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Anderson, Craeger, and Wittstruck PC LLO is a full-service law firm serving Lincoln for more than 37 years. Its family law attorneys support individuals through the divorce process. They help clients navigate the primary issues concerning property division, spousal support, and the custody, time sharing, and support of children. Additionally, the firm represents those interested in adoption and guardianship as well as individuals with paternity claims. Its attorneys are members of the Lincoln, Nebraska State, and American Bar Associations.

Founded in 1965, Berry Law Firm is practice of family lawyers in Lincoln serving local and nearby clients with a range of legal needs, including clients going through a divorce. Divorce-related specialties among Berry Law Firm attorneys include division of assets, alimony and spousal maintenance, child custody and visitation, and paternity cases. Berry Law Firm has received recognition from The National Trial Lawyers, Super Lawyers, and Martindale-Hubbell. Additionally, the firm has received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.

Bowman & Krieger Law Firm offers Nebraska residents legal counsel in civil matters. Its family law attorneys address the needs of the clients facing divorce. They advise on concerns surrounding parental rights, the division of debt and property, and support. The firm offers mediation as an expedient and cost-effective alternative to trial; however, it does support the best interests of its clients, litigating when necessary. Its attorneys hold a Martindale-Hubbell peer-review AV-Preeminent rating for legal knowledge and professional ethics.

Carlson & Burnett is an Omaha law firm that serves clients from Lincoln and other nearby cities. The firm features more than 10 attorneys, specializing in divorce law, real estate planning, personal injury, business planning, real estate, and employment law services. The family law specialists on staff have experience with divorce, custody, child support, adoption, guardianship, juvenile law, and juvenile delinquency.

David R. Webb, Attorney at Law serves the legal needs of Lincoln residents. Mr. Webb assists clients with working through the complexities of divorce. His firm evaluates each aspect of the process, including the equitable distribution of property and debt as well as parental rights and responsibilities. The firm's other family practice areas extend to the representation of individuals pursuing guardianship, conservatorship, adoption, and paternity claims. It also handles post-divorce court order enforcement and modifications.

Eddy M. Rodell, Attorney at Law has provided the residents of Lincoln with legal services since 1997. In family matters involving divorce, Mr. Rodell represents his clients through alternative dispute resolution, including mediation. When circumstances are too complex or contentious to reach an amicable resolution, he is prepared to advocate for his clients' rights at trial. In addition to advising on custodial rights, support, and the division or property, the firm also assists those pursuing paternity claims.

GordenLaw LLC is a Lincoln firm serving residents' needs in family law matters. Its attorneys assist clients with navigating the divorce process. They provide options for resolving issues related to the division of assets and debts as well as child custody and support. The firm enforces court orders related to child visitation and spousal and child support, and it petitions for necessary modifications. Its attorneys also represent cases involving grandparents' rights and guardianship.

Founded in 1984, Kleveland Law provides the residents of Lincoln with legal counsel. Managing attorney Jeanelle Kleveland is an advocate for clients facing divorce. She represents their parental rights in matters involving child custody and support and pursues an equitable dissolution of marital debts and assets. Ms. Kleveland's other areas of family practice include assistance with guardianship, conservatorship, adoption, and paternity claims. The firm also practices probate and criminal law.

Kotik McClure Attorneys at Law, LLC is a practice of divorce lawyers in Lincoln specializing in family law cases, especially those related to divorce and adoption. The firm is affiliated with the Nebraska State Bar Association, the Nebraska Women’s Bar Association, and the Lincoln Bar Association, and belongs to ARAG North America, Inc.

Mary Kay Hansen Law & Mediation PC LLO has provided family law resolution in Lincoln for more than 30 years. In matters involving divorce, the firm offers mediation as an alternative to court proceedings. Ms. Hansen focuses on amicably resolving issues involving child custody, time sharing, and support as well as equitable distribution of marital debts and assets. She is a certified specialist in alternative dispute and parenting plan mediation through the Nebraska Bar Association.

Founded more than 35 years ago, McHenry Haszard Law is a group of family lawyers in Lincoln that specializes in litigating cases in the field of family law, and particularly divorce cases and divorce-related disputes such as child support, child custody, and asset valuation and division. If the divorcing couple would prefer to pursue a resolution via collaborative means, McHenry Haszard Law is available for mediations and arbitrations.

Founded in 1992, Olson, Zalewski & Wynner LLP is a family law firm serving the greater Lincoln area. Its attorneys advocate for individuals in divorce cases through negotiation and litigation. They work in the clients' best interests to reach an efficient and equitable resolution to concerns involving parental rights and responsibilities and the division of marital property. The firm's other practice areas include real estate and business law in addition to estate planning and probate administration.

Perry Law Firm has been a Lincoln resource for family law matters since 1920. Its attorneys help guide individuals through the separation and divorce process by providing solutions and strategies to concerns involving parental rights and support as well as the division of marital finances and debts. The firm also assists clients with developing pre and postnuptial agreements. Its attorneys are members of the Lincoln and Nebraska State Bar Associations.

Founded in 2000, Reagan, Melton & Delaney LLP provides legal services in Lincoln with offices in Bellevue. As a family law firm, its attorneys advise individuals facing divorce on their rights in matters involving child custody, visitation, and support. They also perform asset valuation on high-net-worth and complex property divisions to ensure their clients receive an equitable distribution of the property. Additionally, the firm pursues protective orders in domestic violence cases.

Stephanie Flynn Law Office, PC, LLO is a Lincoln Metro provider of legal services in the fields of personal injury, criminal defense, estate planning and probate law. In family law, the firm handles divorce and divorce-related matters, such as child support and custody, spousal support, and valuation and division of assets. Stephanie Flynn Law Office, PC, LLO has won the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) Excellence for the Future Award in Criminal Clinic and belongs to the Nebraska Association of Trial Attorneys, the Nebraska Criminal Defense Attorneys Association, and the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

The Law Offices of Bradley A. Sipp PC LLO provides legal counsel in Lincoln. The firm represents individuals through every aspect of the divorce process. It advises on options available in matters involving the division of property and debt as well as those surrounding custodial rights and support. In domestic violence situations, the firm also petitions the court for protective orders. Additionally, Mr. Sipp handles cases involving paternity claims, grandparents' rights, and adoptions.

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