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Breakthrough Therapy Services is a pediatric speech and occupational therapy center in Davie that serves Broward and other South Florida counties. The team helps its young charges, who have autism and spectrum disorders, and it offers "creativity, technology, and alternative therapies." The founder and director of Breakthrough Therapy Services earned her Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from Nova Southeastern University, and she has more than 20 years of professional experience.

Children First Bilingual Speech & Learning Center is a private practice in Miami. The facility helps its young wards deal with their speech-language pathology issues, and it holds the sessions in a comfortable and supportive environment. Children First is a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and its website has a Spanish translation.

Children's Center for Therapy and Learning is a private practice in North Miami. The clinic offers a multidisciplinary and family-centered approach to improving the clients' quality of life, and it applies traditional and innovative techniques to help attain timely and effective outcomes. The staff provides free screenings.

Exceptional Speech Therapy is a practice in Doral that serves children and adults. The team deals with difficulties in articulation, phonology, pragmatics, oral motor function, and swallowing, and it has the experience in working with patients with dyslexia, attention-deficit disorders, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and similar disorders. Exceptional Speech Therapy is a local, family-owned business that understands the needs of the community, and the founder is a bilingual speech-language pathologist.

Innovative Pediatric Learning Center of Miami offers bilingual certified speech language pathologists in the Miami area. The center's professionals provide speech and language services that improve the lives of children by addressing their complete communication needs. All of the programs are customized based on a number of therapeutic methods. Treatment programs are developed to meet the child's strengths and specific needs. The center offers collaboration with schools, physicians, and other professionals.

Kendall Speech and Language Center is an outpatient facility in Miami that offers therapy services to children and adults with communication difficulties. The clinic guarantees high-quality customer service, and it runs individualized programs to meet each client's needs. Kendall Speech and Language Center takes a holistic approach to attaining positive results, and it holds training and education sessions for parents.

Kreative Kids Therapy is an outpatient facility in Doral that provides therapy services to children with speech difficulties. The founder combines her first-hand experience with professional insight in assisting clients, and some of the services are speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy services. Kreative Kids Therapy is a family-centered establishment that enables parents and siblings participate in their loved one's development, and it posts activity photos on the website.

Kreative Therapy and Rehab Center is a private practice in Miami that assists toddlers and children with speech-related difficulties. The clinic offers a range of services, and this includes therapies for clients with learning challenges, language delays, pervasive developmental disorders, auditory processing disorders, and Asperger's. Kreative Therapy and Rehab Center works with physicians, audiologists, physical and occupational therapists, special and general education teachers, psychologists, social workers, and counselors.

Miami Speech & Language Solutions is a private facility in Miami that serves children and adults. The center offers a range of therapy services, and it helps clients overcome their developmental delay, stuttering, expressive and receptive language, and similar issues. Miami Speech & Language Solutions welcomes requests for an initial consultation.

Miami Speech & Swallowing Center is a clinic in Miami. The facility offers evidence-based voice, aphasia, swallowing, cognitive, and bilingual speech, and other therapies, and it combines technique with technology to achieve positive results without unnecessary delay. Miami Speech & Swallowing Center has been part of the community for more than 20 years, and it caters to children and adults.

Miami Speech Institute is a private practice in Miami that serves adolescents and kids in the city and surrounding neighborhoods. The clinic helps its clients manage and overcome their speech difficulties through a range of tested therapies, and the bilingual team members hold professional licenses and certifications. Miami Speech Institute offers customized programs to suit each patient's needs and preferences.

My Therapy Center is a private practice in Miami, with locations on Northwest 36th Street and Coral Way. The center offers speech, physical, and occupational therapies, and it also runs programs that help with the client's development. My Therapy Center prides itself on the team of skilled and experienced professionals, and it can provide services to schools in the city and nearby communities.

Promised Land is a facility in Miami that is a therapy and training provider. The center offers speech therapy and occupational therapy, and it also provides intensive verbal behavior sessions and tutoring. Promised Land also runs a full-day school program, which caters to children with Down syndrome, Angelman syndrome, autism, and other developmental disabilities, and its team consists of experienced professionals.

Shine Bright Therapy is a private developmental learning center in Miami that caters to children. The team provides different therapy types to address the specific needs of each client, and its areas of focus include developmental learning, applied behavior analysis, social skills group, handwriting without tears, and tutoring. Shine Bright's team members are duly certified and highly skilled professionals, who give due attention to each patient.

South Florida Speech Therapy is a clinic in Aventura that caters to adult and child patients throughout South Florida. The team helps individuals gain the ability to communicate functionally, and it also strives to contribute to the improvement of their overall well-being. South Florida Speech Therapy prides itself on employing therapists with a master's degree and a certification from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Speech Pathology and Educational Center is a private facility based in Miami. The clinic caters to children with communication difficulties, and some of the services are language therapy, occupational therapy, music and art therapy, developmental intervention, and educational programs. Speech Pathology and Educational Center takes pride in its licensed and certified bilingual staff, and it can provide screenings in schools and day care centers.

Speech & Language Therapy is a clinic in Miami that caters to children in the city and the neighboring communities. The pediatric programs include speech, physical, and occupational therapy, and the staff are certified, licensed, and bilingual professionals who work hard at improving their young clients' quality of life.

Speech Therapy Associates of South Florida is a speech therapy clinic in Miami. The practice serves children and adults throughout South Florida, and it helps them with their speech, language, and dysphagia therapy needs. The company aims to improve the cognitive, vocal, speaking, and swallowing abilities of clients, and it prides on its team of therapists, who hold years of professional experience and industry certifications.

The Center for Advanced Pediatric Speech Therapy is a private facility Bal Harbour that covers several areas of Miami-Dade and Broward County. The team addresses the speech therapy needs of pediatric patients, and it holds the sessions only in an environment that they find familiar and comfortable. The Center for Advanced Pediatric Speech Therapy employs only qualified speech-language pathologists, who have extensive training and experience in dealing with various communication disorders, and it works closely with family members, caregivers, and teachers to facilitate the swift development of the young clients. The company website contains forms that parents or legal guardians need to complete.

The Center for Pediatric Therapy is a multidisciplinary private practice in Miami that caters to children with special needs. The facility has been part of the community for more than 20 years, and it develops and implements comprehensive programs in speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. The Center for Pediatric Therapy provides a nurturing and loving environment to help the young patients reach their maximum potential without unnecessary delay, and its website contains useful information.

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