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Marking a century of exceptional service in 2022, State Farm stands as the nation’s leading provider. Setting it apart from competitors, State Farm operates in every state, boasting an extensive network of local agents.

In our comprehensive guide, we’ve curated essential insights to assist you in selecting the optimal auto insurance for safeguarding your family and assets. This guide delves into coverage options, discounts, additional features, and exclusive benefits available to members.

Our Take on State Farm Auto Insurance?


  • Extensive network of local agents
  • Century of experience
  • Comprehensive coverage options


  • Potentially higher premiums
  • Limited online quoting

State Farm Auto Insurance at a Glance

Below is a quick overview of the strengths and weaknesses of State Farm’s auto insurance offerings.

Where State Farm stands out

Extensive network of local agents:

State Farm takes pride in its vast network of local agents, providing a personal touch for policyholders in every state. This means you can get one-on-one support and guidance, which can be a real help if you prefer talking face-to-face or need help understanding your insurance choices.

A century of experience:

State Farm brings over a century of experience, building a trusted reputation for reliability and stability in the insurance world. This long history shows a consistent ability to understand and meet policyholders’ needs while staying adaptable to shifts in the market.

Comprehensive coverage options: 

State Farm gives you a variety of coverage options, so you can customize your policy to fit exactly what you need. This means you have the freedom to design a policy that suits your unique situation and preferences.

State Farm compared to the competition

To help you compare how auto insurance costs can vary by company, we included our sample quotes for a 2014 financed vehicle in Alabama below. 


Annual Premium

Monthly Premium


State Farm












Assurance America




Available discounts

State Farm offers a few discounts to help you save money on your auto insurance.

  • Drive Safe & Save ™: Drive Safe & Save lets you take control of your auto insurance. Simply enrolling gives you an upfront discount, and then you have the potential to save up to 30% based on your driving habits.

  • Steer Clear: If you’re a new driver or under 25, you may be eligible for their Sterr Clear program. This offers you the opportunity to save money while honing your skills to become a safer, more confident driver.

  • Bundling discount: Additional savings are offered if you have other State Farm insurance products, such as homeowners, renters, or life insurance, in addition to auto insurance. The website states that you can save up to $1,073 if you bundle auto & home insurance.

  • Multiple auto savings: If State Farm insures two or more vehicles in your household, their discounts can help lower your insurance premiums.

It’s worth noting that these discounts are not available in every state. For more information, contact a local State Farm agent. 

State Farm offers fewer discounts compared to other top insurers. If you’re looking for a more robust assortment of discounts, look into Liberty Mutual or American Family. 

What Auto Insurance Coverage Options Are Available?

State Farm offers plenty of coverage options when it comes to car insurance. This includes:

Collision insurance

Collision insurance steps in to cover the costs of repairing or replacing your vehicle if it’s been in a collision with another vehicle or object, no matter who’s at fault. This coverage is pivotal for accidents, ensuring your car gets the attention it needs to get back on the road.

Comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive insurance offers protection against a range of incidents that aren’t collisions, like theft, vandalism, natural disasters, or run-ins with animals. It’s the safety net for unexpected events, guaranteeing you’re covered for a wide array of unforeseen circumstances.

Rental insurance

Rental car reimbursement, or rental insurance, kicks in if your car is undergoing covered repairs after a collision or comprehensive claim. It handles the expenses of a rental car up to a specific daily limit, making sure you have reliable transportation while your vehicle is in the shop.

Rideshare insurance

Rideshare insurance is tailored for folks who drive for services like Uber or Lyft. It provides coverage that effectively bridges the gap between your personal auto policy and the insurance offered by the rideshare company. This ensures you’re appropriately covered while using your car for business.

Emergency roadside service

Emergency roadside service offers aid in common road-related emergencies. This can include services like towing, jump-starts for dead batteries, tire changes, lockout assistance, and fuel delivery. It’s your lifeline when you’re stuck on the road, assuring you that help is just a call away.

Additional coverage options

State Farms offers extensive additional coverages that can be used to customize a policy to your needs.

A few noteworthy add-ons include:

Uninsured motorist coverage

Around one in eight drivers nationwide lacks car insurance, as per a 2017 report by the Insurance Research Council. Rates vary by state, ranging from about 5 percent (1 in 20 drivers) in Maine to over 26 percent (1 in 4 drivers) in Florida. In an accident with such drivers, they might not have the funds to cover damages. State Farm may cover medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages in such scenarios.

Underinsured motorist coverage

Underinsured motorist coverage assists in covering accident expenses when you’re not at fault. This applies even if the other driver has liability insurance but lacks sufficient coverage to pay for all the damages resulting from the accident.

Medical payments

Medical payments coverage (Med Pay) assists in covering medical and funeral expenses for the policyholders, passengers, or their family members injured in an auto accident, regardless of fault. This includes situations like being injured while in someone else’s vehicle, using public transportation, or even while walking across the street.

Liability coverage

Liability car insurance covers costs for the other driver’s property damage and injuries if you’re deemed “at fault” in an accident. Your insurer covers expenses up to the specified limit for property damages and injuries.

Contact a local agent for more information on the add-ons available to you.

State Farm Auto Insurance Consumer Experience

State Farm ranks No. 1 out of 8 in J.D. Power’s 2023 Customer Satisfaction Index Ranking. This list examines each auto insurer based on interaction, policy offerings, price, billing process, policy information, and claims to assess overall customer satisfaction. 

Below, we break down the different aspects of this rating to provide a better picture of State Farm’s consumer experience. 

  • Digital tools: State Farm offers a variety of online tools to help you get a quote, file a claim, and determine your coverage needs with a calculator. The company also offers a mobile app that makes it easier to file claims and access your policy information. The app is rated well for both Apple devices (4.8 stars) and Android devices (4.7 stars). 

  • Claims process: Auto owners have several options for filing a claim with State Farm. They can contact their agent directly, call State Farm’s claims division, or file using the company’s website or mobile app tools. You can also track your claim status online, in the app, or by contacting your agent.  

  • Customer service: As mentioned, State Farm ranks above average in J.D. Power’s Customer Satisfaction Index Ranking, which indicates a high level of satisfaction among customers. When it comes to contacting customer service, you can reach out to a local agent, fill out an email form, use the live chat feature, or call 800-782-8332.

  • Payment methods: State Farm allows customers to pay via mobile app, in person, over the phone, or by mail. 

  • Claims satisfaction: J.D. Power ranks auto insurers by property claims satisfaction. State Farm ranks No. 5 out of 24 in the 2023 Property Claims Satisfaction Study, which measures customers’ satisfaction with their claim process from September 2022 to August 2023. 

Where Can You Get State Farm Auto Insurance in the United States?

You can get State Farm Auto Insurance in all 50 states across the U.S. They have a widespread presence with local agents available to assist customers nationwide. You can also visit to get a free quote instantly.

How Much Does State Farm Auto Insurance Cost?

State Farm provides competitive auto insurance rates. For a financed 2014 vehicle in Alabama, they offered a monthly premium of $173.73. Bundling with renters insurance came to $184.98 monthly. The estimated discount for 6 months was $1042.42. Actual quotes depend on factors like vehicle specifics, personal details, location, and eligible discounts. For a personalized quote, contact State Farm directly.

How To Buy State Farm Car Insurance

Purchasing State Farm auto insurance can be done online or by calling a local State Farm agent. 

  1. First, begin the quote process with State Farm’s quote tool. You can also request a quote over the phone with a local agent. 

  2. To complete the quote, you’ll be asked a series of questions about your vehicle and its history, as well as some of your personal information. 

  3. Once State Farm has compiled the information it needs, the company will provide you with an online quote or connect you with a local agent. 

  4. Once you have your quote, you can contact a local agent in order to purchase your auto insurance. You can also purchase a plan online. 

State Farm Car Insurance FAQ

Below, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about State Farm’s auto insurance coverage. 

  • Does State Farm offer roadside assistance?

State Farm offers roadside assistance which covers towing, fuel delivery, locksmith labor, and tire changes.

  • Does State Farm offer gap insurance?

No. State Farm does not offer GAP insurance. They instead offer a Payoff Protector® benefit, which covers the outstanding principal balance if the car is totaled or stolen. However, the loan must have originated with State Farm Bank.

  • Does State Farm offer accident forgiveness?

After nine years of accident-free State Farm membership, drivers qualify for Accident Forgiveness. This benefit lets eligible drivers maintain their accident-free discount and avoid surcharges even after one at-fault accident per policy.

  • Does State Farm offer SR-22 insurance?

Yes. SR-22 insurance is available through State Farm. An SR-22 is a mandated certificate of financial responsibility after committing certain traffic violations. These can include DUI, driving without insurance, or restoring a suspended or revoked license.

  • Does State Farm offer usage-based insurance?

Yes. Drive Safe & Save ™ is State Farms usage-based insurance (UBI). It adjusts premiums to an individual vehicle’s mileage and customer driving behavior.

  • Does State Farm offer rideshare insurance?

Rideshare insurance is tailored for folks who drive for services like Uber or Lyft. It provides coverage that effectively bridges the gap between your personal auto policy and the insurance offered by the rideshare company.


Expertise’s auto insurance rating methodology takes into account the following details about each company:

  • Financial strength: This category examines a company’s ability to pay future claims based on assessments from independent agencies like AM Best and Demotech. Companies with a higher score from these third-party companies ranked higher in this category. 

  • Customer satisfaction: Our team examined, which provides an analysis of customers’ perceptions and expectations of their insurer’s performance throughout the entire claims experience. Companies that ranked higher on J.D. Power’s list scored higher in this category. 

  • Coverage availability: Our team examined state availability for each company and rated companies with higher availability than competitors. 

  • Consumer experience: For this category, our team reviewed each company’s website, mobile app, quote tool, and customer service availability. 

  • Consumer complaints: Our team reviewed complaints to state regulators as reported by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). To assess how insurers compare to one another, the NAIC calculates a complaint index each year for each subsidiary, measuring its share of total complaints relative to its size or share of total premiums in the industry. The NAIC assigns a median complaint ratio of 1.0. Companies with an NAIC complaint score of less than 1 scored higher in this category. 

  • Premium cost: This category assesses auto insurance costs based on the quotes we gathered from each company for a sample 2014 financed vehicle in Alabama. Companies that provided lower quotes scored higher in this category.  

To score companies in these categories, we collected data points from the companies' websites, company representatives, state regulator data, and third-party analyses. 

These data points were then compared against each other and given a star rating score, where one star represents a poor rating and a five-star score represents an excellent rating. To calculate the star rating, we looked at each company’s total weighted score, divided by the maximum score, and multiplied by five.  

Our ratings are weighted based on our editorial opinions. We use the following weightings for our auto insurance company ratings: 

  • Financial strength (20%) 

  • Customer satisfaction (15%) 

  • Coverage availability (10%)

  • Consumer experience (20%)

  • Consumer complaints (15%)

  • Premium cost (20%)

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