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Booth, Harrington, and Johns of NC PLLC is a Greensboro-based law firm that exclusively focuses on the areas of elder law and special needs. It offers probate and estate administration services to those who have experienced the loss of a loved one, helping clients distribute estates according to the decedent's will or state law. The lawyers manage the process of filing documents with the court and keep an inventory of the decedent's assets.

Brinkley, Walser, Stoner is a law firm in Greensboro handling probate administration for clients in the metro area. The firm follows instructions prepared in a will in order to allocate the estate's assets to heirs. It conducts estate sales and liquidates assets as well as correspond with creditors and government organizations to fulfil financial obligations. Brinkley, Walser, Stoner performs estate planning services also and assists with the formation of living wills.

Carruthers and Roth PA is a law firm in Greensboro that employs a team of board-certified attorneys to handle estate planning and legal matters relating to probate law. The brokerage has experience helping families transfer the ownership and management of a recently deceased loved one's business from one generation to the next. The firm's agents also provide counsel on the use of trusts that minimize federal and state taxes. The agency handles post-mortem tax planning.

Connors Morgan PLLC is a Greensboro-based law firm that serves individuals and families throughout the surrounding areas. The firm handles probate cases involving assets that do not have beneficiary designations, such as real property, automobiles, individually-titled bank accounts, stock, and business interests. Its attorneys help clients decide which documents to use in their estate plans. The legal practice also uses revocable trusts as part of the client's estate plan and to simplify probate.

Fox Rothschild LLP is a law firm in Greensboro helping clients with probate litigation. The firm represents clients, specifically the executor of the estate, in lawsuits filed against the estate. It often works when creditors or other stakeholders file suit or disagreements between beneficiaries become to difficult to mediate outside of court. Fox Rothschild LLP handles cases involving professional malpractice on the part of an attorney connected to the probate process. Assistance with estate planning is also offered.

Scott K. Tippett is a civil litigation attorney working for the firm Hagan Barrett PLLC. The lawyer has over 30 years of experience in law, and he is practiced in the area of probate law. His goal is to ensure that the wills of the deceased are properly executed, and he represents objectors in the case of a contested will. Tippett also helps his clients with estate and asset protection planning.

Higgins Benjamin PLLC is a law firm that serves individuals in the Greensboro metro area with comprehensive estate plans that preserve assets and minimize taxes for families. The firm aims to guide clients through probate and estate administration concerns, asset protection, elder law, income tax planning, and trust administration. Attorneys frequently work with those who have an average amount of assets, as well as individuals seeking prenuptial and property agreements.

Ivey and Eggleston is a law firm in Greensboro that helps people with probate proceedings. The assets of the deceased are distributed by a court-managed process in which the firm's attorneys contact creditors, file petitions to appoint personal representation, assist executors of the will with the management of creditors' rights, and review any lawsuits that are pending against the estate. Attorneys also verify that estate and inheritance taxes are within appropriate thresholds.

Johnson, Peddrick, and McDonald PLLC is a Greensboro-based law firm that has been in operation since 1995. The legal practice focuses on estate administration, helping clients and their families to settle probate estates and manage any trusts declared under the decedent's will. Its lawyers have experience handling cases involving irrevocable and charitable trusts, as well as powers of attorney for financial and health care affairs. The firm also assists clients with HIPAA waivers.

Kerr Law PLLC is the legal practice of Adam G. Kerr, a Greensboro-based attorney who provides step-by-step legal guidance to clients from the opening to closing of estates. Mr. Kerr assists with special proceedings, probate law, and estate administration. He also has experience in estate planning, handling last wills and testaments as well as living wills. Mr. Kerr's other practice areas include real estate and property disputes and appointment of guardianships.

The Law Firm of Pamela E. Whitaker is a solo practitioner in Liberty who serves people in the Greensboro area. She primarily assists with estate planning, probate, and elder law, including legal concerns relating to guardianship and living trusts. Ms. Whitaker has experience handling probate law affairs, such as estate taxes and collection of the decedent's assets. She also oversees the process of distributing the remaining assets among the beneficiaries.

The Law Office of Cheryl David is a Greensboro-based practice handling probate processes. The firm manages the execution of the will, distributing assets to beneficiaries and satisfying debts via payment from the estate's finances or through the liquidation of assets. It also manages litigation against the estate. In cases where heirs disagree about the validity of the will or the interpretation of it, the firm conducts mediation services to attempt amicable resolution. The Law Offices of Cheryl David also helps clients to create wills.

Oertel, Koonts, and Oertel PLLC is a law firm in Burlington with more than 50 years of experience serving clients in Greensboro. Valerie Hartford, who has been a practicing paralegal for two decades, handles the firm's estate services, including probate administration. The brokerage primarily practices business, real estate, and construction litigation. It also handles personal injury cases and nursing home litigation. All three managing partners belong to the North Carolina Bar Association.

Spangler Estate Planning is the legal practice of David Spangler, an attorney with over 25 years of experience assisting the people of Greensboro with probate matters. He handles basic estate planning services, such as wills and health care powers of attorney. Mr. Spangler has experience working with clients who are small business owners, assisting with legacy planning and transitions of management and ownership in the event of a disability or death.

The Elderlaw Firm is a law office based in Greensboro that focuses on helping local seniors and other consumers with estate planning and administration. The firm's probate attorneys support clients in the process of settling estates and assets after the death of a loved one. Aside from probate services, the Elderlaw Firm offers legal guidance with wealth protection planning, long term care, and estate planning. It also provides benefits for veterans.

The Law Office of W. Randall Holcomb PLLC is an attorney in Greensboro who represents people in legal matters concerning wills and trusts. The firm guides families through the probate process, handling cases of unexpected deaths in which the decedent was without a will and other complications. It also helps clients draft wills and living trusts, as well as manage their estates. Mr. Holcomb and his legal team's other practice areas include civil litigation and business law.

The Law Office of James B. Weeks has over 30 years of experience representing the people of Greensboro and High Point. His legal services include wills, life insurance trusts, powers of attorney, and estate planning. Mr. Weeks represents both residential and commercial clients in real estate matters and civil litigation, as well as family and domestic law. He is a member of the American, the Greensboro, and the North Carolina Bar Associations.

Founded in 1974, Tuggle Duggins is a multi-disciplinary law firm based in Greensboro that focuses on the needs of businesses and business owners. Its legal team offers probate services, assisting trustees and personal representatives with the administration of testate and intestate estates. The firm handles the preparation and filing of inventories and accountings, as well as the appointment of personal representatives. It also addresses issues related to asset valuation and estate taxes.

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