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    The phrase "home security system" is a blanket term for all of the hardware and supporting software that creates a network with the purpose of protecting a person's home, possessions, and family. A home security system can include an alarm, a series of cameras, security lights, and anything else used to protect private property.

    To find the best security system for your home, you'll need to consider your preferences. Some options lean more toward easy installation and customization, while others offer comprehensive monitoring and around-the-clock support.

    How much is a home security system?

    The total price of most home security systems includes a one-time charge for equipment and installation plus a monthly monitoring fee. The installation/equipment charge is typically around $200 but depends on the equipment you select. For monitoring, expect to pay an average of $15 to $35 per month.

    Who invented the home security system?

    Marie Van Brittan Brown invented an early version of the modern home security system in 1966 with the help of her husband, Albert. Simple yet highly advanced for its time, Brown's system made use of peepholes, a closed-circuit camera system, a two-way microphone, and an emergency alarm.

    How much does a home security system cost?

    The cost of a home security system depends on the size of your home and the number of features you choose. Installation costs an average of $200, while monitoring can range anywhere from $10 - $15 per month for a doorbell camera. Every option has its own spectrum of prices. It's best to decide what suits your needs and price it out from there.

    Are home security systems worth it?

    When deciding if a home security system is worth the investment, it's important to consider everything you're getting for the cost. A safer place to live is the obvious benefit, but you may also be able to lower your homeowner's insurance, protect your valuables, and of course — peace of mind.

    Are wireless home security systems reliable?

    Wireless security systems are only reliable if they have a wired backup option. Because of the relative inconsistency in the connection of a wireless network, a lapse in latency or even a momentary connection drop can cause problems if there isn't a wired system to fall back on.

    Do you need a permit for a home security system?

    Many municipalities and local governments require a permit to activate a home security system. The primary reason is that many alarm systems can automatically notify police and fire response, and governments have instituted regulations to prevent false alarms. Check with your county to be sure.

    Is a home security system tax deductible?

    Not typically. A home security system is on the IRS's list of nondeductible personal expenses. If you work from home, though, you may be able to deduct part of the cost of your home security system as a business expense.

    Are wireless home security systems safe?

    Home security systems are intended to make your home safer than it would be without the added protection, but very few home security systems can completely prevent potential crimes. With this in mind, the highest-rated home security systems provide excellent security against a range of threats.

    What should I look for in a home security camera system?

    A good home security camera system has features for consistent monitoring around the outside of a home and on the property. These include night vision, motion detection, emergency backup connectivity, and ideally, a user-friendly mobile app to monitor activity with.

    Do you need a landline for a home security system?

    In the past, home security solutions may have been tied to a home phone system, the vast majority today are not. They now operate on a wired or wireless connection to the internet and can be monitored from a wide range of connected devices.

    Does having a security system lower home insurance?

    Most insurance providers do provide discounts to customers with a working home security system installed. Customers can expect to pay around 15% to 20% lower premiums when their home security system meets predetermined standards set by their insurer.

    How do I prewire a house for a home security system?

    Prewiring makes it easier to set up a security system for easy installation of alarm system keypads, window and door sensors, and other in-home security hardware. However, many homes are prewired during the construction phase, so if yours isn't, consult with an electrician or general contractor.

    What home security systems integrate with smart home software?

    Some of the top-rated smart home security systems include Vivint and ADT Command. These systems integrate seamlessly with other smart devices in your home, including Google Nest temperature controls and Alexa-enabled technology. This enables you to control more than just your home security system from a device or console.

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