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Justice For Our Parents provides compassionate representation for elder abuse and medical malpractice victims in Downey and the surrounding areas. It protects the rights of victims and their families in litigation against long-term care facilities, including nursing homes, assisted living centers, and hospice agencies. Glenna M. Francis, the firm's managing partner, has been representing the elderly for over 15 years. She has won over $30 million in awards and settlements for the elderly and vulnerable adults.

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Peck Law Group advocates for the rights of nursing home abuse victims and their families throughout Downey and the nearby areas. The firm takes on lawsuits against erring nursing homes or assisted living facilities. It helps obtain fair compensation for patients who have been subjected to circumstances such as medical mistakes, financial exploitation, verbal abuse, malnutrition, and bed sores. Principal attorney and founder Steven Peck is a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys.


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Why choose this provider?

California Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers protects elderly people in and around Downey. It provides legal assistance to people who have suffered from dehydration, fractures, bed sores, unusual weight loss, or bruises as a result of nursing home abuse. The team helps victims sue negligent medical institutions or staff for monetary compensation for emotional distress and hospital expenses. Sean O'Neill, one of the partners, is a trial lawyer who worked as a corporate counsel at United States Steel Corporation after law school.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the non-emergency contact number for the local police station in Downey, California?

    The local police of Downey can respond to non-emergency cases that require their assistance by calling 562-861-0771.

  • Are you required to sign an arbitration agreement with nursing homes in Downey?

    While an arbitration agreement could shield nursing homes in Downey from personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits, California law forbids facilities from mandating its signing for admission. If a nursing home offers such an agreement, consult an attorney before signing. Accepting might relinquish your right to a jury trial, potentially leading to costlier and less equitable arbitration outcomes.

  • In Downey, are abuse and neglect distinct from one another?

    In Downey, nursing home abuse and neglect are viewed as comparable harms. Both encompass failures like neglecting proper hygiene, medical attention, or adequate food and water provision. Manifestations of abuse may include physical signs like broken bones, the effects of excessive medication, or sudden weight reduction of the admitted patient.

  • Can bedsores indicate neglect or abuse in Downey nursing homes?

    In Downey nursing homes, bed sores, which are painful wounds from prolonged skin pressure, often signal neglect or abuse. Primarily affecting immobile individuals, these sores range from Stage 1 (mild) to Stage 4 (severe). Severe bed sores typically indicate inadequate care, intentional or due to staffing issues. Bed sores can rapidly progress when residents, especially immobile ones, are not given attention.

  • Who is responsible when resident-on-resident maltreatment happens within a nursing home in Downey?

    While resident-on-resident abuse may arise from individuals with mood disorders or cognitive impairments, the nursing home facility is crucial to preventing such incidents in Downey. This involves ensuring staff can identify and intervene in roommate disputes or unconsented actions. Proper resident screenings, thorough supervision, and efficient staffing are critical measures. Facilities must proactively uphold resident safety through clear protocols and training.

  • Are Downey nursing homes equipped to care for Alzheimer's patients, or will they be neglected?

    In Downey, Alzheimer's and related dementia patients in nursing homes often don't receive specialized care. A study found many ADRD patients dispersed across general facilities, leading to a dip in care quality. While inadequate care doesn't always mean negligence, the study suggests that tailored environments can prevent potential risks. With Alzheimer's cases rising, it's crucial for facilities to prioritize dementia-focused care.