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Lawton, OK 73505 Rating

Why choose this provider?

HD Pro Painters offers painting services to update residential properties in Lawton and the surrounding areas. Established in 1994, the company's painters perform interior painting services. They understand how critical it is to do flawless preparation work for every painting project. They assist in the removal of things inside the house so that fresh paint will not stain them. In addition, they handle home improvement projects, such as kitchen and bathroom renovation, laminate flooring installation, siding repair, and fence construction.

Lawton, OK 73505
Website Rating

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5.0 (16)

Why choose this provider?

Home Doc offers a broad range of solutions for improving the appearance of properties in Lawton. With well-maintained tools, the company completes interior and exterior painting jobs for homeowners in the metro. It takes on any type of home improvement job from repainting the walls of kitchens or bathrooms to covering the entire house with fresh coats of paint. Its crews also provide remodeling services, laminate flooring installation, roofing and siding, and wooden fence building. Home Doc started serving the community in 1994.

4008 NW Meadowbrook Dr., Lawton, OK 73505 Rating

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4.8 (30)
5.0 (14)

Why choose this provider?

BuildStar Roofing & Construction is of service to the residents of Lawton and its surrounding communities. It provides a variety of home construction and improvement services like the painting of any interior or exterior surfaces of homes. Its painters work on sidings, windows, garage doors by adding fresh coats of paints and faux finishes that complement the outdoor and indoor living areas of residential properties. This family-owned company also takes on roofing and storm damage repair solutions.

  • Exterior Painting

Lawton, OK 73034 Rating

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5.0 (1)

Why choose this provider?

Interior Painting Oklahoma is a contractor company serving clients in Lawton and the surrounding areas. Its painters help enhance the interior and exterior surfaces of a property. Their services include taping, plastering, skim coating, decorative painting, color glazing, and texture finishing. They also trim stucco, refinish aluminum, and pressure wash the outside areas. Prior to painting, the crew also removes the old wallpaper and repairs damaged drywall. Interior Painting Oklahoma has been in the industry for more than a decade.

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4008 NW Meadowbrook Dr., Lawton, OK 73505
Interior Painting Oklahoma


  • Introduction

    Paint can transform the entire look of a room and refresh the appearance of a home’s exterior. Decorators, homeowners, and DIYers use paint to beautify a room, reflect the owner’s taste and personality, update old spaces, complement the décor, and attain many other aesthetic goals.

    Some people are skilled at painting their own spaces. But many property owners prefer to hire a painter to do the job professionally. Bringing in a pro helps ensure the job is done right and completed in a timely manner. A painter can choose the proper paint, perform thorough prep, and provide a guarantee for their services.

    However, there are many choices, and it may be difficult to decide on the right pro. But understanding what to expect, learning about pricing, and gaining a bit more insight on what to expect from a professional painter can help make the decision much easier.
  • How do painters charge?

    Interior painters typically charge by the square foot. They add the lengths of all sides of the room together and multiply this room perimeter by wall height. They must then subtract the square footage of windows, doors, and other fixtures that won’t be painted. The per-square-foot rate varies depending on materials, the number of coats, and other variables.

  • How much do painters make?

    The average hourly wage for a painter ranges between $16 and $18. For a full-time painter, that’s a little under or over $35,000 a year. But freelance painters usually earn more. The location also impacts pay. For example, the average yearly income for a self-employed painter in California is about $70,000. In Alabama, it’s just over $61,000.

  • On average, how much do professional painters cost?

    While they usually price the job by square footage, expect to pay an effectual rate of $20 to $50 dollars per hour for the services of a professional painter. It typically takes a couple of days to professionally prep and paint a standard 120-square-foot room. The average cost is approximately $300 to $800. Exterior house painting can run from $2,500 to $6,000.

  • What to expect from professional painters?

    Clients can expect professional painters to provide an accurate estimate after doing a thorough walk-through, taking measurements, and discussing the specifics of the job requirements. They can help with paint quality and color suggestions. Clean-up should also be part of the job. Some touch up may also be necessary. Finally, ask for proof of insurance and licensure.

  • When painting, when is the best time to remove painter\'s tape?

    The paint should be dry before removing the painter’s tape. That takes at least an hour after the final coat is applied. But wait longer if the paint still feels gummy. It’s okay to leave the tape overnight, but it’s best not to wait longer than 24 hours.

  • How much does painters insurance cost?

    The average premium for general liability insurance is about $50 per month with a $250 deductible and a $1 million per occurrence policy limit. This coverage protects against third-party property damage, third-party bodily injury, and advertising injuries. Companies employing painters must also carry workers’ compensation insurance. That runs about $300 per month. Insurance against damaged, stolen, or lost tools and equipment is about $15 per month.