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710 Missouri St., Fairfield, CA 94533
  • Acquisition & Sale of Property

Why choose this provider?

The Law Offices of John M. Coyle advises and represents Fairfield residents in various aspects of property transactions and disputes. It handles problems that can arise in residential or commercial real estate, including evictions, distressed properties, and boundary disputes. Additionally, the firm extends its support to related services like selling estate assets, distributing properties among heirs, and managing estate debts. John M. Coyle, the firm's founding attorney, has over 34 years of experience representing individuals in multiple practice areas.


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1300 Oliver Rd, Fairfield, CA 94534
  • Commercial Financing
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  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Acquisition & Sale of Property
  • Commercial Leasing

Why choose this provider?

The Law Offices of Christopher W. Sweeney serves individuals and businesses throughout the Fairfield area. It handles various types of real estate litigation matters, including purchase, sale, and commercial leasing controversies, construction defect issues, and boundary, easement, and title disputes. In addition to real estate law, it also practices business law. Christopher W. Sweeney, the firm's principal, has been representing clients for over two decades. He and his legal team strive to address clients' concerns promptly by being accessible through calls and emails.

2401 Waterman Blvd Ste A4, Fairfield, CA 94534
  • Acquisition & Sale of Property

Why choose this provider?

Atwal Investment Group provides legal services to Fairfield clients in need of assistance with real estate matters. It also helps individuals with estate planning and evictions, as well as small businesses in need of legal advice and civil representation. Its primary attorney, Inderdeep Singh Atwal, has been in the legal profession for over a decade. Atwal Investment Group also engages in investment activities, such as working with individuals looking to sell their property or families looking to rent a home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the non-emergency contact number for the local police station in Fairfield, California?

    707-428-7300 is the non-emergency hotline of the Fairfield Police Department.

  • How do you prove that you have a partition right in Fairfield?

    In Fairfield, a party must demonstrate that they possess an economic stake in the subject property to prove their entitlement to a partition. A partition action may be brought by any owner of an estate for inheritance or for life under Code of Civil Procedure section 872.210. A co-tenant, therefore, has the ultimate right to divide their space.

  • What are the costs associated in a partition action in Fairfield?

    The costs of a partition case in Fairfield can include reasonable legal fees, as well as the costs of other legal actions, such as those to confirm title, survey the land, or establish property borders. These costs are typically shared among the parties in proportion to their interests in the property.

  • When do Fairfield neighborhood encroachment disputes occur?

    Encroachment issues between neighbors in Fairfield emerge when it is determined that enhancements from a particular property expand over the boundary line of the next lot. Encroachment disputes are sometimes settled out of court by establishing an easement or moving the boundary line so that each owner's improvements are on their respective lots.

  • What purpose does a Fairfield road maintenance agreement serve?

    A road maintenance agreement in Fairfield is helpful in determining how much maintenance will be done on the road and who will pay for the upkeep when two or more property owners share a lane. Road maintenance agreements are typically documented with the county recorder in order to be enforceable against future property owners.