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Clark Law Office, located in Lexington, Kentucky, was founded in 2003 by Edwin H. Clark and his father Thomas B. Clark. Attorneys at the firm carefully review medical documents and have clients assessed by physicians who provide impartial evaluations. When possible, lawyers collect temporary funds from disability insurance while victims recover. The firm helps clients collect compensation for serious permanent injuries, whether through settlement or trial. Clark Law Office also offers representation for victims of employment discrimination and harassment.

Fowler Bell PLLC is a law firm in Lexington, Kentucky. This practice offers workers' compensation defense to employers and insurance companies. It works to scrutinize claims, oversee medical disputes, negotiate settlements, handle subrogation, and prepare litigation. The firm also handles the appeals process when the outcome of a trial is unsatisfying to the client. Fowler Bell also offers preventative consulting services. Mediation, arbitration, and general insurance defense services are available as well.

The Frank Jenkins Law Office in Lexington, Kentucky, represents clients who have been seriously injured on the job or contracted diseases due to workplace exposure. The firm works to submit well-prepared claims and negotiates with insurers regarding payouts for general damages including medical expenses, lost wages, and spousal benefits. Sometimes the firm intervenes to defend the client's rights in cases of employer retaliation or fraud. The Frank Jenkins Law Office also handles injury cases involving construction and manufacturing accidents.

Gary C. Johnson PSC is a law firm in Lexington, Kentucky, pursuing workers' compensation cases. It assists clients with filing claims, evaluates opportunities for litigation against third parties, consults with medical professionals to understand the extent of damage to the client's livelihood, and negotiates with insurance companies to achieve the highest award possible. If clients are unhappy with awards, the firm attempts to remedy the situation through the appeals process. Other practice areas include car accident and medical malpractice cases.

Haley Prevatt Attorney at Law is a personal injury law firm in Lexington, Kentucky, representing clients against insurance companies as they file workers' compensation claims with employers. The firm guarantees that claims are filed correctly and mitigates the chance of denial by working with doctors and expert witnesses to build a case. When settlement is not possible with the insurance company, cases are resolved in court. It also handles slip-and-fall, car accident, and general personal injury cases.

The Harris Federal Employee Law Firm in Lexington, Kentucky, handles workers' compensation cases, specifically representing employees of the federal government. The firm assists clients in obtaining benefits for medical expenses, permanent disability, spousal support, and death. This involves negotiation with the Office of Workers' Compensation Claims, and if settlement offers are unsatisfactory, an appeal to the Employees' Compensation Appeals Board, whose decisions cannot be appealed. The firm also pursues claims against negligent third parties.

Landrum & Shouse LLP is a Lexington, Kentucky-based law firm helping injured workers to file and defend workers' compensation claims. The firm consults from start to finish, assesses client liability, and communicates with insurers, attempting to reach the best possible conclusion for clients. Medical expenses, lost wages, spousal benefits, vocational rehabilitation, and permanent disability are the primary list items in claims. Landrum & Shouse also offers product liability defense for cases involving car accident or pharmaceutical injuries.

Robert Abell Law is a Lexington, Kentucky-based legal practice. Injured workers retain the firm for help filing workers' compensation claims. The firm prepares claims seeking awards for various types of disability benefits depending on the extent of the injury and advises clients on the amount of compensation deemed acceptable. It educates clients on their rights and ensures legal recourse should they experience employer retaliation, such as a termination or adverse employment actions following the filing of a claim.

Rock Law Group is a Lexington, Kentucky-based personal injury law firm representing clients injured on the job as they file workers' compensation claims. The firm ensures that claims are filed correctly with insurance companies and negotiates for compensation including medical expenses, lost wages, and permanent disability. It explores legal recourse when clients experience employer retaliation and handles arbitration and doctor or medical examiner disagreements. This firm is particularly experienced with work injuries involving automobiles. Rock Law also handles general car accident cases.

Roland Legal is a law firm in Lexington, Kentucky, that has been handling workers' compensation cases for over 25 years. The firm represents injured clients as they seek restitution for medical expenses and lost wages. Many of the firm's clients work in the health care, government, and mining industries, and it has extensive experience with back injuries, cumulative trauma, and occupational diseases. Typically it will negotiate with insurance companies until an amicable settlement no longer seems possible and then pursue remedy through litigation.

Shumate, Flaherty, Eubanks & Baechtold is a Lexington, Kentucky-based law firm helping employees injured while on the job to pursue adequate restitution through a workers' compensation claim. These cases pursue general benefits such as medical treatment, spousal benefits, wage replacement, and travel expenses. The firm represents injured clients and advocates for their interests, helping them to assess appropriate compensation and reject insufficient offers. Car accident and serious injury litigation are other focus areas of the practice.

Varellas & Varellas is a family-run law firm in Lexington, Kentucky, that has handled workers' compensation claims for more than 75 years. It represents clients throughout the state who have sustained injuries in the workplace, including government employees and factory workers. The firm helps obtain compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and long-term care needs. Varellas & Varellas also handles personal injury and disability claims, as well as practicing estate and probate law.

Wilson & McQueen PLLC is a law firm in Lexington, Kentucky, handling workers' compensation claims. Its team of attorneys has over 100 years of combined experience representing clients who have sustained injuries in the workplace, including those caused by construction accidents, slip-and-fall, repetitive motion, and occupational illnesses. Wilson & McQueen also takes personal injury cases, such as medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, motor vehicle accidents, and Social Security disability claims.

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