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The legal field is ever-changing; what is common knowledge now may become obsolete with one flourish of a justice’s pen. As such, staying in touch with the latest in the law, often on a day-by-day basis, is imperative when mounting representation and providing trustworthy counsel.

The following websites, which specifically cover the law, are good resources to fine-tune your knowledge of the latest legal developments. Since they are more specialized than general news sites and their featured articles are often written by legal professionals, it’ll seem like you’re getting updates from colleagues in the know. 

1. The Wall Street Journal Law Section

The Wall Street Journal Law Section posts news, updates, and the latest developments in the legal field practically daily, making it relevant and timely for its readership. In terms of credibility, the online version carries the reputation of its physical paper counterpart. 

It’s essentially the same paper as it has always been, just in digital form. When you read the Wall Street Journal, you know that there is over a century’s worth of history behind the paper. This also comes with some biases, such as an occasional slightly conservative slant.

The biggest downside of this website is that it’s generally hidden behind a paywall, limiting access. However, the subscription process is smooth enough and includes access to audio versions of the paper version’s articles.

2. ABA Journal

The American Bar Association Journal covers topics concerning the practice of law, ranging from the use of artificial intelligence in the office to legal ethics and advertising within the lawyers’ community. It also discusses issues like legal education and the production of new attorneys. 

The website releases journals every month, and previous issues (all the way to 2004) are available. Access is limited to members of the American Bar Association.

The site mostly focuses on the daily grind of the legal profession and not on the law per se. It’s good for finding out new techniques to prepare witnesses or to read up on how a migrant from China became a successful immigration lawyer in the States. But if one specifically wants updates about the law, one has to look elsewhere.

3. The US Department of Justice

The US Department of Justice’s news page is full of the latest developments in the department’s activities. Lawyers who have an interest in who the US has been prosecuting and how those cases are going will want to visit this website frequently. 

It covers news in various forms, from blogs and photo galleries to videos and press releases. The update frequency is practically daily, and the articles are readable and available to the public with no paywall or limitation. 

The focus is strongly on criminal cases, given how much of the news covers ongoing prosecutions. Some articles cover other topics, like the use of artificial intelligence in the practice of law, but these are a minority. Naturally, coverage may be a touch skewed in favor of the government.

4. The National Law Review

The National Law Review is a comprehensive and easily accessible news resource that does not implement a paywall. News items are updated daily and range from the latest filings under a specific field of law to the latest developments in the tariff and antitrust fields.

The website also features a subscription service that enables readers to receive notifications through email. The site covers pertinent legal developments in other countries like the UK and Australia whenever there is an effect on the American legal scene.

While the site covers a lot of legal fields, there are some areas, like criminal law, where the coverage is much more limited, mostly to white-collar crimes and consumer rights. The coverage of personal injury and torts matters is fairly limited, too.

5. Jurist: Legal News And Commentary

Jurist covers global and domestic legal news and is updated daily. The content is not paywalled, and its presentation is accessible, as the site is aimed primarily at law students. A team of more than 100 law students, commentators, correspondents, and content creators from 50 law schools and 25 countries runs it.

The coverage tends to mimic that of more generalized news sites like CNN. But there are fields of law, like criminal and human rights law, that are covered well compared to bigger sites like The National Law Review.

6. covers legal news in the US across various topics, including commercial law, legal education, and product liability matters. The coverage of news items is fairly diverse, including criminal law news items, which other big sites don’t cover as deeply. The site is updated daily. 

There is also an international version that covers global legal developments with an eye toward growing the business intelligence of law practitioners across the globe. Thus, there is a focus on practice and commerce-related issues like the latest trends in professional compensation and business developments.

However, most items can only be accessed via premium subscription, so readers who wish to keep costs down are at a bit of a disadvantage. 

7. Legal Talk Network

Legal Talk Network offers podcast options to legal professionals who wish to receive information on the go. It covers essentially the same ground as the ABA Journal, discussing topics that have to do with the practice of law. 

Most of these shows are updated on a monthly basis, so timeliness may be an issue. It also limits itself to developments and techniques in the practice of the legal profession. The audio format, however, is dynamic enough so you can integrate it as a periodic briefer or explainer with your network of written news resources.

8. Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg Law is the legal wing of Bloomberg News, a New York-based international news agency. The content is easily readable and can be accessed without requiring payment. Updates are daily and cover various topics, from developments in the Supreme Court to bankruptcy matters and upcoming suits and depositions in several states.

This website tends to favor the Democratic party. It is nothing too egregious and is normally only signaled by descriptions calling the Supreme Court “pro-business” or emphasizing how it may deny certiorari on certain issues concerning social equality.

9. Reuters Legal

Reuters Legal is the law news arm of the Reuters news agency, headquartered in London. The material is updated daily and is easily accessed without a paywall or subscription. Registration is an option for those who wish to receive daily updates. The site is organized into fields, ranging from government developments to Supreme Court matters and legal industry news, though this organization may feel lacking in specificity. The information is also easy to read.

A huge advantage of Reuters is its stance on using neutral language and objectivity. It uses value-neutral language in its reporting and avoids showing biases on any issues, one way or another. Facts and developments are reported in a straightforward fashion, and the writing is so unbiased that the greater Reuters agency even historically refrains from using loaded words like “terror group.” 

10. NPR Law

NPR Law is the specific section of the National Public Radio’s website covering legal issues and the latest developments with minimal friction. It is a good starting point for reading up on the latest news of the day.

The news items are easy to read and are expressly accessible without a paywall. The website covers a wide variety of law topics, ranging from criminal and commercial matters to constitutional and political issues.

Stories are arranged chronologically, so readers who prefer a per-issue approach will have to make do. Also, if one wishes to read up on developments from a month or two ago, one would have to work through the archive or try the site’s search function, which may be a bit hit-or-miss. 

In conclusion

It is always wise to keep abreast of developments in the legal field since things are in a constant state of flux in the profession. And it is better if you do this via resources that are easy to access, relevant, and timely. All 10 of these websites have these qualities in varying degrees, supporting your less formal but no less important continuing education. Take the time to subscribe to these pages or bookmark them. And remember to whitelist the newsletter, the latest player in the legal news field.

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