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ADAMS|STIRLING PLC serves the Stockton metro area. The firm offers a variety of real estate services and is highly active with common interest developments. It provides consultation to clients concerning real estate developments and offers litigation and mediation services. The firm advises boards of directors on how to comply with the Davis-Stirling Act, the Commercial CID Act, the Corporations Code, anti-discrimination laws, and all applicable administrative regulations and statutes affecting common interest developments. The firm also advises boards on day-to-day operations, including interpretation and enforcement of governing documents, fiduciary duties of directors, amending and restating governing documents, preparing and enforcing vendor contracts, board meetings, election issues, and employment law.

Brian J. Clark & Associates is a law firm serving the Stockton metro area. The firm provides consultation to both individuals and entities, guiding them through the transaction process and providing information regarding the market as well as their rights within real estate exchanges. Its attorneys act as representatives in litigation when clients are in dispute with other involved parties. Brian J. Clark & Associates also consults on mortgages and assists with mortgage related lawsuits.

Freeman Firm a Professional Law Corporation serves the Stockton metro area, assisting clients with a range of real estate legal issues. The firm primarily helps clients to navigate residential and commercial real estate transactions. It can devise contracts from scratch for clients who desire to purchase or sell properties and review existing proposals in order to help clients avoid liabilities and disadvantageous terms. The firm assists with financing as well, helping clients to apply for financing and review agreements.

Kurt H. Siebert Attorney at Law is a firm active within the Stockton metro area. This firm advocates for clients as they attempt to resolve disputes involving real estate purchase agreements and represents them in lawsuits against opposing parties as they fight to enforce terms or recover damages such as forfeited earnest money. This practice also offers mediation and arbitration. Kurt H. Siebert Attorney at Law is particularly experienced with laws surrounded eviction processes both legally and illegally executed.

Mark V. Connolly Attorney at Law serves the Stockton metro area, assisting clients with real estate law. This firm is focused on litigation involving contract disputes. It represents clients as they pursue restitution for violations of formal agreements as well as recovery of unpaid funds and earnest money. It also defends clients from lawsuits levied against them. Mark V. Connolly Attorney at Law is experienced with land use and helps clients to negotiate and assert terms regarding private and commercial use of properties.

Mohan, Harris, Ruiz, and Rubino LLP is a firm in Stockton performing real estate legal services. The firm's real estate experience centers on land use and related disputes. It represents clients in transactions involving the leasing and excavation of their land as well as connected water rights. The firm also handles property rights and helps clients to resolve disputes such as conflicts concerning boundary lines, easements, and mineral rights. Other practice areas include business and commercial transactions and litigation.

Rishwain & Rishwain is a law firm serving the Stockton metro area. Practicing real estate law, this firm prioritizes businesses as clients and works with developers, investors, buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals. It handles the transactional aspects of real estate, reviewing and creating contracts to help clients legitimately close deals while negotiating with clients and customers to achieve the best possible outcomes. On the litigation side, Rishwain & Rishwain offers representation in lawsuits related to transactions and ownership rights.

The Hartmann Law Firm serves clients within the Stockton metro area, assisting with complex real estate cases. Its attorneys consult clients on real estate transaction agreements and help them to find potential issues as well as liabilities. It protects the interests of clients throughout the negotiation process and is particularly interested in cases which involve difficult or multifaceted issues, such as in commercial agreements involving several parties. The Hartmann Law Firm also offers estate and tax planning services.

Willbanks & Wood PLC is located in Stockton and helps clients throughout the metro area with issues concerning real estate as it pertains to commercial leases. The firm represents both tenants and landlords, helping them to formulate and negotiate contracts as well as enforce existing terms via litigation and mediation. It is especially experienced with shopping mall leases and lease-option agreements. Willbanks & Wood PLC also conducts eviction processes and assists with foreclosure matters.

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