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Ball & Bonholtzer is a Pasadena personal injury law firm that handles medical malpractice claims throughout the Southwestern United States. Its attorneys represent those hurt due to medical practitioners' or health care facilities' negligent actions. The firm establishes liable parties, seeking to settle with their insurance carriers and litigating in court when negotiated offers are not fair. Ball & Bonholtzer also handles other professional negligence claims, employment and business disputes, class action suits, and insurance litigation.

The Baronian Law Firm is located in Pasadena and assists clients throughout the metro area with medical malpractice claims. It works on behalf of clients to recover compensation from medical organizations and professionals who have delivered negligent care which has resulted in serious injury or the death of a loved one. The firm corresponds with opposing council to reach amicable settlement agreements and pursues resolution in court when the former is unsuccessful.

Brent & Fiol LLP is a Pasadena-based firm managing medical malpractice lawsuits, specifically for clients who have experienced brain injuries. The firm represents individuals hurt during the course of treatment in ways which affect their cognitive ability or neurological health and it fights to recover payment for their medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and diminished lifestyle. Brent & Fiol LLP also handles traffic and aviation accident lawsuits as well as premises liability cases.

Castellan Law Group is a Pasadena-based firm advocating for clients in medical malpractice cases. The firm uses evidence to support claims against professionals and health care organizations in order to receive the highest possible financial award for damages including pain and suffering, medical expenses, and funeral costs among myriad potential issues. It can manage settlement attempts via negotiation and arbitration but also works to support claims in court if amicable resolution is not possible.

DeWitt, Algori, & Algorri Lawyers is a Pasadena-based firm handling medical malpractice cases for clients throughout the metro area. It represents patients against medical professionals and providers, helping them to pursue the maximum possible compensation for their pain and suffering and financial losses. This firm is experienced with a variety of scenarios such as anesthesia misuse, surgical errors, and pharmaceutical mistakes. It also handles cases involving improper relationships between patients and mental health professionals.

Esner, Chang, & Boyer is a law firm in Pasadena helping clients in the metro area with medical malpractice cases, specifically appeals. It works on behalf of plaintiffs or defendants who wish to overturn or alter decisions made regarded medical malpractice lawsuits, which can involve scenarios such as birth injuries, surgical errors, and prescription drug mistakes. Esner, Chang, & Boyer also assists with appeals regarding a variety of personal injury and general litigation.

Foley & Mansfield is a law firm serving the Pasadena metro area which offers the services of legal professionals who are experienced with probate processes and litigation. The firm can handle the probate of estate with or without living wills, managing the dispersion of assets to heirs and providing mediation services when conflicts arise. Some of its partners are versed in probate litigation and work to defend estates from post-mortem lawsuits or to resolve litigation between heirs.

The Law Office of John Ciccarelli is a Pasadena-based firm providing representation to clients suing medical professionals and organizations due to medical malpractice issues. It is experienced with cases involving incorrectly performed surgeries and birth injuries and advocates on behalf of clients for financial compensation for the financial issues and physical traumas they have incurred due to the malpractice. The litigation process it undergoes often involves settlement attempts, trial in court, and when necessary, appeals.

The Law Offices of Andrew Ritholz is a Pasadena-based firm representing clients who have experienced hardship due to medical malpractice and it helps them to structure lawsuits against responsible parties for financial compensation. It handles many cases which involving improper dosages, incorrect medications, and surgical errors which have left patients with lasting issues and psychological traumas. In many scenarios, it works to obtain a settlement from health care providers, but often litigates in court as well.

Active for over 30 years, The Law Offices of Daniel Deng is a firm in Rosemead representing clients throughout the Pasadena metro area in medical malpractice cases. The practice is experienced with issues concerning birth injuries, surgical errors, and anesthesia mistakes as well as miscellaneous injuries which impact the lives of clients and loved ones. In most cases it helps clients to pursue financial compensation from these negligent parties for physical and psychological damages.

The Law Offices of Diane Corwin is a San Marino-based firm providing representation to clients throughout the Pasadena metro area. It assists with claims related to medical malpractice, providing representation in lawsuits to clients injured by the negligence of a professional while receiving treatment. In most cases it helps clients to seek compensation for damages involving catastrophic injury or death, medical costs and funeral expenses, or lost wages. This firm also assists with miscellaneous personal injury cases.

The Law Offices of Robert L. Risley operates throughout the Pasadena metro area and handles medical malpractice cases for clients injured due to professional negligence. It regularly assists clients who have been hurt during the course of surgery, misdiagnosed, or prescribed incorrect medications to pursue compensation from health care providers. In many cases it handles negotiation and mediation efforts to reach amicable settlement and resolves issues through court when defendants are uncooperative.

Scolinos, Sheldon, & Nevel is a law firm in Pasadena assisting clients with medical malpractice litigation, specifically for pharmaceutical malpractice. Clients who have suffered physically or psychologically because of incorrectly prescribed medication are assisted by the firm in the pursuit of financial compensation from medical professionals and businesses. The firm regularly works to negotiate with defendants towards settlement and handles court proceedings when the former is unsuccessful. Other practice areas include traffic accident and premises liability lawsuits.

Torres & Brenner is a law firm in Pasadena representing clients in and around the metro area in medical malpractice cases. This firm provides defense for professionals and organizations which provide health care services and helps them to dispute claims of negligence in order to protect their professional certifications and avoid compensating plaintiffs. In cases involving strong evidence against clients the firm can work to mitigate consequences via negotiation efforts. Torres & Brenner also handles general personal injury litigation.

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