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8 Best Corpus Christi Truck Accident Lawyers

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Brin & Brin PC is a law firm serving the Corpus Christi metro area that handles truck accident cases. The firm assists clients in their pursuit of compensation for injuries sustained, property damaged, and the emotional turmoil involved with the accident and recovery thereafter. It investigates every aspect of the case to build a strong argument towards restitution and presents this evidence in negotiations with negligent parties as well as court when attempts at settlement fail. Outside of truck accidents, the firm handles a variety of miscellaneous personal injury scenarios including premises liability related accidents and injuries caused by faulty products.

Harris & Greenwell is a law firm in Corpus Christi assisting clients with personal injury claims related to truck and car accidents. the firm helps clients to collect and document evidence, assess the potential for successful litigation, and file claims against those deemed responsible. It manages disputes with insurers and fights to help clients recover as much compensation as they can in order to pay for the costs of treatment and the replacement of damaged or destroyed property. If negotiations do not yield satisfying results, the firm is willing to present cases in court in order to help clients achieve the best possible outcome.

Hartline Barger LLP is a law firm in Corpus Christi representing truck drivers and trucking companies in accident cases. The firm works to defend clients against litigation accusing them of responsibility for accidents which often involve catastrophic injuries and significant financial losses. It works to collect evidence and investigate faults in the plaintiff's case, often seeking to have cases dismissed or mitigate the charges levied against clients. In cases where evidence strongly implicates responsibility on the part of clients, the firm negotiates in order to reach a lower settlement and reduce the ultimate financial cost.

Hastings Law Firm is located in Corpus Christi and helps clients throughout the metro area to resolve truck accident cases. The firm guides clients through the process of making formal claims, helping them to collect and document evidence for use in lawsuits. It conducts parley with insurers and opposing council to reach acceptable financial settlements and pursues resolution via the court system when these negotiations are unsuccessful. If court proceedings fail to satisfy the needs of clients, the firm can assist with the appeals process. Outside of truck and automobile injury claims, Hastings Law Firm also handles boating accidents.

Royston Rayzor is a law firm in Corpus Christi managing truck accident cases. It provides legal defense to companies facing lawsuits due to accidents and injuries caused by their drivers or by faults in their operations. The legal team will typically attempt to fight or mitigate cases with weak basis and assuage the claims of those with stronger cases by attempt to resolve litigation in a way that costs clients as little as possible. When claims cannot be dismissed or easily settled, the firm can provide defense within trial proceedings. Royston Rayzor also provides legal defense for product, insurance, and general liability cases.

Sico, Hoelscher, Harris LLP is a law firm in Corpus Christi representing those who have been seriously injured and financially impacted due to the negligence of drunk, distracted, or incompetent drivers, trucking companies, manufacturers, and regulatory bodies. Its legal team manages cases and handles communication for clients, typically negotiating with those responsible in order to achieve the best possible outcome that it can, sometimes resorting to court when other options for resolution fail. The firm can also assist with the appeals process for clients who are unsatisfied with the results of court. Additional practice areas include workplace injuries and mass torts.

The Law Office of Ralph M. Rodriguez is a Corpus Christi-based law firm helping clients to file lawsuits against negligent parties following injuries and financial losses sustained in accidents. Many truck accident cases involve catastrophic injuries or even death, thus claims usually center on the payment of medical costs and compensating for pain and suffering as well as emotional traumas. The firm assists clients in filing formal claims by overseeing the collection of evidence, screening communications, and negotiating with insurance companies to pursue the best possible financial settlement. In some cases mediation fails and the firm presents cases in court to receive an official judgement.

The Law Offices of William Bonilla is a firm in Corpus Christi that handles truck accident cases. It provides the assistance of a legal team which helps clients to investigate the full potential of cases and consider options for litigation. The firm collects evidence, manages paperwork, and conducts communication on behalf of clients to preserve the integrity of claims. Most importantly, it participates in negotiations that aim to convince negligent parties to pay or come close to requested settlement amounts, usually by presenting evidence thorough enough to foreshadow victory in trial proceedings. This firm also handles airplane and rail road injury claims.

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