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The Andrew Kim Law Firm was founded to provide clients with the care and personalized legal services they need during challenging and emotional times in life. The firm is dedicated to family law, and the attorneys work to win fair and equitable outcomes in cases of divorce, separation, property division, and alimony. When couples cannot agree on custody arrangements or child support the attorneys provide compassionate and effective counsel to ensure the child's best interests are protected so families can move on and heal.

David Talbert Huber Attorney & Counselor at Law is a powerful and experienced advocate for clients in a variety of legal areas. When clients need caring and effective support during a divorce, custody dispute, or child support disagreement the attorney works zealously to find fair and just outcomes so that children receive the financial support they deserve and families can move on in life. The attorney also has in-depth knowledge of areas such as personal safety in cases of substance abuse, domestic violence, and restraining order violations.

Eckstrom Law Firm, PLLC is a Seattle family and criminal law practice that provides caring and effective representation from dedicated professional. Melissa Eckstrom is passionate about giving clients the highest quality of service and support during painful times in life, beginning with a free initial case evaluation for each new client. When a client needs to modify or enforce a child support order, obtain a fair and equitable divorce, or have been accused of domestic violence or abuse, the attorney fights to protect their rights and win the best possible outcomes.

Feldman & Lee is a multi-practice law firm with a team of experienced and aggressive attorneys ready to fight for the rights of clients. The firm handles cases in a range of legal areas, including personal injury, criminal defense, and family law. Katherine M. Chrostowska is a dedicated family law attorney with over a decade of experience in supporting clients through divorce, custody disputes, and child support battles. When people need a caring and effective advocate by their side the professionals at Feldman & Lee are there to help.

Genesis Law Firm is a team of compassionate and aggressive divorce attorneys with a passion for providing the highest level of service at competitive rates. The attorneys assist clients in an extensive range of family matters, from child support and visitation battles to same-sex adoptions and prenuptial agreements. No matter the clients needs the firm offers effective and zealous support every step of the way. Genesis Law Firm also handles cases in legal areas like business, employment, and real estate law, as well a Chinese divorce and immigration.

Integrity Law Group was founded in 2008 to provide the highest quality of boutique service to clients throughout the Seattle area. The firm's attorneys advise and represent clients in an extensive range of legal areas, including personal injury, estate planning, immigration, bankruptcies, and landlord-tenant law. The firm also provides service for matters of family law such as divorces, child support agreements, and custody disputes, and the attorneys work hard to win fair and equitable outcomes to ensure a positive future for children, parents, and individuals.

Law Office of Brian J. Todd is a Seattle law firm dedicated to family, traffic, and criminal law. Whether clients are facing an emotional divorce, need help collecting child support, or need an order of protection in cases of domestic violence, attorney Brian J. Todd is a skilled and compassionate advocate. The attorney works to ensure the best possible outcomes for families no matter how complex or difficult the situation and strives to ensure clients' rights are protected every step of the way.

McKinley Irvin is a family law firm that has been offering legal advice and representation to the community of Seattle for over 25 years. The firm's legal team helps clients with matters related to conventional and extraordinary child support. It works to calculate the amount owed by the paying parent and files enforcement actions when the support is not paid. In 2019, 18 of the firm's attorneys were selected by Thomson Reuters as Super Lawyers.

O. Yale Lewis III is an experienced attorney and the founder of Yale Lewis Law. The attorney hand-selects each client to ensure they receive the highest quality of service and support in family matters like child support battles, divorces, property divisions, and custody disputes. The attorney strives to reach fair and equitable agreements in mediation so clients can avoid the expense of a court battle, always with the best interests of the family in mind. The firm also represents clients in matters of federal, state, and tribal Indian law.

Redinger Law Offices, PLLC is a South Lake Union family law practice dedicated to supporting clients in a range of legal matters. The firm's dedicated attorneys fight for the rights of clients during difficult and complex family disputes and work hard to ensure children and parents receive the financial support they deserve after a divorce or separation. The firm also handles family matters like adoptions, custody disputes, and prenuptial agreements, as well as other legal areas such as estate planning, special needs trusts, and probate.

S.L. Pitts PC is a respected family law firm dedicated to protecting the right of clients in a range of complex matters. The firm's attorneys work to find creative solutions and equitable agreements in matters such as high-value divorce, interstate custody battles, and premarital agreements. When custodial parents need help securing fair financial support for their children the attorneys use in-depth knowledge and years of experience to win the best possible outcome so families and children can heal and feel positive moving forward in life.

Seattle Family Law is a team of two dedicated attorneys that provide hands-on support in a range of family matters. The form offers competitive rates to make quality legal representation affordable to people who need help with issues like divorce, child support agreements, and custody disputes, whether cases are settled through negotiation or require representation in court. Service is available for all kinds of families and arrangements, always designed to get the best possible outcomes for clients and their children. Other areas of practice include family immigration and foreclosure defense.

The Law Office of Lisa K. Clark was founded to give clients complete professional support in matters of family law. The attorney is a fierce advocate for families and children facing tough and painful events like divorce, custody disputes, and visitation battles, and works hard to ensure clients receive the care and support they deserve under the law. Prospective clients can fill out the contact form on the firm's website, and the attorney will provide a free initial consultation to get started on the path to healing and justice.

The Law Office of Steven J. Fields, LLC is a Bothell firm dedicated to family law. Attorney Steven J. Fields has more than 450 years of legal experience and strives to give clients the advice and support they need to move on after a difficult divorce or separation. The attorney works with each client to ensure they and their children receive the best possible outcomes in disputes over child support, custody, and visitation rights. The attorney also works to get full legal protection for clients in cases of domestic violence.

The Law Offices of David Kontos provides passionate and experienced service in the areas of family and criminal law. The attorney has more than three decades of experience in giving clients the support, advice, and advocacy they need during divorces and separations and fights to protect the rights of families and children so healing can begin. Whether the client needs to obtain financial support for minor children or requires help acquiring a protection order after domestic violence, attorney David Kontos is there every step of the way.

The founding attorney of The Law Offices of Robert C. Kaufman, PS understands how important it can be to have a caring and experienced advocate during tense and challenging times. The firm is dedicated entirely to family law, and the attorney is committed to protecting the rights of clients and their children during divorces, child support disputes, and custody battles. When clients need compassionate advising and representation Robert C. Kaufman is there to help. Customers can call or email the firm to get started with an initial case evaluation.

The Weintraub Law Office has spent more than a decade providing experienced and compassionate support in the area of family law. Attorney Boaz "Bo" Weintraub was named one of the 2015 Top 100 Matrimonial/Family Law Attorneys in Washington and has a passion for supporting clients during stressful and challenging times. The firm handles a range of family matters, including divorce, child custody disputes, and child support agreements and enforcement, always with the best interests and safety of the client and their children in mind.

Van Ackeren, PS. is a Tacoma law firm dedicated to providing superior, personalized service to military clients. Attorney Cheryl Van Ackeren is a former service member with years of experience in representing clients in a range of complex legal matters, including military criminal charges, court martial proceedings, and divorce. The attorney uses in-depth knowledge of civilian and military law to support clients during a divorce and fights to ensure fair and positive outcomes for families and children in the U.S. and around the world.

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