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5 Ash Roofing is a roofing contractor in Memphis assisting residential clients exclusively. It conducts the entire installation process and performs inspections to ensure safety and ensure no underlying issues exist. It also performs maintenance services that help to stave off structural problems and water intrusion. However, 5 Ash Roofing is prepared to fix leaks, replace material losses, and fully replace roofs if need be. This company provides services for gutters, standard and hardie siding, fascia, and soffit too.

AP Construction LLC assists clients all throughout the Memphis metro area, whether they have residential or commercial needs. This company does inspections and works to determine whether there are hidden issues when surface problems aren't apparent. It completes repairs caused by routine issues as well as storms and other general weather phenomena. It does total roof replacement too. AP Construction LLC uses several brands including Owens Corning and GAF to supply its asphalt roofing products.

Chase Roof Inspections is a roofing contractor offering 24/7 availability to clients all over the Memphis metro area. It does roofing construction for residential properties, conducts inspections both before and after projects, and performs roof replacements when necessary. It installs and repairs asphalt shingles and does flat foam roofing installations along with single-ply roofs. Chase Roof Inspections is also available to perform routine maintenance services that work to prevent larger problems from surfacing.

ContractingPRO does roofing work on homes, commercial buildings, and multifamily properties. Its expert technicians install new roofs for these structures and conduct repairs that bring them up to par. It uses SureNail technology to ensure a higher level of gripping power, provides options from a TruDefinition color platform, and installs StreakGuard Algae Resistance Protection to discourage the growth of the organism. ContractingPRO frequently uses roofing products produced by Owens Corning. Siding and window services are available as well.

Crown Roofing is a local, family owned roofing company in Memphis that assists residential clients with all of their roof-related needs. It installs roofs using high-quality shingles and supplements materials with protective coatings that keep out water and ice. It also makes repairs to replace missing shingles, reseal openings around vent pipes, chimneys, and skylights, and replace rotten or split materials. Crown Roofing provides restoration services too, fixing problems introduced by weather and vermin while maintaining traditional aesthetics.

Custom Remodeling is active in the Memphis metro area, serving the needs of residential clients with roofing concerns. One of its prominent services is reroofing, which it often does to replace damaged roofing materials that no longer provide the protection home owners need. It also does tear off work, removing ruined or outdated shingles and other roofing materials to make reroofing possible while handling the cleanup thereafter. Custom Remodeling installs ventilation ports too.

Disaster Response and Restoration is best prepared to serve clients who need a roofer in Memphis experienced with emergency repair work. This is a restoration company versed in fire and water damage restoration that frequently fixes roofs damaged by the former two elements, as well as storms. If damaged cannot be easily remedied, it can remove ruined roofing materials and install a new roof. Disaster Response and Restoration works with a slew of materials including asphalt, slate, wood shingles, clay tiles, and synthetic roofing.

Infinity Roofing does business with clients all over the Memphis metro area and provides repair and installation services for home owners. It specializes in shingle repairs and replaces damaged materials to restore the protection that these materials offer. Inspection services are available to ensure the true extent of damage is being taken into consideration. Infinity Roofing also installs brand new roofs when circumstances call for it. This company does work on siding, gutters, and wooden housing components too.


Lucius Complete Home is a general contractor that provides roofing services to home owners. It offers extensive remodeling services that extend to roofing needs, and it can both fix and completely replace roofs. Energy efficiency is a large aspect of its expertise and it installs special skylights, attic ventilation channels, and insulated vinyl siding materials that contribute to this cause. Lucius Complete Home also installs gutters and gutter guards as part of its roofing services.

MasterBilt Roofing serves the Memphis metro area and delivers roofing services to home owners who need roofs installed, repaired, or completely replaced. It also does emergency repairs when large issues crop up suddenly. This installer frequently sets up GAF lifetime systems that include highly durable shingles, leak-proof water resistant barriers, starter strip shingles, roof barrier protection, ridge cap shingles, and ridge vents. MasterBilt Roofing guides clients through the insurance claims process as well.

Metro Builders Inc. assists clients who need a roofer in Memphis via its residential and commercial roofing services. It often applies single-ply thermoplastic membranes with cool roof properties for commercial properties and works with asphalt shingles in projects involving homes. It also performs repairs, especially in cases involving storm damage or water leaks as well as hail or wind-based erosion. A certified and licensed insurance adjuster is on staff, empowering Metro Builders Inc. to deliver informed assistance with insurance claims.

Newtco Roofing is active throughout the Memphis metro area and helps clients by installing and maintaining their residential and commercial roofing systems. It offers a multitude of shingle varieties to residential clients and does built-up, metal, modified bitumen, TPO, and EPDM roofs for commercial clients. Construction services are available for roofs that need structure or support set up, and insulation can be installed as part of or separately from this process. Newtco Roofing services gutters and downspouts too.

Persistent Roofing & Renovations LLC is a roofing contractor in Memphis. It handles the full range of roofing needs, from repair services that stop leaks and material erosion to complete roof replacement jobs. This company serves both home and business owners and conducts services that address the niche needs of both. Persistent Roofing & Renovations LLC also performs gutter installation and repair services, helping clients to set up more efficient systems to deal with rainy weather.

Pinnacle Roofing & Restoration is active throughout the Memphis metro area doing repair work on residential and commercial properties. It repairs roofing damage caused by various sources including inclement weather as well as animals and works to bring roofs back up to par. Emergency roofing services are available for spontaneous cases, and if damage passes a certain threshold it can perform roof replacement services instead. Pinnacle Roofing & Restoration also does commercial roof coatings.

Q3 Contractors is active throughout the Memphis metro area, providing well-rounded roofing services to residential and commercial clients. It performs repairs, does reroofing restoration jobs, and installs brand new roofs when previous materials are untenable or properties themselves are new. Corrective maintenance services are offered to clients who wish to avoid repair and replacement needs. Q3 Contractors also does solar installation as well as insulation installation to make roofs more energy efficient. Weatherproofing services are available.

Southern Roofing & Renovations is a roofing company in Memphis serving residential and commercial clients alike. On the residential side it typically performs insured repair work to restore properties to their former conditions following damage caused by weather or natural depreciation. This company offers an especially vast selection of shingles in a multitude of colors for residential roofing applications. Its commercial services are particularly known for coating applications of the single-ply, multi-ply, and hot tar varieties

Swift Treadwell Custom Homes is a roofing contractor in Memphis doing business with home and multifamily building owners since 1976. It can handle practically any roofing needs ranging from simple repairs to roof replacements. This contractor has a wealth of experience building custom homes and often performs roofing services as part of extensive renovation projects. It also does preventative installations, such as weatherproof roof coatings, to decrease the likelihood of roofing damage. Contracting services are available for interior renovations as well.

Tennison Brothers Inc. is a roofing company in Memphis doing business with residential and commercial clients all around the metro area. It does standing seam and residential screw down metal roofing as well as roof flashings for both residential and commercial properties. It offers a variety of color options for metal roofing panels and creates custom layouts for buildings of diverse sizes and shapes. Tennison Brothers Inc. also fabricates and installs gutters and gutter accessories.

The Green Roof Coating Specialists can fulfil the needs of clients seeking a roofer in Memphis that provides roof coating services. This company has over 30 years of experience installing elastomeric and silicone waterproof roof coatings. These services restore metal, shingle, and flat roofs by preventing further water intrusion. Coatings are also available in several colors, giving clients a degree of aesthetic control. Although its services are heavily focused on roof coatings, The Green Roof Coating Specialists does do roof replacements.

Thweatt Construction does business with clients throughout the Memphis metro area, providing complete roofing services for homes and commercial buildings. As a multifaceted construction company, it often does roofing work as part of larger remodeling projects, but can also perform repairs and roofing replacements on a smaller scale. Thweatt Construction is adamant about its willingness to perform jobs both large and small and clients can retain this company to install roofs and other structural elements within new construction as well as older buildings.

TopRidge Roofing is active throughout the Memphis metro area and does repair and restoration work on residential properties. This company frequently repairs damage caused by storms but is versed in all manner of roofing repairs. It also cleans roofs to remove substances and organisms, such as mold, that can cause damage to be exacerbated over time. TopRidge Roofing repairs siding, gutters, and sheetrock too. Full-house painting services are also available along with various coating options.

Zion Roof and Restoration LLC is a roofing company serving the Memphis area. It replaces damaged and old roofs with new ones made of metal, wood shakes, slate, tile, and asphalt shingles. Liquid-applied membrane roofing is used to make roofs waterproof. Additionally, Zion Roof and Restoration provides maintenance services to ensure the regular wear and tear on roofs from weather, debris, and animal activity is managed so the useful life is extended.

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