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332 West F Street, Suite A, Oakdale, CA 95361

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Dickerson Law, Inc., is a multi-practice firm serving Modesto residents and businesses. It handles real estate cases and represents buyers and sellers dealing with contract and title issues. The law office also resolves disputes involving quiet title actions, easements, and boundaries. In addition, it takes on general business, probate, and labor and employment matters. Principal attorney Brett Dickerson has been a real estate broker for over 35 years. He is the former president of the Hetch-Hetchy Board of Realtors.


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1207 I Street, Modesto, CA 95354

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Swingle, Van Egmond & Heitlinger is a boutique law firm that handles the real estate concerns of individuals and business owners in Modesto. It litigates property-related issues involving quiet titles, commercial leases, and adverse possessions. Additionally, the team performs title examinations, coordinates transactions, and reviews documents in real estate closings. Other areas of practice include co-ownership agreements and landlord-tenant matters. Colleen Van Egmond Delahanty, the practice's CFO and managing partner, is a member of the Association of Defense Council. She is also a certified estate planner.


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1150 Ninth Street, Suite 1430, Modesto, CA 95354
  • Acquisition & Sale of Property

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Broderick Legal Group serves and upholds the rights of people in and around Modesto. The law office provides legal advice and assistance in residential, commercial, and agricultural real estate lease transactions. It also represents clients in zoning and land use, foreclosure, homeowner association, and landowner disputes. William Broderick-Villa, one of the firm's partners, is admitted to practice before the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California. He is bilingual, catering his services to Spanish- and English-speaking individuals.

1514 H Street, Modesto, CA 95354

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Jensen & Jensen is a father-and-son practice that assists Modesto residents by facilitating various aspects of real estate transactions. It guides individuals and businesses in buying, selling, and leasing real property. The team also helps buyers consider their options and work with financial institutions on financing transactions. J. Wilmar Jensen founded the original firm of Jensen & Underwood in 1952. His son Mark joined the firm in 1987. Wilmar and Mark operate a farming business, providing them with knowledge of local property laws and zoning regulations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the non-emergency contact number for the local police station in Modesto, California?

    Call (209) 572-9500 to report non-emergencies to the local police station in Modesto.

  • Are individuals allowed to use physical force to remove someone who is trespassing on their property in Modesto?

    Yes, individuals are allowed to use physical force to remove someone who is trespassing on their property in Modesto as per state laws. They will not face punishments, especially if the trespasser harms or threats people inside the property. In such cases, residents can use equal or greater force to protect themselves and remove the trespasser.

  • What happens to the earnest money if a buyer cancels a deal in Modesto?

    If a buyer cancels a deal in Modesto, earnest money may be given back to them if they followed the correct procedure. However, if the buyer violated the contract, they must have a valid reason to be eligible for a refund. Some valid reasons could be defects in the property and lack of financing. If the buyer doesn't have a valid reason, the seller may keep the money.

  • Does renter's insurance cover property repairs in Modesto?

    No, the renter's insurance does not cover property repairs in Modesto. The landowner must shoulder the expenses for repairs on the structure of the property if the damage is caused by wear and tear. However, if the need for repairs arises and forces the tenant to temporarily relocate, their insurance can cover the living expenses during that period. Additionally, if the tenant caused the damages, they will be responsible for the repair costs, which can come from their damage deposit.

  • What happens to a rental agreement if a natural calamity destroys a property in Modesto?

    If a natural calamity destroys a property in Modesto, the rental agreement can be cancelled as per state laws. However, if the agreement includes a clause stating that no cancellation is allowed in the event of a disaster, the tenant cannot terminate the contract. If the damage to the property is minor, the landlord may be responsible for repairs. In cases where the rental agreement is on a month-to-month basis and the natural disaster causes significant damage, the landlord may reduce the rent fees.