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Clean Slate Consulting Credit Repair, a Miami based credit repair and financial consulting company, has differentiated itself from the rest by going a step further. They help people struggling with their credit and finances by giving them expert advice and guidance. Its knowledgeable consultants analyze credit reports, before signing up anyone, to determine the best direction to take, which might not be Credit Repair. Their 12-month program aims to remove all the outdated, erroneous, incomplete and unverifiable information from the credit reports but at the same time they restore the client’s credit and monitor them through-out the process. What makes them a leader in the industry and the most valuable thing they do is Credit Education. They teach their clients exactly how credit works and how to use it correctly. To top it off, Clean Slate Consulting, through partnering with The Buddies’ Network, helps realize many of the clients dreams by getting them to their goals such as purchasing a car, home, refinancing or getting business financing.

For over 10 years, Credit CPR has been assisting clients with credit repair services in Miami. Its employees have backgrounds in fraud investigation and collections and utilize that experience to identify erroneous and questionable information on credit profiles. The agency disputes these inaccuracies with the three major credit bureaus to remove them from credit reports. Additionally, Credit CPR negotiates with collections and creditors to reach settlements and return clients to good credit standing once debts are paid.

Credit Level is a credit repair agency serving clients in the Miami metro area. The agency verifies and investigates clients' credit reports to identify questionable and inaccurate information. It then contacts the three major credit bureaus to dispute and remove derogatory marks from clients' profiles. Some items it handles include collections, judgments, and late payments. Credit Level also works to educate clients on the principles of credit scores and how to maintain positive credit for achievement of financial goals.

Founded in 2007, Credit Repair Solutions is a credit repair company near Miami that helps clients achieve a higher credit score. Its credit specialists take a look at all credit reports to identify any inaccurate items lowering a client's credit score. The company begins the repair process by contacting all creditors to have negative items deleted from a client's credit history. Using online tools, Credit Repair Solutions monitors credit scores and makes sure any changes made are correct.

Credit Repair Systems, “CRS ”was founded by Odalys Puig owner and operator since 2003. CRS is a full-service credit repair company in Miami with many years of experience, extensive knowledge of the Consumer and Fair Credit Laws, as well as a complete understanding of how credit reporting really works. During our free consultation, our credit experts will explain how credit reporting works, what we do, how we do it, and answer any questions they may have. Once they decide to come aboard, we will provide our clients with monthly evaluations & recommendations. Our 10-month program consists of monthly monitoring, disputes, evaluations, re-establishing credit, and recommendations. We will use any/all Consumer and Fair Credit laws to help remove negative, misleading, incomplete, outdated, and unverifiable items found on their credit reports. If we do what we say, and you follow our recommendations & advice there is no reason why you should not have cleaner credit reports and high scores by the end of the program.

Credit Score Restore is a credit repair agency in Miami. With a free consultation and credit analysis available, the agency works alongside the client to develop a customized plan of action to remove inaccuracies on credit reports and boost future buying power. The agency files disputes with the appropriate creditors and credit bureaus to eliminate errors and questionable information. Additionally, Credit Score Restore helps clients acquire credit cards and automobile loans.

Since 2011, the Credit360 credit repair company has helped individuals in Miami restore their credit in a timely manner. As part of the credit repair process, its credit analysts review credit reports and explain available options to clients. The company sends dispute letters to the credit bureaus to have negative items such as collections, charge-offs, tax liens, judgments, and late payments removed. Credit360 continues the credit restoration process until all the major credit bureaus remove or correct disputed items.

DebtStoppers is a debt relief company practicing bankruptcy law near Miami. The agency's professional team assists individuals with credit repair services by helping them file for debt relief under the bankruptcy code to avoid foreclosure on a home, repossession of vehicles, and credit card debt. With DebtStoppers' help, clients file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy to eliminate debt, after which the steps to repair credit histories and improve scores can begin.

Florida Credit Repair serves clients in the Miami area. The company provides its customers with credit repair assistance, helping to remove incorrect information on clients' credit reports and remove collections and other negative information that may be on file. It works with Fair Debt Collection Practices Act lawyers when dealing with collections calls and letters, seeking out violations that can be used in a client's favor. Florida Credit Repair offers flexible payment plans.

Great American Credit Repair Company is a credit repair company in Miami. With an emphasis on credit restoration after bankruptcy, the company works to eliminate negative items, such as late payments or judgment errors, from clients' credit reports. The company has extensive experience filing disputes with the three major credit bureaus, and clients can track the progress of the company's work through an online portal. A free credit consultation, e-book, and online credit course are also available.

Increditbleway Inc. is a credit repair company assisting clients in Miami since 1993. Its trained professional staff designs personalized financial plans to help individuals restore their credit and enhance their financial future. The company's credit repair team removes damaging inquires from credit reports and assists in rebuilding credit histories and improving credit scores. Increditbleway also provides credit counseling services to help people who are struggling with credit card debt, foreclosures, repossessions, student loans, and pending medical expenses.

Lincoln Credit Improvement LLC is a full-service credit repair agency in Miami. The agency works to improve clients' FICO scores, establish new lines of credit, and optimize current accounts. When negative items, such as late payments, judgments, or bankruptcy errors, are listed on clients' credit reports, Lincoln Credit Improvement disputes the inaccuracies with the three major credit bureaus. Once negative items have been removed, the agency provides clients with detailed plans to maintain positive credit and increase buying power.

Founded in 2009, the credit repair firm Madison Monroe & Associates helps residents of Miami and surrounding areas settle their outstanding unsecured debts. Its credit repair experts review credit reports with clients and take action to begin improving and optimizing credit scores. Working with the credit bureaus and creditors, the firm has negative items deleted from a client's credit report. Madison Monroe & Associates can also assist clients with Debt Settlement (All unsecured debts), Credit Repair and Student Loan Consolidation.

Maetu Credit is an experienced credit repair company that helps individuals in the Miami area rebuild and restore their credit. After going over credit reports, its team of consultants designs a plan to meet a client's financial goals. The company has inaccurate items such as late payments, charge-offs, collections, and tax liens deleted in accordance with consumer laws. Clients of Maetu Credit can monitor the repair process by logging onto their account and also access its education programs.

Make a Way Ministries does credit counseling work to help individuals who want to repair their credit scores and overall financial standings. It provides a variety of resources that educate on credit scores and provide guidance to clients repairing scores themselves, as opposed to hiring professionals. Supplementing the provided credit score resources are informational services about debt settlement, bankruptcy, and foreclosure, which are all areas that contribute to each individual's overall credit rating.

Opened in 2007, RME Credit Repair provides credit repair services in Miami. Not only does RME work to remove derogatory marks, such as late payment errors or unverifiable information, from credit reports, the company also works with clients to understand their future financial goals. RME Credit Repair counsels clients on the principles of financial literacy and discusses strategies to increase buying power and lower interest rates for future purchases. Additionally, RME provides debt settlement and loan modification services.

Safe Credit Solutions Inc. is a credit repair and restoration company founded in 2009 to help individuals and families in Miami enhance their credit scores. It assists with credit report evaluation and develops customized plans to dispute inaccurate items. The company assists clients faced with collections, bankruptcy, late payments, charge-offs, tax liens, and repossessions. Safe Credit Solutions also provides credit guidance and is a member of the National Association of Credit Services Organization (NACSO).

The Credit Repair Team provides credit repair services in Miami. The credit professionals thoroughly analyze clients' credit reports and devise strategies to remove erroneous items, including charge-offs, judgments, and late payments. By directly contacting the creditors and credit bureaus, The Credit Repair Team must have an answer concerning removal within 30 days. Additionally, the agency assists clients with credit counseling to maintain positive credit and increase buying power for future purchases, such as new homes or automobiles.

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