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Ascension Tattoo is a parlor in Orlando that designs and renders body art. The studio complies with all safety guidelines coming from the Orange County Department of Health, and it only uses new disposable needles and tubes for every client. The themes range from cuddly to macabre, and some projects are a Gay Pride ribbon with calligraphy, a human heart complete with the aorta and ventricles, a smiling Buddha, and the Hindu goddess Saraswati playing the iconic raghuntha veena. Ascension Tattoo is open Mondays through Saturdays, from one in the afternoon until ten in the evening, and its staff book appointments over the phone. The website contains useful information on shopping for an artist, some of whom charge by the hour, and answers to frequently asked questions on tattoo aftercare.

Beyond Ink Tattoos is a body art and piercing service in Winter Park that caters to first-timers and serious collectors from several neighborhoods of Orange and Seminole counties. The studio creates images of any size and style, in black-gray or color, and some of the projects show a conch, a harlequin, and the head of an American Indian man wearing an ornate war bonnet. A loyal customer writes, “Beyond Ink has been my choice for my last six tattoos. They do a great job and offer the best prices I have seen in the area. There is no doubt this place will do all my ink in the future.” Beyond Ink Tattoos also creates permanent makeup and corrects existing tattoos, and it offers student and military discounts. The website contains the release form that clients must complete and get notarized before their appointment.

Cast Iron Tattoos is a facility in Orlando that has been around for body art enthusiasts since 2001. The owners have more than 50 years of combined industry experience, and some of the artists are musicians, retired US Armed Forces service members, and proud parents. The tattooists offer design recommendations, but they will render the image that customers have in mind. The gallery features projects like skulls against colorful backgrounds, clowns, sunflowers, crosses, and emblems that take heroic and family-centered themes. Cast Iron Tattoos is a fully licensed business, and it maintains a clean and sterile environment that gives customers peace of mind. The shop also provides body piercing.

Chicago Tattoo is an inking studio Winter Park that delivers fine skin art from a trendy stand-alone red building. The artists will bring their clients' ideas to life, in black-gray or full color, and some of the styles are photorealism, neo-traditional, traditional American, and Japanese. The latest designs include a lion with a sharply defined mane, a lady with a butterfly on her hair and a rose in the foreground, and a retro owl in full-color. Chicago Tattoo also provides body piercing seasonally, and it complies with government regulations on client health and safety. The website contains downloadable documents, such as minor consent forms that parents or legal guardians must sign and get notarized before seeking services from the artists.

Fine Ink Studios is a tattoo parlor in Orlando that is open seven days a week. The studio provides custom body art, as well as cover-ups, and its styles include old school, new school, realism, and portrait. The shop also handles facial, dermal, and exotic piercings, and it sells high-quality jewelry to complement the procedure. Fine Ink Studios welcomes walk-ins, depending on the artists' availability, and its gives discounts to Universal Technical Institute and Motorcycle Mechanics Institute students and staff with valid IDs. The website features aftercare tips, and it contains the minor consent form, which parents or legal guardians must complete and get notarized before the inking session.

Game Face Tattoo is a body art parlor in Orlando that takes pride in “excellent customer service.” The artists handle projects big and small, and they incorporate their personal styles with the look that their clients want on their hand, chest, nape, shaved scalp, and other parts of the body. Some of the designs are the Old World Sun, a lady with a highly detailed beehive coiffure, a bald eagle clothed in a ripped Old Glory, a retro elephant, a worm peeping out of a fruit, and the portrait of a loved one. Game Face Tattoo also offers piercing services, and it maintains an online gallery, a Facebook page, and an Instagram account that all show the latest pieces.

The Golden Tarot Ink Club provides custom tattoo designs, serving the Orlando metro area from its base in Winter Park, Florida. Founded in 2017 by its two resident artists, Tim Lease and Julian Maceac, it has a lounge feel that is equally fun and friendly. The shop has a fireplace, TVs, and free drinks, with couches for guests to relax in comfort. The shop also does piercings and provides room for tarot card readings.

Imperial Class Tattoo Studio is a shop in Altamonte Springs that has been performing fine body art since 2012. The founder is a multi-awarded veteran tattooist, and several of his clients have flown from other parts of the States and the world to get their masterpiece from the parlor. All the artists bring their customers' ideas to life, and the types of work range from simple words in plain black to complex drawings in full color. The latest projects include an underwater scene, a motorcycle rider going in full throttle, and a version of Satan's head in red and black ink. Imperial Class Tattoo Studio also runs a body piercing service and a jewelry boutique, and its facility operates from Monday to Saturday.

Miss Heidi's Tattoo is a parlor in Orlando that welcomes male and female body art enthusiasts. The owner has more than 20 years of professional experience, and she maintains a policy to revolutionize industry standards. The artists adopt styles like American traditional, which features dark and heavy strokes, Japanese traditional or “irezumi,” black and gray, and new school. The Miss Heidi's Tattoo website contains useful information on tattoo procedures and healing management, and clients can call to ask if the tattooists can render trendy designs like the ripped-skin look.

Rise Above Tattoo is a professional body inking service in Orlando. The owners and artists have a combined industry experience of more than 70 years, and they commit to taking on “every tattoo as a unique opportunity to put all of our creative energy and art knowledge into your ideas.” Some of the themes are mythical creatures, Japanese women with delicate facial features, man's best friends with their signature solicitous look, and cartoon characters. Rise Above Tattoo is open seven days a week, from two in the afternoon until eight in the evening, and clients can to call, visit the parlor, or fill out the online request form to book a consultation. The website features a shopping cart for cold-cast stickers, apparel, and other exclusive merchandise.

Scratch the Surface Tattoo is an inking and body piercing shop Orlando that offers pre-made and custom designs. A client writes, “About a year and a half ago, my husband, son, and I bought a new home in Florida. In celebration of us being new homeowners, we all decided to get tattoos to remember that exciting day. [We were] impressed by the cleanliness and brightness of your studio, [and when we talked] to your employees, we were even more impressed... We were very satisfied with the outcome.” Scratch the Surface has an in-house notary public who will deal with the disclaimer forms of minors, and it sells tattoo aftercare products like grape seed oil-enriched skin moisturizers and healing ointments.

Stigma Tattoos is a body inking shop in Orlando that never uses flash art. The artists create custom projects with themes that range from realistic to phantasmagoric, and they also deal with cover-ups and repairs. Stigma Tattoos also runs a bar for socializing, de-stressing, and gaining “liquid courage” before the creative session, and it has a pole dance studio for one-on-one coaching, group classes, and workshops. The shop accepts major credit cards.

Unity Tattoo and Body Piercing is a studio in Casselberry that creates fine art on the skin. The tattooists execute arm sleeves, leg sleeves, finger pieces, whole back pieces, and full body projects, and they blend their styles with their customers' ideas and goals. Some of the subjects are whimsical flowers, sunset on the beach, a pack of Lucky Strike cigarettes, the head of an angry crocodile, and portraits of famous characters like the Dark Knight. Unity Tattoo and Body Piercing maintains a 100 percent sterile environment, and it only uses brand-new and sealed needles and tubes. The shop offers seasonal discounts, and its website contains downloadable documents on tattoo aftercare.

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