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Blake T. Okimoto, Attorney at Law, was founded in 1976 and handles family law cases across Honolulu. Attorney Okimoto focuses on family law issues such as divorce, asset division, and pre- and post-marital agreements. His firm also helps clients in cases involving legal paternity determination, alimony, and child custody and support. Mr. Okimoto is a member of the Hawaii State and American bar associations and has over 40 years of experience in family law.

With offices in Honolulu, the Children's Law Center LLLC is a family law firm that focuses on the best interests of Hawaii's children. Founded in 2006 by attorneys and child advocates Annabel Murray and Stacy Fukuhara-Barclay, the firm works exclusively on cases involving children, considering legal and financial aspects of divorce proceedings. The firm focuses on making transitions easier in cases involving guardianship, adoption, custody, paternity, child support, and conservatorship.

Ohana Legal is a solo-attorney law office that serves individuals facing family law issues in Honolulu, Windward, and Kailua. The lead attorney guides individuals going through divorce, child custody, and child support cases. She also helps clients navigate same-sex divorces, paternity issues, and modification or enforcement of orders. The legal team additionally drafts prenuptial and separation agreements. Founding attorney Dominique Malia Tansley has 18 years of legal experience and is a member of the Hawaii State Bar Association.

Ellen B. Politano, Attorney at Law LLC practices family law throughout Honolulu. Since 1989, Ms. Politano has represented clients in all divorce-related matters, including stressful situations like paternity cases to determine father's rights or responsibilities and domestic violence cases that require restraining orders. She views mediation as a better alternative to litigation and seeks fair solutions to all custody, visitation, and support issues. Ellen B. Politano is a member of the Hawaii State Bar Association's Family Law Section.

Everett Cuskaden & Associates ALC is a Honolulu family law firm that handles adoptions and guardianships, including for stepparents and grandparents. The firm also draws up premarital and postmarital agreements to protect assets and spouses from the other party's debts. Its attorneys also help with legal separation agreements that govern clients' rights and responsibilities regarding property division and childcare issues. The firm represents either party in paternity cases to determine a father's rights and responsibilities.

Farrell & Perrault is a law firm in Honolulu that focuses exclusively on family law and family-related criminal matters. It has over 60 years of experience in representing a wide range of clients including couples, military members, and single parents. Its attorneys handle matters such as divorce, paternity, restraining orders, child abuse, and adoption with a personal interest in getting the best outcome for their clients. Attorney Tom Farrell also represents service members and contractors facing the revocation of security clearances.

Greg Ryan & Associates represents family law clients in Honolulu and Oahu. It works with clients throughout the divorce process, assisting them with complex matters, including child custody, visitation, spousal support, and division of marital property. It also handles prenuptial agreements, adoptions, and guardianships. Additionally, it's experienced in family support issues unique to military personnel and their spouses. Founding attorney Greg Ryan is a member of the Hawaii State Bar Association and has over two decades of legal experience.

Hamilton and Chan LLC in Honolulu is a family law firm. Its attorneys support people going through a divorce in matters such as child support and custody and alimony. They help clients navigate paternity issues and motions for pre-decree relief. The firm provides guidance on prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, abduction cases, and appeals. It engages in mediations and negotiations but can litigate in court. Both name partners have been listed by Super Lawyers.

Practicing family law in Hawaii since 1998 and with offices in Honolulu, Kevin S. Adaniya, Attorney At Law represents couples who want to work together to create reasonable and fair agreements regarding marriage dissolution. With prior experience at a domestic violence agency and as a court-appointed custody evaluator, he puts children's needs first in custody and visitation matters. His dispute resolution skills often result in out of court settlements, and in contested divorces acts as a court-appointed Volunteer Settlement Master.

Founded in 2008, Kleintop & Luria LLP is based in Honolulu. The law firm assists clients in matters related to divorce, including child custody and support and asset division. It handles mediations, arbitrations, and negotiations in the best interests of both parties, but attorneys can also fight in court. The firm guides people with adoptions and guardianships. It also deals with paternity issues and premarital and postmarital agreements. Its lawyers are members of the Hawaii State Bar Association.

With offices in Honolulu, the Law Office of Caprice R Itagaki is a business and commercial law practice that handles family law issues. Practicing since 2009, Caprice R Itagaki establishes prenuptial agreements to separate couples' finances and property in case of a divorce, protecting assets of either party, shielding one party from debts or financial obligations, and protect family businesses. Itagaki also handles legal issues evolving from postnuptial agreements, gestational carrier agreements involved in surrogacy, and adoptions.

The Law Offices of Emma Littman Baker, located in Honolulu, provides family law services to clients in the greater metro area. It offers legal representation to individuals and families needing assistance with cases involving paternity, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and divorce. Additionally, it assists clients who need temporary restraining orders and orders for protection. Attorney Emma Littman focuses on military divorces and the specific issues relating to the military, such as deployment and relocation.

The Law Office Of Fred I. Waki is a Honolulu law firm that handles family law cases. Practicing in Hawaii since 1992, Fred Waki and his legal team assist with cases of domestic violence in which the abused partner requires an order of protection, child support, child custody, divorce, or legal separation. The firm additionally handles legal issues involving real property, landlord-tenant relations, and collections. Attorney Waki is a member of the Hawaii State Bar Association, Family Law Section.

Law Office Of Shelby N. Ferrer is a Honolulu family law practice that represents clients throughout Hawaii. Practicing since 2014, Ferrer provides legal solutions to a variety of family law matters, including paternity actions to establish father's rights or obligations and guardianship determination for children whose biological parents are unable to care for them. Ferrer handles cases stemming from divorce or separation, including child custody, visitation, and support. She additionally represents clients in domestic violence cases.

Founded in 1988, the Law Office of Steven J. Kim is a law firm that serves the community of Honolulu. The firm focuses on family law and takes cases involving adoption, guardianship, domestic abuse protective orders, appeals, and property division. Attorneys from the firm are experienced in dealing with particularly complicated cases that involve high-asset divorces, military divorces, and parental kidnapping. In matters related to child custody and child support, attorneys work towards the best solution for the child.

Founded in 2004, Lynnae Lee & Associates is a family law firm that handles cases throughout Honolulu. Experienced at working with military families in Hawaii, the firm helps create unique legal solutions for military clients concerning divorce, child custody, support, and visitation issues. Its attorneys assist decision-making by helping clients understand options. By examining facts and working together, the legal team develops comprehensive legal strategies that incorporate multiple legal viewpoints.

Practicing since 1995, Michael A. Glenn Attorney at Law handles family law and other legal matters throughout all the islands. Mr. Glenn offers assistance with prenuptial agreements to protect assets against divorce or the other spouse's debts, guardianship in cases where biological parents are unable to care for a minor child, stepparent and relative adoptions, and restraining orders in cases of domestic abuse. Additionally, Glenn handles cases under the Uniform Child-Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act for abandoned minors.

Practicing since 1981, Naomi Hirayasu Attorney at Law is a Honolulu family law practice serving clients going through divorce proceedings, child custody hearings, and other family-related disputes. She devotes her practice to tailoring agreements to clients' unique circumstances to resolve disputes. When negotiations fail, however, she and her legal team protect clients' interests and pursue their positions in court regarding child custody and support, spousal maintenance, visitation rights, determining paternity, and dividing marital property.

Smith & Sturdivant has been providing services to family law clients in Honolulu since 2005. It represents people in cases involving custody, paternity, financial support, property division, and stepparent adoption. The firm is experienced in handling cases involving military personnel and parties living in different states. Its attorneys can act as mediators, providing a safe space for constituents to meet and settle disagreements out of court. Managing partner Justin Sturdivant is trained in guardian ad litem.

The Law Office of Rhoda Yabes Alvarez LLC is based in Honolulu and provides clients with legal advice and representation in matters of immigration and family law. Areas that the firm covers include contested and uncontested divorce, property division, alimony, and child custody and support. Rhoda Yabes Alvarez, the founding attorney, has over 20 years of experience helping clients navigate divorce under different circumstances. The firm's family law practice also covers Philippine legal issues.

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