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A Law is a Tampa-based firm assisting clients with real estate issues, specifically title and closing services. It provides information and representation concerning the transfer of real property and conducts secure transactions including purchases, refinances, commercial deals, and REO and CWCOT auctions. A Law is experienced with reverse mortgages and home lines of credit. Clients also receive assistance with loan modification, bulk securitization and investor acquisitions and loans. A Law provides deed preparation services as well.

Allen Dell, PA is a business-focused law firm that has been serving Tampa Metro area clients since 1925. The large team of lawyers works in a broad range of fields, including business formation, creditors' rights, environmental law, administrative law, and real estate law. Attorneys at the practice have been listed in "Super Lawyers," a state-by-state list of high-quality attorneys. Allen Dell, PA has been listed on Florida Trend's list, "Florida Legal Elite 2016."

Awerbach Cohn is a law firm operating within the Tampa metro area. It works on behalf of title insurance underwriters to represent property owners and mortgage lenders in real estate transactions. The firm is versed in title litigation and helps those embroiled in ownership and entitlement disputes to resolve issues in and out of court. Awerbach Cohn also handles both residential and commercial foreclosures. Partners Martin S. Awerbach and Michael A. Cohn are both certified circuit civil mediators.

For over two decades, Tampa-based firm Barker & Cook, PA has provided legal counsel to people from all over the Tampa Bay area. Attorney Chris A. Barker has been recognized in the state's Super Lawyers publication. Mr. Barker and his partner William J. Cook, who handle business, real estate, and other commercial law matters, have both received "AV Preeminent" ratings from Martindale-Hubbell.

Becker & Poliakoff is a Tampa-based law firm serving clients throughout the metro area. It practices real estate law and its efforts concentrate on development. It represents developers of both multi and single-family communities as well as business owners and financial institutions. The firm facilitates the purchase of unimproved land and improved properties for both residential and commercial use and guides clients through the entirety of real estate transactions, representing them in litigation should it arise.

Berlin, Patten, Ebling Attorneys at Law is a Tampa-based real estate law firm. Its attorneys represent buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and business owners in complicated real estate transactions, handling matters such as negotiations, drafting contracts, resolving title issues, preparing closing documents, and renewing loan and mortgage agreements. The firm was named to the Best Lawyers Best Law Firms 2019 by U.S. News and World Report. Additional offices are located in Venice and Lakewood Ranch.

Bivins and Hemenway PA is a law firm in Valrico which is active throughout the Tampa metro area. The firm handles real estate related cases and is familiar with the sale, transfer, development, leasing, and financing of both residential and commercial properties including those in distress. It assists clients in ending disputes both through mediation and litigation, sometimes pursuing financial restitution for egregious violations or failure to provide obligated funds. Bivins and Hemenway PA also performs title and closing services.

Brick Business Law PA is a Tampa-based firm providing real estate legal services. The firm offers litigation-focused assistance to clients involved in real estate disputes or who are inquiring into the potential of a lawsuit. It represents them against opposing parties in situations where contracts may have been breached or when clients wish to sue over violations of land use rights or easements. Managing attorney Kevin Brick leads a team of attorneys who handle business, real estate and related litigation matters.

Brundage Law PA operates within the Tampa metro area and provides real estate legal services. This firm represents clients in commercial and residential real estate transactions. It also handles leasing matters for landlords and tenants. The firm helps clients to negotiate terms and reach agreements while also advocating for them when terms are breached or their rights are violated. Brundage Law PA is versed in transactions involving businesses, business assets, and corporate interest as well.

Bryan H. Dunivan Jr. Esquire is a law firm active in the Tampa metro area which represents clients in real estate transactions. The firm helps buyers and sellers to reduce risks associated with transactions by reviewing contracts and negotiating on their behalf when necessary. It also provides title and closing services to help clients finalize contracts and record transfers accurately. Bryant H. Dunivan Jr. Esquire handles real estate litigation and advocates for clients in lawsuits as well.

Craig E. Rothburd PA is a law firm in Tampa practicing in real estate law and business law, among other disciplines. Mr. Rothburd founded the firm in 1995, shortly after receiving his Juris Doctor from the University of Florida College of Law. Mr. Rothburd is an "AV Preeminent" rated attorney according to Martindale-Hubbell, and he has been featured in Florida Trend Magazine as one of the publication's "Legal Elite."

Fuentes and Kreischer, PA is a Tampa-based firm with clients from throughout the city and the surrounding areas. Albert C. Kreischer, Jr. and Lawrence E. Fuentes have both been working as lawyers since 1973, and each has received the coveted "AV Preeminent" rating from Martindale-Hubbell. They can represent clients in legal matters related to the acquisition, development, financing, and sale of residential and commercial properties alike.

Gardner, Brewer, Martinez-Monfort is a law firm in Tampa assisting with real estate cases. This practice helps clients to protect residential and commercial investment property. It assists in the acquisition, purchase, and sale of real property, performing title and documentation preparation work to help clients perform secure transactions. This firm also consults clients on land use regulations and helps prepare them to conduct projects involving construction and development legally. Gardner, Brewer, Martinez-Monfort also offers trust and estate services.

Gibbons Neuman is a Tampa-based law practice with 10 attorneys on its staff, handling a range of civil and commercial cases. They are qualified to help clients going through bankruptcy and to represent individuals and corporations in real estate transactions, creditors' rights disputes, and insurance litigation.

Holcomb & Leung, PA, based in Tampa, represents clients from throughout the area in real estate cases and other legal disputes. Attorneys Brian Leung and Victor Holcomb are both members of the Hillsborough County Bar Association as well as the Florida Bar. Mr. Leung received his Juris Doctor from Florida State University, and Mr. Holcomb received his from Stetson University.

Joseph R. Kalish, PA, in Tampa, is a small law firm operating under the leadership of probate and real estate attorney Joseph Kalish. Mr. Kalish has worked in the greater Tampa community since 1974, and, in 2015, he received the "AV Preeminent" rating from Martindale-Hubbell. As a real estate attorney, he has extensive experience helping with transaction and foreclosure cases.

Karl M. Schmitz, III, PA has, for over 20 years, served as an attorney working for homeowners and property owners in the Tampa Metro area. His firm, based in Safety Harbor, accepts residential and commercial real estate cases, as well as title insurance disputes. An alumnus of the University of Wisconsin Law School, Mr. Schmitz is a prominent member of the greater Tampa community, who has served as Chairman of the Board of the area's oldest nonprofit.

Knight Legal PA is a Tampa-based law firm assisting clients with real estate issues. This practice provides standard real estate services, such as reviewing purchase contracts and representing clients in negotiations involving complex issues. The firm can help clients to file suit against parties who violate agreed upon terms or otherwise impose upon their ownership rights. Knight Legal PA is also experienced with environmental litigation, business litigation, and intellectual property as well as branding and franchise law.

Komninos Law Firm, PA is a law firm in Tampa, working in the field of business law as well as real estate, labor, and contract law. Spiro Komninos, who founded the firm and now serves as its managing attorney, is an alumnus of the South Texas College of Law. Additionally, he is a member of the West Pasco Bar Association as well as the Florida Bar's Probate, Business Law, and Real Estate Sections.

Law Office of Paul H. Bowen is a Palm Harbor-based law firm serving clients throughout the metro area. The firm consults clients on real estate matters and is specifically experienced with litigation involving buyers and sellers. It helps clients to build and present a case against opposing parties who have broken the terms of purchase agreements either by violating specific conditions or failing to produce monetary obligations. The firm works to resolve disputes both through mediation and through court.

Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Herzog PA is located in Palm Harbor and serves the entire Tampa metro area. It offers real estate legal services for a range of needs. Areas of experience include land use matters, easements, zoning, and permit appeals. The firm's attorneys perform tax free exchanges and represent those participating in real estate tax protests. The firm also represents clients in legal disputes between buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants, and against the government.

The Lawyers of Mechanik Nuccio Hearne & Wester, P.A. provide a wide range of effective legal services relating to real estate, litigation (including expert witness engagements), environmental, governmental relations, corporate matters, and residential communities. The team brings a unique perspective to its legal practice, with lawyers who have substantial experience representing both private and governmental clients in commercial transactions and litigated disputes, land use matters, and matters pertaining to regulated industries.

Musca Law is a large law firm active throughout the Tampa metro area that represents clients in real estate matters. It handles litigation surrounding real estate transactions and helps clients to resolve disputes with opposing parties regarding contracts and breaches thereof. The firm also provides general advice and consults clients on the terms of contracts, ordinances and regulations, and their rights regarding the pursuit of restitution following violations. Musca Law also provides general litigation and extensive criminal defense services.

Parwani Law PA is a law firm in Tampa assisting clients with real estate matters. This firm advises clients on purchases ranging from standard to millions of dollars by reviewing contracts and assessing potential liabilities. It is experienced both with residential and commercial real estate, easements, covenants, leases, and restrictions. The firm represents clients facing foreclosure, helping them to understand their rights and potentially negotiate towards more favorable outcomes. Parwani Law PA also conducts foreclosure for creditors.

Peart Law Office PA is a team of real estate lawyers based in Tampa, Florida, that offers residential and commercial legal services, estate planning, and civil litigation. The firm has over 12 years of experience handling a range of real estate matters, such as drafting deeds, foreclosures by small businesses and individuals, and quiet title suits. Agents have experience with property and construction disputes, as well as title defects. Attorneys are members of the Florida Bar Association.

Petitt, Worrell, Rocha, & Shepard PLLC is a law firm serving the Tampa metro area. Its real estate legal services are land focused and the firm regularly assists developers, investors, corporations, and individuals in the purchase and sale of property. The firm is experienced with distressed property sales as well as workout transactions. It also consults companies including shopping center developers, retailers, restaurant companies, and financing districts to help them resolve transactions optimally and amicably.

Roman & Roman, PA is a legal practice with offices in Clearwater, Hudson, and Tampa. To meet with an attorney at the Tampa office, however, clients will have to schedule an appointment beforehand. Attorneys at the firm come from a broad array of professional backgrounds, including criminal defense and personal injury law, as well as business and real estate law. Roman & Roman, PA's lawyers, are members of the Florida Justice Association and the Florida Bar Association.

Scott A. Haas PA is a law firm serving clients throughout the Tampa metro area. It provides services to clients facing real estate related legal issues, specifically disputes involving contracts and titles. The firm represents clients as they file suit against buyers and sellers who have failed to perform according to the terms of contractual agreements as well as landlords or tenants. However, its leasing dispute assistance is centered on landlords. Liens and encumbrances, easement claims, and premises liability are other practice areas.

Sonya C. Colon Esquire is a law firm in Tampa working for clients with real estate issues. This firm is particularly experienced with title matters and assists clients in obtaining title insurance as well as deeds. It consults on property transfer to help clients choose the most optimal methods. This firm is also familiar with lady bird deeds and is highly experienced with seller financing. Sonya C. Colon Esquire offers full closing services as well as attorney representation.

Stross Law Firm, PA is a firm located in Oldsmar operating under the leadership of Howard C. Stross. Mr. Stross has more than four decades of legal experience, helping clients with business law, entity formation, succession planning, asset protection, and estate planning, in addition to real estate transactions. He is an "AV Preeminent" attorney in Martindale-Hubbell, and he has been listed in the state's Super Lawyers publication.

The Law Offices of Stephen K. Hachey is a Tampa-based law firm that has been helping local clients since 2007. Mr. Hachey, who owns the firm and serves as its sole practitioner, is a member of the Florida Bar, and he is a Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator, a Certified Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediator, a Florida Certified Public Accountant, and a Licensed Florida Realtor. New clients may meet with Mr. Hachey for a free initial consultation.

The Tampa-based law firm Thorpe & Thorpe, PA advocates for clients in real estate disputes, as well as other legal matters, including sexual harassment cases and personal injury suits. The practice's real estate law division focuses on representing people in foreclosure suits but can also help with eviction proceedings, lien disputes, short sales, loan modifications, and homeowners' association disputes.

Weber, Crabb, & Wein PA, located in Saint Petersburg, provides legal counsel to clients from all over the Tampa Metro. Attorneys Timothy W. Weber, Kelli H. Crabb, Stephen J. Wein, Joseph P. Kenny, Paul Crochet, and Amanda A. Felten work in a range of civil and commercial legal fields, including real estate law. Mr. Weber, Ms. Crabb, and Mr. Wein are "AV Preeminent" attorneys in the Martindale-Hubbell peer review publication.

Wetherington Hamilton PA is a law firm assisting clients throughout the Tampa metro area with real estate cases. It is a litigation focused practice and works for both purchasers and sellers. Its representation extends from contract formation to post-closing issues and it performs mediation to help clients settle issues outside of court when able. Property tax disputes, eminent domain issues, and fraudulent disclosure matter are other areas of experience. Wetherington Hamilton PA also represents clients in title litigation.

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