to a full range of residential properties. Its leasing professionals offer a customized approach to services that include property inspection and maintenance as well as 24/7 emergency response and repair supervision. The company's extensive administrative duties encompass advertising and tenant screening in addition to rent collection and record keeping.


Miami Avenue Realty offers commercial and residential property management services. The company's property managers in Miami work with owners and investors to provide the services they require to maximize their investments. They assess a market analysis, advertise across a variety of platforms, provide flexible showing schedules, and conduct comprehensive tenant screenings. The company ensures its clients' properties are protected with regularly scheduled maintenance and routine inspections. It also manages all financial matters, providing clients with concise monthly statements.

Nanny Property Management has been a family-owned property management company since 2008. Serving West Palm Beach and clients across the state of Florida, the company prides itself on offering a full range of property management services that are tailored to meet each client’s needs. Its portfolio is extensive and includes over 700 single-family homes, townhouses, condos, and apartments in Palm Beach County. Its team includes market analysts who help landlords make data-driven decisions about rate estimates so they can invest and manage client properties with confidence.

Oceanica Real Estate offers comprehensive commercial and residential property management packages to meet its clients' needs. The company's services include tenant assistance during business hours, direct deposit facilitation for tenants and owners, property maintenance, the hiring and supervision of necessary contractors, the coordination and supervision of tenant turnovers as well as lease signings and renewals, rent collections, and 24/7 emergency response. Oceanica Real Estate delivers itemized statements of income and expenses to it clients and is receptive to questions.


Pristine Property Management LLC is a full-service residential management company. It provides marketing analysis for each of its properties to ensure maximum ROI. The firm extensively advertises available properties and thoroughly screens potential tenants. Pristine Property Management collects rents and deposits them into its clients' accounts. The company also provides personal client portals to access all financial accounting. Additionally, it conducts routine inspections to ensure the quality of the property, and it provides required maintenance.

Professional Management Inc. is a full-service property management company in Miami. It has successfully managed properties for public housing authorities since 1997. The company's management professionals ensure that all financial accounting of receivables and payables is up to date and accurate. Its in-house accounting staff uses state-of-the-art systems to generate reports for clients, accountants, and property managers. The department also protects its clients' investments by adhering to all state and federal regulatory requirements.

Real Property Management Dade provides comprehensive property management services in Miami. Its professional management team combines the latest technology and real estate experience to provide its clients with quality services. The company ensures properties are accurately priced based on current market analyses, and they aggressively market them on a variety of online platforms. It thoroughly checks tenants' background and employment histories works to maintain retention with routine maintenance and responsive communication.

Streamline Properties provides full-service residential and commercial property management services in the Miami area. Its leasing professionals maintain a high standard of property maintenance, supervising maintenance personnel and outside contractors. They also maintain all books and make a day-to-day accounting available. The company manages the timely collection of rents, and it provides clients with monthly cash-flow reports. Its financial records also include operating budgets, potential risk reports with workable alternatives, and concise year-end financial reports.


Trident Management provides personalized residential property management services for investors, individual property owners, and landlords. The company's customized plans are designed to maximize ROI. The company's team of management professionals handle marketing, screening, and leasing of rental properties, and they provide ongoing property maintenance. The company also integrates the latest technology to streamline the rental process. Online systems create efficient management of maintenance requests and provides straightforward access to rent payment capabilities and statement overview.


Urban Resource Inc. provides multifamily and condo property management services. The company's multifamily management focuses on maintaining low vacancy rates. Its team manages all financials and scales its clients' maintenance and capital investments. Urban Resource condo property management oversees the associations rules and regulations and facilitates discussions between owners and the HOA. It generates long-term financial planning for upgrades and repairs and requisitions routine maintenance procedures as outlined by the HOA.


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