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Acoma Lock & Security sells and installs products tailored for commercial and residential uses, serving the Aurora, Colorado, metro area. Residential clients are offered compact surveillance kits, electronic deadbolts, and remote access to monitor installed devices. The company installs access control systems for commercial clients, allowing for keyless entry and providing a database of employee travel. CCTV systems are a specialty and the company frequently scales surveillance systems to business size and type.

Alarms & Security Cameras is a consulting service installing security equipment within the Aurora, Colorado, metro area. It works with clients to assess unique needs and installs camera and alarm packages to match the scale of the business in question. The company has worked with grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, and construction companies, as well as residents. Its sells and installs a variety of cameras, alarm systems, and key pads. 24/7 monitoring is included with its various base packages.

Alert Security installs security devices and infrastructure for homes and businesses throughout the Aurora, Colorado, metro area. The company offers an array of IP cameras and automated controls for businesses, allowing customers to control various aspects of security throughout buildings and monitor surveillance systems from a distance using technology provided by an affiliate company. For residential clients, it installs control panels and alarm systems managed by ADT, for which it is an authorized vendor.

American Security Professionals serves the Aurora, Colorado, metro area, providing installation and repair services to commercial and residential clients. It carries alarms designed for fire detection and intrusion prevention along with centralized security control panels. CCTV systems are available in specialized packages and access control systems can be installed in single locations or throughout office buildings. Alarm monitoring services are offered to clients, and its operating centers meet UL and National Fire Protection Association standards.

Arapahoe County Security Center provides residential and commercial security solutions to customers in the Aurora, Colorado, metro area. The company installs access control systems for commercial clients including banks, hospitals, and manufacturers. It installs both IP and CCTV camera packages depending on client needs and carries a range of products, some designed for home monitoring and others for oversight of large commercial spaces. Arapahoe County Security is primarily a locksmith service, however, and does not provide monitoring services for alarm systems.

Aurora Colorado Locksmith is a security system installer operating throughout the Aurora, Colorado, metro area. The company offers installation and repair services for electronic security options including video doorbells, security cameras, key pads, and automated locks and garage doors. It also installs larger CCTV systems for commercial clients in businesses such as office spaces and retail centers. Aurora Colorado Locksmith offers various warranties and maintenance/repair services but does not install alarm systems or provide external alarm or camera monitoring.

Colorado Security Products, Inc. offers security solutions for homes and businesses and operates within the Aurora, Colorado, metro area. The firm installs access control systems within companies and offers the option of card swipe locks or fully installed doors. It also installs CCTV cameras with remote viewing options, allowing customers to view spaces 24/7. Monitoring services are available for houses through call centers, with a dedicated staff corresponding with law enforcement to perform emergency response and support services.

Colorado Technical Solutions offers security device installation and maintenance to clients throughout the Aurora, Colorado, metro area. The business specializes in the installation of BNC and IP cameras in homes and offices, assisting clients with strategic placement and educating them in device operation. It stocks security cameras for sale and offers a flat rate for each unit installed. IP cameras offer online archiving and streaming options, allowing customers to remotely check and maintenance their security devices.

Denver Cabling servers the Aurora, Colorado, metro area, installing security cameras in businesses and residences. It specializes in setting up wireless HD surveillance systems offering remote monitoring and control via smart phone. Initially a cabling company, Denver Cabling has extensive experience with wiring homes and other sites for security networks and other needs, and is capable of preparing new construction properties for security networks or renovating existing structures to update capabilities or make them compatible with new technology.

EliteTech Solutions provides installation and repair services for security products to customers in the Aurora, Colorado, metro area. It mainly installs access control and video surveillance systems and offers IP cameras with remote monitoring capabilities as well as CCTV connected surveillance networks. Available access control systems are diverse, and the company has experience programming card, biometric, and facial recognition readers for restricted permissions. EliteTech Solutions also sets up automated security systems to streamline services and maintain protection without effort.

Englewood Lock & Safe installs security devices within commercial and residential spaces for customers in and around the Aurora, Colorado, metro area. It sells video camera surveillance packages and access control systems featuring custom options and online connectivity for remote access and viewing. Access control products are available in both standalone and building-wide options. Keyless entry, automated lighting, and temperature control systems are available as a part of integrated remote security options, primarily for residences.

Front Range CCTV installs security cameras, alarms, and access control systems throughout the Aurora, Colorado, metro area. It consults customers and performs site assessment to determine specific needs and strategic device placement. Access control installations are scaled to the size and intensity of the business and burglar alarms allow for remote monitoring and notifications via WI-FI. Front Range CCTV offers 24/7 monitoring services at a monthly rate which is graduated for commercial clients and includes emergency response and support services.

Harden Communications installs security systems for home and business owners in the Aurora, Colorado, metro area. It provides alarm systems for fire and intrusion, CCTV cameras for businesses, surveillance kits for homes, and accessories including camera doorbells and motion detectors. Many of its products offer network connectivity for online monitoring and data storage. Harden Communications also provides network cabling services and can rewire older systems to update security system compatibility.

Micro Tech is a Security System Installer serving clients in the Aurora, Colorado, metro area. It sells both IP and analog camera setups to home and business owners, offering a range of specified features for unique budgets and needs. Some of its cameras allow for remote playback and live monitoring, allowing customers to check the status of properties from anywhere in the world. It is also an IT firm versed in network communication and troubleshooting, which bolsters its security service.

Secure All Solutions provides security packages for commercial and industrial clients, home owners, retail businesses, and educational institutions within the Aurora, Colorado, metro area. Experienced with the unique needs of diverse clients, Secure All Solutions creates custom security plans and hardware packages for purposes ranging from loss prevention to intrusion protection. Its surveillance products provide remote monitoring access and data archiving, and Secure All Solutions offers 24/7 monitoring and support services for alarms and surveillance systems.

Security Central Inc. installs security kits throughout the Aurora, Colorado, metro area, operating since 1969. It offers service to commercial and residential clients, installing video surveillance packages, life safety devices, and alarm systems. Keyless entry controls and fire alarm networks are prominent services offered to commercial clients. Remote viewing of live video feeds and alarm statuses is available via internet for most of the company's available devices, and Security Central Inc. provides in-house, 5-diamond rated monitoring and emergency services.

Security Surveillance System is a security installer serving the Aurora, Colorado, metro area. It offers comprehensive packages specialized for residential and commercial purposes, often including electronic locks, shock sensors, motion detectors, and panic buttons. Access control systems are commonly installed for commercial clients, along with video surveillance systems scaled for homes or businesses of various sizes. It also provides alarm systems for fire and burglary detection. Clients can monitor surveillance and alarm systems remotely using Security Surveillance System's online platform.

System Communications installs and repairs security devices for customers in the Aurora, Colorado, metro area. It specializes in the installation of CCTV surveillance cameras, and installs products with remote monitoring capabilities, providing clients the opportunity to view spaces via live stream. The company regularly installs structured cabling to create interconnected networks, and often performs this within new construction buildings. It can also rewire existing buildings to update or replace security devices.

Technifi is a security system installer serving clients in the Aurora, Colorado, metro area. It installs electronic security packages designed to deter intrusion of residential spaces. These measures consists of remote arming and disarming of alarms and electronic locks, alarms and alert systems, and video monitoring through surveillance devices. Mockupancy is also conducted by security systems, and involves simulated use of electronic devices to create an illusion of occupancy. Customers can customize and monitor their systems via an online application.

Johnson Controls handles security installation and maintenance for clients within the Aurora, Colorado, metro area. It creates custom packages for a variety of businesses including restaurants, warehouses, retailers, and property managers, scaling its service to fit the needs of small to enterprise-level clients. The company offers a range of security devices including access controls, alarms and panic devices, and radio frequency identifiers. It also manages access control and alarm systems if customers desire and offers several remote management options.

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