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    20079 Stone Oak Parkway, San Antonio, TX 78258
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    903 E. Bitters Road, San Antonio, TX 78216
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    7322 Jones Maltsberger Road, San Antonio, TX 78209

Dallas, TX

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Find a Top-Ranked Barber Shop Near You

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Introduction

    Barbers primarily provide grooming services for men. That includes hairstyling, hair cuts, shaves, and beard trims. Some barbers also offer additional services, such as skin care treatments and eyebrow grooming. While barbers mostly work with men, some do offer limited services for women, as well. 

    When searching for the right barber, it's a good idea to check reviews online and look for someone you feel you can trust. Make sure the barber you select takes time to understand what it is you want when you get your hair cut or beard trim.
  • What is the best way to describe to your barber the haircut that you wish?

    If you have something specific in mind, it's always best to bring photographs for inspiration. That being said, keep in mind that every person's hair is different, so in some cases, it can be difficult to replicate inspiration photos exactly. If you can't find a photo, be as descriptive as you can by providing information about the length you want and the style you'd like to achieve.

  • What to expect when you go to a barber for the first time?

    When you visit the barber, you can expect to spend the first few minutes discussing your services. If you're there for a haircut, your barber will likely ask you questions about the desired outcome. After, your hair is washed or wetted, and then your barber will begin to cut using either scissors or clippers. At the end of the cut, most barbers take time to dry and style before taking payment.

  • What is the difference between a hairstylist and a barber?

    Barbers are most often trained to provide cuts and other services for men's hair and shorter hairstyles. They often work with clippers over scissors. On the other hand, hairstylists most often work with long hair and use a variety of scissors, clippers, and styling tools.

  • Do you tip barbers?

    It is customary to tip barbers when they provide good service. Tips range from about 15% to 20%, but of course, most barbers appreciate tips in any amount. If you feel that your barber did an exceptionally great job, it's acceptable to leave a tip that's higher than 20%.

  • What kind of men\'s haircuts are available?

    There are plenty of haircuts for men of varying lengths, and each style is best suited to different hair types. Men who are unsure of what they want should take time to research styles prior to booking an appointment with the barber. Some of the most popular haircuts include the pompadour, textured crop top fade, and faux hawk fade.

  • What is the barber\'s paradox?

    The barber's paradox is a puzzle, also known as Russell's paradox, about a town in which all residents must be clean-shaven. In this town, the barber is one who shaves all those, and only those, who don't shave themselves. In the paradox, it's assumed that everyone is male, the barber must be shaved, and townspeople may only shave themselves, not the barber. The question in this paradox is, who shaves the barber?

Find a Top-Ranked Barber Shop Near You