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The owner and staff at A4 Architecture and Planning strive to give customers the highest quality of functional, usable, and creative design. The firm's architect works closely with every client to design homes, commercial spaces, and institutional buildings to be as comfortable, livable, and beautiful as possible. The firm has earned rave reviews for its innovative designs and has served clients across the state, including homeowners, universities, museums, and sustainable projects like the Greenfins Aquaculture Facility. Customers can email the firm to get more information about services and pricing.

Blount Bennett Architects Ltd. is a full-service architectural and design firm that excels at giving clients a perfectly customized blend of form and function. The firm provides service to homeowners, business owners, and clients in a range of industries such as education, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail, beginning with an in-depth consultation to understand the client's vision and needs. The company's dedicated experts provide complete support and supervision throughout every step of the design and build process to ensure customers receive the highest quality of results.

The dedicated and creative team at Burgin Lambert Architects has earned numerous awards and recognition for being an industry leader in artistic, harmonious, and environmentally conscious design. The company's designers and architects strive to create bold, beautiful structures that feel comfortable and usable and perfectly compliment and blend in with the local character and natural environments. The firm has a reputation for designing some of the area's most admired homes, multi-family dwellings, and coastal attractions, as well as its excellent home and business renovation and modernization work.

Clifford M. Renshaw Architects has been serving clients since 1982 and has earned a reputation as a leader in creative and innovative design. The firm's award-winning team specializes in commercial and residential design and renovations, providing customers with creative and sustainable homes and business spaces that come alive with artistic touches and custom-tailored features. The firm also specializes in historic restoration and preservation, complete with in-depth research to protect the building's character. Interested customers can contact the firm on the website to request a consultation.

The mission at Cordtsen Design Architecture is to provide every customer with the highest level of creative and professional service. The award-winning company has been responsible for some of the area's most beautiful homes, businesses, and estates and has a team of designers, architects, and contractors with a passion for exceeding expectations. No matter the customer's needs, taste, and vision, Cordtsen Design Architecture is a trusted and respected name in world-class architecture and design. Customers can call or contact the firm on the website to request a consultation.

DBVW Architects is an industry leader in responsive, creative, and exceptional design services. The company's creative experts provide personalized service at every step, from the initial consultation to the final construction, and strive to exceed expectations with the highest quality of work. Available services include conceptual design studies, zoning analysis, construction administration, and sustainable custom design, as well as specialized services like historic preservation, landmark restoration, and interior design. No matter the customer's vision the team at DBVW Architects have the skills and passion to make it a reality.

Founded in 1992, Donald S. Richardson AIA & Associates is an architecture firm serving the Providence, Road Island, metro area. This firm is open ended and does not restrict itself to a predictable style as its founders feel that clients would be blessed served by a firm with flexible, versatile design choices. However, this firm most famously creates residential properties, and has a record of designing large, unique home, sometimes with heavy renovations.

Edward Rowse Architects, Inc. was founded in 1989 with the mission of giving customers the highest level of ethical, reliable, and professional service. The firm's talented architects design bold, beautiful homes, facilities, and businesses from the ground up and incorporate creative and functional elements to make every space livable, comfortable, and unique. The company specializes in serving the healthcare, recreational, and educational sectors, as well as home and business owners. Available services clients include expert home renovation, historic restoration and preservation, needs assessments, feasibility reporting, and custom architectural design.

Fielding Nair International (FNI) is a 50+ person firm of architects and educators with studios in Rhode Island, Minneapolis, Baltimore, and Detroit. Fielding Nair International focuses on being a global leader for educational facilities planning and architectural design. They plan and design school facilities for with one primary goal in mind: to improve learning. FNI has provided consulting services to local, regional and national governments, school districts and other educational clients in 27 countries on 5 continents and has accomplished projects in 49 countries.

Frank Karpowicz Architects is a team of creative and passionate designers with a commitment to giving customers throughout New England the finest service and results on every project. The firm designs residential spaces like cottages, vacation homes, and estates, as well as commercial structures for a range of industries like healthcare, retail, and hospitality. From the initial consultation to the final construction the company's experienced staff are there every step of the way to quickly and efficiently provide innovative solutions, expert management, and superior quality.

Friedrich St. Florian Architects is a renowned Rhode Island architectural firm with a vision to create the most usable and inspiring designs for clients. The firm earned respect for its design of the WWII Memorial in Washington, DC, and brings that creativity to clients in a broad range of areas. The firm's designers have years of experience in creating functional and beautiful homes, residential and multi-family structures, institutional facilities, business building, and monuments, all backed by a commitment to innovation, excellence, and superior service.

Gail Hallock Architect is a name customers trust for creative designs, professional service, and reliable expertise. The company's owner and architect aspires to give each customer the home of their dreams, whether they need a kitchen or bathroom remodel, and custom-designed outdoor space for entertaining, or a new home full of beautiful details and personal touches only a professional can provide. The architect uses years of experience and the latest technology to design beautiful custom homes and spaces to suit any needs, taste, and style, beginning with an in-person consultation.

GMI Architects has been providing superior and innovative service for more than 35 years. The company offers a range of professional services, including creative interior design, custom architecture, and project planning for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. From vacation homes and additions to healthcare facilities and retail spaces, the company's knowledgeable and experienced staff takes pride in delivering superior results on time and budget. Interested customers can see a portfolio of work on the company's website and fill out the online contact form to schedule a consultation.

Jefferson Group Architecture, Inc is an award-winning design firm that has been providing innovative and exceptional service since 1983. The company provides customers with world-class expertise in residential and commercial design, architecture, and renovations. Jefferson Group Architecture, Inc has earned a nationwide reputation for designing beautiful functional, and breathtaking resorts, restaurants, casinos, and hotels, as well as luxury homes and estates. The firm's experts take care of every detail, from blueprints and project management to artistic interior design and renovations.

Lacuna Design is a team of passionate and creative architects and artists dedicated to giving customers superior service. The company's experts work in collaboration with customers to create beautiful, innovative, and usable homes, multi-family dwellings, and commercial structures designed to impress and exceed expectations. Whether the customer wants to build a new vacation home, install a multi-function entertainment center, or revamp a business to draw in traffic, the professionals at Lacuna Design have the skills, drive, and talent to make any vision a reality.

LLB Architects has more than 80 years of experience in providing the finest quality of custom design and architectural services. The company's experienced and creative team uses a strategic blend of traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology to design, improve, and restore an extensive range of residential and commercial structures, from homes and estates to healthcare facilities, retail spaces, and schools. Customers can browse the company's website to learn about the range of available services, including facilities assessments, interior design, historic restoration, and project marketing.

The owner of Studio Rios Architecture is a respected professional with years of experience in urban planning, green design, and sustainable architecture. The firm provides a range of professional services such as blueprint rendering, home improvement design, and commercial design, whether customers want a comfortable mother-in-law apartment or a custom-designed dream home. The architect has in-depth knowledge of essential areas like code compliance, project execution, and sustainability and strives to exceed customer expectations on every project. Customers can call or email the firm to get more information.

Truth Box, Inc. is a Providence architecture and design firm dedicated to sustainable development, green building, and superior service. The company has earned a reputation for producing some of the area's finest commercial, residential, and mixed-use structures, using years of experience and artistic vision to design and build beautiful, comfortable, and usable spaces. The company's experts consider every detail, from custom-designed environmental controls to harmonious exteriors designed to blend with and compliment existing neighborhoods. Interested customers can call or email the firm to get more information.

Ventrone Architecture is a trusted name in professional historic restoration and custom residential and transportation architecture. When clients want to preserve, improve, or renovate a historical structure the firm's experienced and creative experts provide innovative solutions and creative designs that enhance usability and blend harmoniously with the local architecture and character. The firm has earned acclaim for its work on local structures like the Rose Island Lighthouse, the Old Town Hall Museum, and numerous private residences. Interested customers can email the firm to get more information.

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