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Door Doctor, Inc.

Door Doctor Inc. is an overhead garage door company serving residential and commercial clients in the Fairfax area. The business offers repairs for broken springs, tracks, and cables on all major makes and models of garage doors. Its technicians design custom garage door placements and install hardware and accessories. Door Doctor also performs preventative maintenance on garage doors and openers. Additionally, the company conducts safety inspections on garage doors and equipment.

44845 Falcon Pl Ste 107, Sterling, VA 20166


G&S Garage Doors

G&S Garage Doors is a garage door company serving Centreville. It has been offering its services to residential and commercial customers for more than 25 years. The company sells, installs, replaces, and repairs garage doors and components like garage door openers. They provide maintenance for garage doors, performing repairs for garage door springs to eliminate safety hazards. The company also sells accessories for garage doors, including different kinds of remote controls, control panels, wireless keypads, and internet gateways.

1200 Chase Heritage Circle, Sterling, VA 20164


Door Doctor Inc.

Door Doctor Inc. is a garage door repair and replacement service catering to homes in Centreville. The contractor partners with different brands such as Artisan, Amarr, Clopay, Wayne-Dalton, and Carriage House Door Company to offer garage door options. Its technicians can customize garage doors following clients' needs and styles. They can also install garage doors with a wide variety of window designs. The family-owned company has been in the business for 20 years and is dedicated to delivering quality service.

44845 Falcon Place, Sterling, VA 20166


Loudoun Garage Door, Inc.

Loudoun Garage Door Inc. offers garage door installations, repairs, sales, maintenance, and tune-ups for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. The company services most brands of sectional overhead doors. It repairs and replaces hardware such as springs, repairs panels, and replaces steel sections. Loudoun Garage Door handles issues with openers, including tune-ups. The business offers a variety of door styles made of materials that include polystyrene, with options such as windows. It works with brands such as LiftMaster and Clopay.

13 Catoctin Cir SE, Leesburg, VA 20175


24 Hours Garage Doors Repair Reston Virginia

24 Hours Garage Doors helps residents around Arlington that seek installation and repair services for a range of garage door issues. Based in Reston, the company offers various door styles including carriage house, specialty, and traditional doors. 24 Hours Garage Doors also works to repair and replace garage doors and faulty equipment including damaged springs, cables, and panels. The business additionally handles noisy garage doors and offers replacements for malfunctioning components. 24 Hours Garage Doors has more than 14 years of experience servicing commercial and residential garage doors.

11890 Sunrise Valley Dr Suite 495, Reston, VA 20191


24 Hours Garage Doors

24 Hours Garage Doors offers commercial and residential garage door services in the Fairfax area. Its garage door installers in Fairfax install openers and several garage door models, including carriage house, traditional, and specialty. The technicians provide repair services for jammed garage doors and broken or old parts, including cables, tracks, springs, pulleys, and rollers. 24 Hours Garage Doors distributes garage door products from Linear, Amarr, LiftMaster, Clopay, and Wayne Dalton.

11890 Sunrise Valley Dr Ste 495, Oakton, VA 20191


Garage Door Great Falls VA

Garage Door Great Falls VA provides garage door services to residential and commercial clients in the greater Rockville area. The business installs new garage doors and openers of all makes and models, and its licensed technicians repair broken cables, rollers, and hinges. They also provide maintenance and tune-ups for garage doors. Additionally, Garage Door Great Falls VA programs garage door remotes and keyless entry pads. The company offers same-day and emergency garage door services.

Belgravia Ct,, Great Falls, VA 22066


Beltway Garage Door, Inc.

Beltway Garage Doors Inc. has provided garage door services to residential and commercial customers in the greater Rockville area since 1971. The business installs new garage doors of all makes and models and removes existing garage doors from properties, when necessary. Its trained technicians repair and replace broken garage door transmitters, springs, and cables. Additionally, Beltway Garage Doors services mini warehouse garage doors. The company provides 24/7 emergency garage door services.

13110 Esworthy Rd, North Potomac, MD 20878



BJGE LLC is a residential and commercial property improvement company that provides garage door services in Fairfax and the surrounding areas. The technicians on staff install new garage doors of all sizes and models and construct decks, concrete driveways, and fences. They also replace damaged door components and provide routine maintenance services. Other home improvement services include window replacements, concrete and foundation waterproofing, landscaping, and interior and exterior door installation and repair.

11160C1 South Lakes Dr Ste 266, Reston, VA 20191


American Joe Garage Door Repair

American Joe Garage Door Repair is a garage door firm that serves the greater Fairfax region. The company installs garage doors on residential and commercial premises. Its craftsmen have experience in working on Amarr, LiftMaster, Craftsman, C.H.I., and Clopay garage doors. The technicians handle garage door, opener, spring, and commercial overhead repairs and perform maintenance checks. American Joe Garage Door Repair also sells and installs garage door openers of various styles and brands.

42749 Bennett St, Chantilly, VA 20152


Expert Answers To Common Questions:

  1. How do I repair my garage door?
  2. How do I repair my garage door opener?
  3. Can I fix a broken garage door cable?
  4. How can I tell if my garage door torsion spring is broken?
  5. How do I fix a garage door seal?
  6. How much does it cost to repair a garage door?
  7. How long does a garage door installation take?
  8. How does a garage door work?
  9. Can a bent garage door be repaired?
  10. How do I fix a garage door that is off track?
  11. What are garage doors made of?
How do I repair my garage door?
The labor required to fix a garage door depends on both the problems you’re facing, and the level of skill required to correct them. Some issues, such as loose screws or missing parts, can be fixed without substantial expertise or deep knowledge of garage door mechanics. However, more serious problems may require professional support to ensure safety and accuracy.
How do I repair my garage door opener?
How to fix a broken garage door opener depends on what’s wrong with the opener. In some cases, fixing a garage door opener can be as simple as tightening a few screws. If the remote works, for instance, but the wall switch doesn’t, you may need to replace the wall switch and wires. If the door rises, but only goes down when you hold down, you may need to replace or adjust the safety sensor.  In other cases, problems can involve mechanisms within the opener, such as the motor, trolley carriage or chain. These kinds of more serious and potentially more dangerous issues likely will require the help of a pro.
Can I fix a broken garage door cable?
Repairing a broken garage door cable can be a challenge for a homeowner. There are two primary cables involved in garage door operations: lift cables and retaining cables. To correct any kind of cable issue, it’s important to know which specific cable is damaged and what type of repair or replacement may be required. For those not well versed in garage door mechanics, attempting to fix a broken cable can be very dangerous. Unless a problem seems exceedingly simple and the homeowner is very knowledgeable, fixing a garage door cable is a job best left to the professionals.
How can I tell if my garage door torsion spring is broken?
Torsion springs are an essential part of garage door operation. If a garage door will no longer go up or down, whether automatically or manually, faulty springs may be the source of the issue. In some cases, springs may be visibly damaged or stretched out, indicating the need for a repair.
How do I fix a garage door seal?
To fix a garage door seal, first determine the source of the problem. Gaps around a garage door could mean an issue with the tracks or a problem with limit switches. If the problem appears to be with the seal itself, replacing the seal, updating the weather stripping, or adding more concrete may be enough to solve the problem.
How much does it cost to repair a garage door?
The cost of a garage door repair can vary based on the specific problems being addressed. For example, fixing a cable is far more affordable than replacing a whole door. When repairs are relatively routine, costs average around $125 to $290. This can vary based on location, and general garage door and opener conditions.
How long does a garage door installation take?
There are several factors involved in the time that installation requires. They include the size of the door, whether the mechanics of the existing door can be utilized, and weather conditions on the day of the door replacement. In general, the installation takes three to five hours to complete.
How does a garage door work?

An automated garage door uses an electrical mechanism to raise the door when you press a button on a remote control. Parts can include:

  • Opener, which initiates the opening
  • Springs, which provide the power for lifting and raising
  • Drums, which are pulley parts for the cables
  • Cables, which attach to the bottom of the door to raise it
  • Rollers, which help ensure smooth operation of the door
  • Tracks, which are the paths on which rollers move
  • Bottom seal, which is the piece at the bottom that helps create a tighter seal when the door is closed
  • Safety sensors to ensure the door doesn't close on people or things
Can a bent garage door be repaired?
Whether a bend in a garage door can be fixed depends on the door material, the location of the bend, and the extent of the damage. Small bends in a metal door might be hammered out with a rubber mallet and a block of wood, for example. A garage door repair professional can help you understand whether repair or replacement is the best option.
How do I fix a garage door that is off track?
You may be able to fix a misaligned garage door by opening it until the problematic roller is near where it's coming off the track. After securing the door, you can use pliers to open the track enough so you can force the rollers back in. Then, use pliers to put the track back in place. If the job is too much for a DIY attempt, contact a garage door repairman.
What are garage doors made of?

Garage doors are fabricated from various materials. They can be made of wood, vinyl, or metals, such as copper, steel, or aluminum. Glass, polyurethane foam, and rubber are some other components that might be used to make various parts of garage doors.

The best type of garage door material for your home depends on your décor preferences and needs. Vinyl may hold up to weather without maintenance better than wood, for example, but wood can provide a luxurious look. Stainless steel is durable and long-lasting, as is copper, but some metals might require more care than others. A garage door installer can help you understand the pros and cons of all the different choices.

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