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Alegre Insurance is a health insurance company in Hialeah offering both individual and group insurance policies. By working with a variety of top insurance carriers, it's able to offer clients a diverse selection of policy options to cover needs related to short and long-term care periods, prescription medicines, and surgical procedures. Alegre Insurance is also experienced with life insurance policies and provides consulting services to assist clients in the policy selection and purchase process.


Amco Insurance can serve clients who need a life insurance company in Hialeah, as it offers policies from several carriers. It provides educational materials and hands-on guidance, acting as an assistant to clients as they compare plans and rates in order to find agreements that serve their needs. Amco Insurance is a multifaceted agency with extensive experience in auto, homeowners', business, and commercial insurance policies that's prepared to serve clients with risk protection needs in multiple categories.

Bortec Insurance is a life insurance company in Hialeah that helps clients by finding policies that provide the types of coverage they need to ensure that their dependents are taken care of financially should they die. Experienced agents explain the terms and stipulations of each plan so that clients can better navigate the selection process as they shop for policies. Bortec Insurance also offers health insurance policies that cover doctor visits, surgeries, prescriptions, and related expenses.


Carrera Insurance is a life insurance agency in Hialeah serving clients since 1989. It answers questions about life insurance policies and finds policies that fit its clients' needs and life goals. Once clients purchase policies the agency provides management services and ensures that agreements are fulfilled as long as conditions are met. Carrera Insurance also offers health insurance plans in several formats, such as supplemental health insurance policies, coverage plans that protect individuals and businesses, and prescription coverage policies.


Coral Reef Insurance is an independent agency helping customers to find health and life insurance plans that offer the benefits they need. It has experience building custom health care policies that provide clients with benefits such as preventative care coverage and disease management services. Coral Reef Insurance also works to ensure that clients have the end-of-life provisions that they need in place by connecting them with carriers that offer policies with benefits including living benefits, mortgage protection services, retirement plans, and college saving funds.


Dulcinea Insurance is an independent agency offering private, public, and discounted health insurance plans as well as life insurance plans. It curates policies to fit its clients' circumstances by offering the types of coverage they need the most. This agency's life insurance plans cover options including term and permanent life insurance plans, and plans with savings and with benefits. Its agents can help clients to determine what type of life insurance and how much coverage they should purchase.

Equiinsurance serves the Hialeah metro area, helping clients to procure policies for individual life insurance plans and health insurance plans for both individuals and groups. It helps clients to explore their own needs and financial capabilities to determine what kinds of coverage they need within these plans and make policy agreements that cover their vulnerabilities. Equiinsurance also has considerable experience with insurance plans that protect assets including automobiles of various kinds and multiple categories of real estate.


GoldenTrust Insurance sells life and health insurance policies to individuals and families, acting as an independent agency that offers diverse coverage options from various carriers. It helps clients purchase coverage for doctor visits, procedures, medical prescriptions, and a range of related needs. GoldenTrust Insurance also works to find policies that fit within each client's budget needs and desired copay amounts. Its life insurance plans includes death benefit policies as well as coverage options for permanent disability and residential care.

Group One is a life insurance agency in Hialeah that maintains relationships with a multitude of top carriers. It offers both fixed and indexed life insurance plans to fit clients with different needs and budgets. Whole and term life insurance plans are available too. Group One is also experienced with benefits attached to life insurance plans, such as mortgage protection and final expense benefits that cover housing and burial costs for dependents. This agency offers several tiered health insurance packages as well.


Insurance Nation does business with clients all over the Hialeah metro area, providing comprehensive health insurance coverage options to clients with a range of needs. Active since 1998, this company has good experience with heath insurance programs both public and private, and it works to find clients policies that fulfil their unique needs. Insurance Nation also offers policies for home, auto, and business coverage, as well as natural disasters such as floods.

Insure with Jonal is an independent agency partnering with carriers that offer health and life insurance plans. This agency constructs comprehensive health care plans that encompass a range of standard benefits covering the costs of hospital visits, medications, and procedures, as well as dental and vision-related needs. Its agents also have experience with accidental medical care and critical illness coverage. Insure with Jonal can serve the needs of students, pregnant women, and frequent travelers as well.

Opportunity Insurance is a life insurance company in Hialeah offering policies from a multitude of partnered carriers. Its policy options for life insurance are comprehensive and can include benefits for death by any cause, permanent disability, or serious illness. Clients can purchase health insurance coverage from both public and private carriers with customizable coverage options. Opportunity Insurance guides all clients through the inquiry and purchase process and supports them by answering policy questions and helping them to claim applicable benefits when appropriate.


Pandora Insurance is a health insurance company in Hialeah serving clients throughout the metro area. This company serves two types of health insurance customers, the first being individuals seeking coverage for medical expenses and medicine, and the second being companies who need group policies that cover multiple employees. Pandora Insurance also creates both individual and group life insurance plans with custom policy options, meaning they can be tailored to fit the unique coverage needs of each customer.


Sebanda Insurance offers life and health insurance policies for individuals and families. Clients receive one-on-one attention as they shop for policies that offer the coverage they need to ensure financial security in the event of hospitalization, whether short or long-term, or death. This company partners with several top rated carriers which means clients have plenty of policy options to choose from. Sebanda Insurance also offers auto, home, and commercial insurance policies.

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UniVista Insurance serves individuals and groups seeking insurance policies for life and health benefits. It finds policies that pay needed benefits to clients seeking lump-sum payments that take care of their dependents, pay for remaining expenses including mortgages and education costs, and cover other final needs, such as funeral arrangements. UniVista Insurance specializes in the Affordable Care Act program and typically assists clients seeking participation in this insurance policy. Services for property and vehicle insurance are also offered.

WayLow-Univista Insurance provides custom life and health insurance policies to individuals, families, and businesses. Its agents assess each client's needs to determine which policies are ideal for their lives, and it assists them throughout the policy agreement and claims processes. This agency works with many different companies to provide clients with a wide range of choices pertaining to benefits and costs. WayLow-Univista Insurance also offers auto, boat, home, and commercial insurance plans.

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