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Beyond Physical Therapy is a Tulsa provider working with its clients to help them achieve their goals, including the return to physical activities, becoming pain-free, and regaining strength, flexibility, and balance. The therapy center's professionals evaluate the individual and deliver focused care. The clinic's continued care ensures the treatments are provided in an uninterrupted sequence for the most effective results. Its services include balance training, cupping, dry needle, gait training, headache management, and spinal rehabilitation.

Central States Orthopedics is a wellness and physical therapy business that has 425 combined years of experience serving the Tulsa and surrounding communities. They cover a complete range of orthopedic procedures including hand, foot, ankle, total joint, and spine care. Central States Orthopedics also treats clients with various hip, shoulder, knee, wrist, and neck conditions.

Dr. Ryan Smith, DPT, MBA, OCS is a center in Tulsa that helps patients improve their physical function after injuries and surgery. They specialize in evidence-based orthopedic physical therapy for athletic and active clients. The practice offers massage and physical therapy, yoga, chiropractic care, fitness training, osteopathy, and nutrition education. This business treats neck and low back pain, osteoarthritis, muscular discomfort, and tendonitis as well as sports- and work-related injuries.

Excel Therapy is a personal rehabilitation center that provides quality and professional physical therapy services for patients in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. They help clients reduce pain and regain strength and functionality. This therapist-owned and operated practice also offers hand therapy, spinal rehabilitation, functional capacity and job site evaluation, work conditioning, and dry needling. Excel Therapy also handles occupational therapy.

Green Country Rehabilitation, established in 2004, is owned by therapy professionals who are experts in the healthcare industry. They offer occupational, physical, and speech therapy solutions in multiple settings including rehab facilities, school systems, nursing homes, and outpatient clinics. Green Country Rehabilitation provides tailored individual rehabilitation and therapy packages as well.

Montereau has been providing a variety of lifestyle and wellness services to the Tulsa area since 2003. Their team is comprised of licensed therapists who specialize in rehabilitation services. They handle physical therapy for those who are recovering from traumas, fractures, strokes, back injuries, and other debilitating conditions. Montereau includes gait training, pain management, therapeutic exercises and activities as well as balance and coordination improvement in their services.

Physical Rehab Center has been providing exceptional patient care in the Tulsa area since 1994. The center aims to decrease patient's pain and increase physical function. They treat neuro-musculoskeletal injuries as well as offer passive and active treatments, functional exercises and training that includes body mechanics and posture education. Physical Rehab Center specializes in spinal rehabilitation and decompression procedures.

Physical Therapy of Tulsa is an Oklahoma business that assists clients in improving their functionality. They have been treating joint, bone, and muscle dysfunctions since 1998. Their in-house certified hand therapist has extensive training in industrial rehabilitation, ergonomics, and Functional Capacity Evaluations. The team at Physical Therapy of Tulsa is dedicated to helping patients improve athletic performance, as well. Physical Therapy of Tulsa also handles aquatics, cycling analysis, dry needling, gait training, and Graston procedures.

Professional Physical Therapy, Inc is a clinic in Oklahoma that has been specializing in orthopedic condition treatments since 1982. They use the latest physical therapy techniques to achieve quality services. They handle one-on-one and manual therapies to improve patient's body alignment before exercise. Professional Physical Therapy, Inc offers foot, ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, and spinal rehabilitation solutions as well.

Recover Therapy is a wellness practice in Tulsa that focuses on helping people recover from injuries and surgeries. They have a variety of recovery services at multiple locations including float, massage, physical therapy, whole body cryotherapy, and personal training as well as Graston techniques. They also handle cupping and AlterG procedures, Normatec compression therapies, and private yoga sessions.

Redbud Physical Therapy is a provider of quality rehabilitation services in Tulsa. Their highly educated staff members specialize in the preservation, assessment, enhancement, and restoration of movement and physical function that has been impaired by disabilities, injuries, and diseases. They offer dry needling, ergonomic assessment, vestibular rehabilitation, and functional capacity evaluation. Redbud Physical Therapy also provides treatment and diagnosis of growing bones, muscles, and joints in children.

Results Physical Therapy is a Mannford-based full-service clinic that tailors treatment program to the needs of the patients. They handle aquatic therapy to improve and maintain patients' aerobic capacity, balance, endurance, agility, flexibility, posture, coordination, gait, body mechanics, and muscle strength. Results Physical Therapy's team are experts in physiotherapy, neurological, and orthopedic procedures as well as wound care and pain management solutions.

Speech and Beyond provides all aspects of pediatric therapy in a family-centered and individualized manner for patients in Jenks, Oklahoma. They specialize in speech, occupational, and physical therapy as well as counseling and nutritional services. The practice boasts a team of nationally licensed and certified therapists who are experienced in providing a comprehensive suite of mental health procedures.

Summit Physical Therapy & Rehab specializes in occupational, physical, and speech treatment services in Claremore. They have spacious gyms and private treatment rooms, and their facility is equipped with the latest equipment for effective therapy and quick recovery results. This clinic has a skilled team of licensed and trained staff who can handle individualized therapy and orthopedic rehabilitation procedures. Summit Physical Therapy & Rehab offers joint replacements, ergonomic assessments, functional capacity evaluations, and job description analyses as well.

The Center for Physical Therapy and Hand Rehabilitation is a business in Tulsa that provides treatment programs for patients with various health conditions. This business is owned by Genie and Michael Strakal who have been in physical therapy practice since 1986. They handle back, lower, and upper extremity problems, temporomandibular and cervical dysfunctions, and overuse syndromes. They offer ergonomic analyses and functional capacity evaluations as well.

TherapyTime Pediatrics offers exceptional speech and pediatric physical therapy services to children with special needs in Tulsa. TherapyTime treats conditions like cerebral palsy, congenital anomalies, dystrophies, spina bifida, orthopedic disorders, and torticollis. TherapyTime Pediatrics also gives medical care to patients with plagiocephaly, arthritis, postural concerns, autism spectrum and sensory processing disorders, muscular dystrophy, developmental delays, and brachial plexus injuries.

TherapyWorks has been in the rehabilitation and treatment industry since 1981 and offers physical, pediatric occupational, nutrition, and speech services at their outpatient clinic in Tulsa. They give quality therapy care solutions to teens, children, and infants and provide on-site therapy services at many schools in Central and Northeastern Oklahoma. TherapyWorks specializes in splinting, kinesiotaping, casting, balance, coordination, and neurodevelopmental treatments.

Total Physical Therapy is a clinic in Oklahoma that specializes in preventative medicine. They handle maintenance, evaluation, and improvement of the neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, and cardiovascular system functions. This clinic has an in-house certified provider in Graston techniques, and the clinic also offers functional dry needling treatments. Total Physical Therapy was recognized as a Top Tulsa Physical Therapy Practice in 2015.

Tulsa Bone & Joint Associates is a Tulsa-based company that specializes in general and pediatric orthopedics. They have a team of board-certified and fellowship-trained professionals and physicians that have been in the industry since 2000. They offer sports medicine care, rheumatology, physical therapy, joint replacement, and diagnostic services. Tulsa Bone & Joint Associates treats hip, elbow, shoulder, knee, ankle, foot, and neck conditions.

Tulsa Sunshine Center is an Oklahoma-based pediatric therapy clinic that offers services to children, infants, teens, and young adults. They specialize in occupational, speech-language, physical, and counseling therapy as well as nutrition consultations. They offer group therapy, evaluation, and individual treatments at home, school, daycare, or at their outpatient facility. Tulsa Sunshine Center treats autism spectrum disorders, language delays, cognitive and language deficits, and dyslexia.

Yogesh Mittal, MD is a Tulsa-based clinic that offers quality orthopedic care and tailored surgical plans. They have an in-house board-certified orthopedic surgeon trained in adult hip and knee reconstruction procedures. They also handle total and partial knee replacement, stem cell therapy, hip arthroscopy, and sports medicine. Yogesh Mittal, MD provides professional fracture care solutions as well.

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