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    Those who dream of acting on the stage or screen may find themselves pondering the benefits of acting classes. Some of the world's most famous actors, including Hugh Jackman and Meryl Streep, studied acting prior to landing their first major roles, so it makes sense that anyone interested in pursuing an acting career would want to enroll in classes to master the craft.

    Before signing up, there are plenty of questions to ask and decisions to make about acting classes. Many aspiring actors want to know if acting classes are worth taking, what they'll learn if they take them, and how many classes they'll need to become a good actor. Below are answers to some of the most common questions about acting and acting classes to help you decide if studying the performing arts is right for you.

    How do you start to learn acting?

    Beginner acting glasses are a great way to learn acting techniques. Classes can also help you determine if acting is something you're passionate about and a career you can succeed in.

    What do you do in acting classes?

    Acting classes typically consist of exercises designed to teach and enhance skills such as speech projection, improvisation, conveying emotion, and relaxing when performing. As classes progress, students begin to practice scenes using an assortment of acting techniques.

    Where can I learn how to act?

    Acting classes are often offered at community theatres and small colleges, as well as online. Many aspiring actors also use self-learning methods, such as books and YouTube tutorials, while others prefer to learn by diving in and going to open auditions for amateur productions.

    What acting classes should I take?

    There are several types of acting, including classical, modern, and method acting. Each type of acting encompasses different techniques. While method actors use their memories to convey realistic emotions to their audiences, modern acting is based on using one's life experience to invoke those same feelings.

    What classes do actors take?

    Actors are used in all types of productions, including musicals, stage productions, feature films, television, and commercials. While some prefer to focus on comedic acting, others are committed to dramatic acting. It's important to determine what kind of acting you want to do and find acting classes that accommodate your acting goals.

    What are acting classes like? 

    Acting classes consist of all types of activities and exercises, ranging from movement and breathwork to scene performances. In acting classes, actors are expected to lose their inhibitions and openly perform for and critique fellow students. Throughout these activities and exercises, instructors provide coaching to help students succeed in their acting careers.

    Do I need acting classes to be an actor?

    While acting classes aren't required to get into acting, formal training can provide a solid foundation for those looking to act as a profession. That being said, there are plenty of well-known professional actors who've never taken classes, including Brad Pitt and Meg Ryan.

    How many acting classes should I take?

    The number of acting classes you take depends on several factors, including your budget and your desire to continue learning. There's no set number of classes required before an actor can begin performing professionally. However, the more classes you take, the more likely you are to pass auditions and perform well on stage or in front of a camera.

    Is acting hard to learn?

    Delivering lines in a believable way while maintaining body language that suits the emotions in your voice is a complicated craft. While acting might seem easy from the outside looking in, most professional actors will tell you that acting requires great skill and plenty of practice.

    Are acting classes worth it? 

    For those who are new to acting, classes are an excellent investment. In addition to helping students feel more comfortable in front of a camera or audience, acting classes provide valuable experience that amateur actors can put on their resumes when applying for closed auditions.

    How much are acting classes? 

    The cost of acting classes can vary from less than a few hundred to thousands of dollars, depending on several factors. Those in major entertainment hubs such as Los Angeles and New York can usually expect to pay more for classes, as can those seeking classes that provide specialized or advance training.

    Can I take acting classes online? 

    Acting classes are available online from a variety of institutions in the United States and overseas. These classes often incorporate video lessons, self-study, self-practice, and practicum, which involves performing in front of peers or within the local community.

    Are online acting classes worth it? 

    For students who have the discipline to engage in self-study, online acting classes are a great way to learn. They can provide opportunities to engage with actors outside of the local community who students would otherwise be unable to work with, as well as opportunities to learn from experienced, knowledgeable instructors with a greater range of expertise.

    Do actors really kiss acting? 

    While most actors engage in some form of kissing when performing kiss scenes on-screen or on-stage, some prefer to fake kiss by placing their lips close together without actually touching. In films with bigger budgets, some actors rely on visual effects to simulate kissing their costars.

    Do actors actually cry? 

    Actors use a variety of methods to produce tears while performing. Most commonly, they'll recall past experiences and draw on those emotions. For those who struggle to cry on cue, tricks such as tear sticks, eye drops, and petroleum jelly are often used to simulate tears on screen.

    How much do actors get paid? 

    The average salary for actors depends on the type of work they do. While stage actors earn an average of $50,386 per year, film and movie actors typically earn $81,000 annually, and voice actors earn closer to $47,500 per year. These salaries are indicative of actors with steady work in their field and can vary dramatically depending on location and employer.

    What do actors do when not acting?

    When they're not acting, most actors spend their time rehearsing scenes, developing their characters, and practicing their lines. When they're between jobs, actors also spend time going on auditions to find new projects to work on or taking on nonperformance work to earn money.

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