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2833 NASA Road 1, Seabrook, TX 77586 Rating

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5.0 (3)

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The Law Offices and Mediation Center of Susan M. Edmonson serves clients in Baytown seeking divorce. For about 20 years founder Attorney Edmonson has been board certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. The firm handles all complexities of divorce proceedings, including property division, child support and custody, alimony, and modification or enforcement of an existing court order. Other areas include adoption, name change, and paternity.

Attorney Information

Attorney NameBar StatusExperience
Susan Edmonson - Founding AttorneyActive41 yrs
Susan Edmonson - Founding Attorney and MediatorActive41 yrs

4000 Garth Road, Baytown, TX 77521 Rating

Review Sources

4.2 (6)
5.0 (1)
5.0 (1)

Why choose this provider?

The office of Daniel Jackson, Attorney has been representing people who need help going through the divorce process in the Baytown region for over three decades. Founder Daniel R. Jackson provides compassionate counsel in all practice areas, including uncontested and contested divorces, child custody, visitation and support, modification to existing court orders, domestic abuse restraining orders, and paternity issues. Other areas include real estate, probate and estate planning, and criminal law. Other office locations include East Terrace, Liberty, and Chambers Counties.

Attorney Information

Attorney NameBar StatusExperience
Daniel Jackson - PrincipalActive46 yrs

503 Ward Road, Baytown, TX 77520 Rating

Review Sources

4.7 (37)

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The offices of Jorge Lopez Law PC provides services to clients of contested and uncontested divorce in Baytown. Attorney Lopez has extensive experience with matrimonial laws in Texas and those practice areas include the division of property, an agreed parenting plan of minor children, and divorce mediation. Other practice areas litigated by Jorge Lopez Law PC are personal injury and big truck and auto accidents. It also has an office in Houston, TX.

Attorney Information

Attorney NameBar StatusExperience
Jorge Lopez - PrincipalActive14 yrs

7151 Office City Drive, Houston, TX 77087 Rating

Review Sources

4.4 (1017)
4.3 (85)
4.7 (14)

Why choose this provider?

The Gonzalez Law Group, PLLC provides legal advice in Baytown and its surrounding areas. The firm handles divorce cases that involve adultery, cruelty, insupportability, and abandonment. It also deals with issues like the confinement of a spouse in a mental hospital and spouses living apart for at least 3 years. Divorce lawyers in the Gonzalez Law Group also deal with cases in which a spouse is convicted of a felony and those that involve spousal maintenance and termination of parental rights.

Attorney Information

Attorney NameBar StatusExperience
Ricardo Gonzalez - Managing PartnerActive39 yrs
Marco Gonzalez - Managing PartnerActive11 yrs

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NameExpertise RatingAddressPromotionsLearn more
Law Offices and Mediation Center of Susan M. Edmonson
2833 NASA Road 1, Seabrook, TX 77586
Daniel Jackson, Attorney
4000 Garth Road, Baytown, TX 77521
Jorge Lopez Law, P.C.
503 Ward Road, Baytown, TX 77520
The Gonzalez Law Group, PLLC
7151 Office City Drive, Houston, TX 77087

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  • What is the non-emergency contact number for the local police station in Baytown, Texas?

    Call (281) 422-8371 to report non-emergency concerns and incidents in Baytown.

  • Do you have to stop using your credit cards and bank accounts while the divorce in Baytown is still in progress?

    While the divorce is underway, you can use your accounts and credit cards as usual. However, it is advised that you cancel credit cards and retrieve important items from safe deposit boxes before you or your spouse files for divorce. In some cases, the Baytown judge will issue a temporary order restraining you from taking on additional debt, closing your accounts and credit cards, and spending money for purposes other than living needs and legal fees.

  • What is the typical child custody arrangement in Baytown, TX?

    Joint custody or joint managing conservatorship is the typical child custody arrangement in a Baytown divorce unless there is evidence that such arrangement is not in the child’s best interests. Under such an arrangement, both parents have visitation rights and perform a custodial role but a primary conservator is assigned with whom the child will reside for the majority of the time. They must both be consulted on major decisions regarding childcare, such as medical procedures and schooling.

  • Do you need to go to trial for an uncontested divorce in Baytown, TX?

    If you and your spouse have mutually agreed on the terms of your divorce and have already drawn up a divorce settlement agreement, there is no need to go to trial. Although, the judge in Baytown may ask for the spouses to appear in court-- not in a formal trial, but for the judge to ensure that both spouses truly agree on the divorce and understand the resulting consequences.

  • When can you expect your divorce in Baytown to be finalized?

    The divorce becomes final after the decree has been entered in court. It will take at least two months from the date the divorce petition was filed since there is a 60-day waiting period for divorces in Baytown. If it is uncontested and your divorce agreement is prepared during the waiting period, you can have your divorce finalized on the 61st day. If there are issues in the divorce, it can be drawn out and take several months.

  • When are you eligible to file for divorce in Baytown?

    You must meet the residency requirements in order to apply for divorce in Baytown. One of the spouses must have lived in Chambers or Harris County for the past 90 days and in Texas for over six months prior to filing the petition. Note that if a spouse is expecting, the divorce will not be finalized until after the baby is born. However, you can start the divorce proceedings during the pregnancy.